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Oil "Ravenol": characteristics, reviews

Oil "Ravenol": characteristics, reviews
Oil "Ravenol": characteristics, reviews

Ravenol oil was developed and produced by the German company Ravensberger S. GmbH. The company was founded in 1946 and at first produced only summer brands of lubricants. Gradually developing, the company launched the production of oils for transmission and industrial lubricants. The company modernized and expanded its range of products. Since 1995, Ravenol has been supplied to the Russian market, where it occupies a worthy place. Today, the company produces several lines of motor oils and operates in more than 25 countries around the world.

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Characteristics of Ravenol products

Reviews from car owners, many tests and studies have proven the high quality of Ravenol oils. Lubricants of a German company have excellent properties and effective protection parameters for an internal combustion engine of any brand of vehicle. Products are manufactured using the latest technologies, packages are added to the compositionmodern additives.

The performance characteristics of engine oil are aimed at increasing the performance of the power unit without loss of lubricant and the maximum extension of the product change interval in the automotive cylinder block. The lubricant provides reliable protection by having anti-wear properties and reducing friction between rotating engine components. The combination of such indicators extends the life cycle of any motor. At the same time, the lubricant indirectly affects the economy of the fuel mixture, which has a positive effect on the financial condition of the car owner.

German oil has a wide temperature range of application, a minimum evaporation rate, does not form deposits and is an environmentally friendly product.

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Types of lubricants

The company's range of lubricants includes 100% synthetic oils, semi-synthetics and traditional lubricants for a wide range of technological devices.

The Ravenol range of all-weather motor oils includes the following brands:

  1. Ravenol VSI 5W40 is a versatile synthetic that is used at various temperatures, down to -51 ℃. The product has a long drain interval, excellent volatility and good cleaning properties. It has a stable molecular structure under various operating conditions. It is noteworthy that R. Schumacher is the face of the brand and technical adviser.
  2. FDS 5W30 is a reliable lubricant in harsh Russian winters. TraditionalPAO-synthetics have proven to be an excellent engine protection product in extreme climatic conditions. This was achieved through the use of a unique manufacturing technology - CleanSynto. Ravenol oil of this brand is suitable for gasoline and diesel power plants of cars.

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SFE 5W20 is another representative of the unique technology of its own invention. The product differs in that, in addition to lubricating engine parts, it is aimed at maximizing fuel economy. Suitable for operation in all types of engines and has recommendations from eminent automakers: Mazda, Nissan, Ford and many others.

Ravenol TSI 10W40 oil is a semi-synthetic product designed for passenger car engines. It is characterized by an extended fluid change interval, maximum fluidity, which allows the oil film to penetrate and lubricate absolutely all surfaces of parts and quickly spread during a "cold" start of the engine.

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Reviews about Ravenol oil come down mainly to positive comments. Professional car owners notice that in winter the car starts without problems. The oil does not thicken in the cold, the engine runs smoothly, without extraneous noise. Some drivers have been using this oil for more than 8 years, and are generally satisfied with the quality. The declared savings in gasoline, of course, are scanty, but they are present.

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