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Elf engine oil: types, overview, characteristics

Elf engine oil: types, overview, characteristics
Elf engine oil: types, overview, characteristics

Elf engine oils worship speed. For over 50 years, the French oil concern has been creating high-quality lubricating fluids. This is confirmed by close cooperation with the Renault car concern, in which many sports competitions in motorsport have been won. Racing cars lead to victory not only by their drivers, but also by the design features of the car, including the oils used to protect the engine. Indeed, at high speeds, a lubricant requires much more than a conventional oil fluid.

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Product Overview

For a long and faithful service to automotive technology, the company has gained considerable experience and expanded its activities to more than 90 countries around the world. During this time, its product portfolio has expanded to 230 products. It includes automotive oils "Elf" for passenger cars, classic and sportscars, scooters and motorcycles, transmission fluids for manual and automatic transmissions, vehicle care chemicals.

Oil products of the French company for internal combustion engines are divided into several types:

  • line of oils marked 500;
  • 700 series engine oils;
  • engine oils marking 900;
  • Full Tech line.

The 900 and Full Tech ranges are synthetic lubricants, the 700 are semi-synthetic and the 500 are mineral automotive oils.

Synthetic oil materials

This category includes 13 lubricants. According to professional reviews of Elf oil, synthetic products in this category are of the highest quality with unsurpassed parameters suitable for both a conventional motor and a forced one. The group includes the following brands:

1. Full Tech FE 5w30 is a quality synthetic with fuel saving capabilities suitable for passenger cars. Engines can be equipped with additional modes of neutralization of harmful exhaust waste. Effectively protects all structural elements of the engine from wear.

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2. Full Tech LLX is an all-weather product made using the company's own technologies. Aimed at joint operation with gasoline and diesel power plants. Has approvals from Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

3.MSX 5w30 - synthetic quality for all types of engines, including those with additional filtration systems.

4. LSX 5w40 - for modern Volkswagen engines. Also has approvals from the General Motors group of companies.

5. Oils "Elf" and 900 FT CRV 0w30 are high-quality synthetic fluids for engines with gasoline and diesel power. They have the ability to increase the power of the power unit.

6. 900 FT 0w40 - makes it easier to start the engine in the cold season.

7. 900 5w50 is a lubricant designed for especially severe operating conditions.

8. The 900 line with a viscosity of 5w30 (SXR, FT, DID) is an energy-saving lubricant for all types of engines, including those with direct fuel injection.

9. 900 NF and SRX in 5w40 - geared towards high revving racing engines.

Semi-synthetic grades

This group of Elf motor oils is represented by three types:

  1. 700 ST 10w40 is a modern new generation lubricant designed for all types of engines and has optimized capabilities to meet the requirements of a direct fuel mixture supply system. It has excellent cleaning properties, removing carbon deposits from the walls of the cylinder block.
  2. 700 STI 10w40 - has improved performance, has in its technical asset stable viscosity indicators and a wide range of temperature operation.
  3. 700 Turbo Diesel 10w40 - the lubricant is focused on diesel units, but mayapply to gasoline. Provides extended oil change intervals, low volatility.
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Mineral lubricants

The line of mineral oils "Elf" is aimed at joint operation with engines with high mileage, old and undemanding engines. Protection products are characterized by a clean oil base, a small package of additive components and low cost.

This group includes lubricants such as:

  1. 500 Turbo Diesel 15w40 is an all season diesel product. Provides excellent anti-wear capabilities, extending the life cycle of the power unit to the maximum.
  2. 500 TS 15w40 - Elf mineral oil, which can be used in all types of engines. Has Renault approval only for vehicles manufactured before the end of 2007.
  3. 500 Diesel 15w40 - high-quality mineral water for diesel units. Allows the car to move in any road conditions - from city traffic to off-road and high-speed motorway runs.

Transmission Fluids

Elf transmission oils are produced by the manufacturer for automatic and manual gearboxes. This category of products has high thermal stability and antioxidant properties. At low sub-zero temperatures, it retains its stable viscosity, giving the consistency of the oil the maximum possible fluidity. Devices are provided with reliablewear resistance and correct shear stability.

"Elf" oil

As a result of the quality parameters of transmission lubricants, gearboxes receive smooth shifting of high-speed gears, and the driver - complete control over the vehicle and safety of movement.


Elf oil reviews can be trusted with full confidence, as they are left by professional drivers and race car drivers. They comment on the reliability of this product even in the most extreme driving conditions. According to experienced car owners, the Elf brand product is suitable for both powerful forced engines and ordinary "home" engines that are operated from home to work and back.

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