Motul 5w40 engine oil: description and specifications

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Motul 5w40 engine oil: description and specifications
Motul 5w40 engine oil: description and specifications

Motul 5w40 internal combustion engine oil is presented by the manufacturer as a very high quality product for use in the modern generation of these devices. The manufacturer of the lubricant is the Motul concern. The company is located in France and has been working in the oil refining industry for quite some time. Lubricants "Motul" is widely known all over the world and is one of the leaders in the specialized automotive market. To improve the quality of its products, understanding what is directly needed by the end consumer, the concern cooperates with the automotive giants - BMW, Porsche, Honda and other famous brands.

modern car
modern car

Product description

Motul 5w40 engine lubricant is characterized by a fully synthetic substance aimed at operation in modern generations of engines. The basis for lubrication are oils produced on the basis of polyalphaolefins, the so-called PAO-synthetics. Manufacturing technology is the latestdesign and process is reduced to minimizing harmful chemical elements in the molecular structure. Therefore, in this category of oils there are no additional additives that neutralize the harmful effects of phosphorus and sulfur. This leads to compliance with European environmental standards.

Directly Motul X-cess 5w40 seems to be a universal lubricant. Versatility implies the use of an oil lubricant in various types of internal combustion engines, which use gasoline or diesel fuel as the basis for power. The oil is all-weather and can be used both at plus and minus temperatures. The temperature range is quite wide, and in the winter season, the substance allows you to keep the engine in working operating conditions.

product range
product range

Features of the composition

Motul 8100 X 5w40 Lubricant is a quality lubricant containing a package of unique anti-wear additives. The product has the most effective detergent and dispersant properties. At the same time, the oil does not allow carbon deposits to form on the walls of the cylinder block, prevents soot accumulation, dissolving them in its own consistency. Under these conditions, the lubricant does not thicken, does not lose its regulated parameters throughout the entire service life, until the next replacement. The replacement interval may be extended depending on the preferences of the powertrain manufacturers.

Due to its structural features, Motul 5w40 oil has stable viscosity indicators. The oil coating formed by it is reliablepreserves all metal parts and assemblies from oxidation processes, reduces friction between the rotating parts of the motor. All this helps to extend the life cycle of the device in various modes of operation.

The reduced content of harmful chemical components causes careful attitude to additional filtration systems installed on modern internal combustion engines. This implies the environmental safety of the product of the French brand.

reverse side of the canister
reverse side of the canister

Use area

As already mentioned, Motul X-cess 5w40 is indicated by its versatility. The product can be used in any brand of passenger vehicles that refuel with gasoline, diesel fuel or gas. The special orientation of the oil is aimed at functioning in powerful power plants. These devices can be equipped with a direct fuel injection system, turbocharging, an additional exhaust disposal system, which in a gasoline engine consists of a catalyst, and in a diesel engine it consists of a particulate filter element.

The oil retains all its quality parameters during the regulated service life, withstanding various power overloads under critically extreme engine operating conditions.

auto engine
auto engine

Technical info

Motul 5w40 branded grease has the following specifications:

  • The product is characterized by all-weather use, complies with the SAE standard and isfull 5w40;
  • Viscosity during mechanical circulation at 100˚C defined in 14.2mm2/s;
  • the same consistency indicator, but at a temperature of 40 ˚С it will be 85.4 mm2/s;
  • product viscosity index – 172;
  • % ash content - 1, 1 of the total mass;
  • acidity corresponds to 2.71 mg KOH;
  • alkaline presence determined at 10, 18 mg KOH;
  • minus crystallization threshold reaches 42 ˚С;
  • critical oil ignition temperature - 236 ˚С.

Lubricant fluid contains zinc, phosphorus, boron, magnesium, calcium, as well as aluminum, iron, silicon and sodium. These components have a negligible amount of presence and do not affect the final quality of the product.


Motul 5w40 engine protection oil has all the approvals and approvals required for this category of lubricants.

According to the standards of the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers ACEA, the lubricant has an A3 / B4 approval. This category implies the resistance of the liquid to mechanical destruction and the possibility of operation in highly accelerated motors.

The Petroleum Institute has assigned the following specifications: SN - gasoline category of multi-valve engines operating under high power overload; CF - approval for diesel internal combustion engines with the permitted addition of detergent additives to the lubricant.