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Where are the injectors in the car and what are they for

Where are the injectors in the car and what are they for
Where are the injectors in the car and what are they for

The nozzle is a fuel dispenser. Also, its function is to make an air-fuel mixture and spray it into the combustion chamber of the engine.

To understand where the injector is located in the car, you need to know what fuel system it works in.

Central injection nozzle

Where is the injector of the central injection system (monoinjection) in the car? It is located in the intake manifold itself (or the manifold through which fuel flows from the carburetor to the engine cylinders) before the throttle valve, which is necessary to regulate the air supply to the system).

Where are the injectors located on the car?

This is the first injection system designed to replace carbureted engines. It has only one nozzle for 4 cylinders (which is why it is called "mono injection"). The injector atomizes the fuel above the throttle valve, which enriches it with air. Then this mixture enters the intake manifold and is distributed among the cylinders. The whole process is controlled by various sensors.

Port injection nozzles

Where to find injectors in the cardistributed injection? This system is more complex. It has 4 nozzles equipped with solenoid valves. They are located in the intake tracts of the cylinders, one for each.

where are the injectors in the car

The injector delivers gasoline to the inlet valve of the cylinder. The fuel evaporates and mixes with air (the same throttle valve is responsible for its supply). Unlike single injection, here the fuel mixture is formed in the cylinders themselves.

The operation of the injectors is controlled by an electronic control unit. It is he who signals the Check Engine indicator on the dashboard in case of a malfunction in the engine.

Direct injection nozzles

Direct injection system - the "youngest" in relation to the application on the car. It is easy to guess where the nozzles of this system are located in the car. They completely "crept up" to the combustion chamber and settled in the upper part of the cylinder. Accordingly, the fuel enters immediately into the combustion chamber and is already mixed with air there. Many sensors are responsible for the operation of the nozzle, information is sent to the control unit.

Where can I find fuel injectors on a car?

The operation of the injector in this system is much more complicated: the pressure for supplying fuel is much higher, and dual fuel injection is triggered to sharply increase the speed of the car at low revs.

There are two types of mixture formation in such an engine. Accordingly, the nozzles can operate in two modes:

  • Latering occurs when the engine is running atlow and medium speeds (injector delivers fuel at the end of the compression stroke).
  • A homogeneous mixture of air and fuel is needed at high speeds (here the injector fires on the intake stroke simultaneously with the air supply).

In both cases, there is significant fuel savings with high efficiency.

Gas nozzles

Cars run not only on gasoline or diesel fuel, but also on gas. As a rule, a gas installation is an additional equipment in the car that is not provided by the manufacturers. Conventional fuel injectors are not designed for such a device. Therefore, the gas cylinder and reducer are supplied with their own nozzles, which are mounted in the engine.

gas injector adjustment

To find where the nozzles of gas equipment are located in the car, just open the hood. They are a plastic block of four sections (inside each there is a nozzle) with hoses connected to them. This design is attached as close as possible to the standard injectors.

Differences between a gas injector and a petrol injector:

  • The cross-sectional width of gas is many times larger, since a larger volume of fuel passes through it than through gasoline.
  • The greater electrical resistance of the petrol injector is due to the need to pass less fuel.
  • The principle of controlling the injection of a gasoline injector is to supply a single electrical impulse, while the gas one is triggered by two short ones.

How and why to adjust gas injectors

After installing the gas equipment, the ECU needs to be "explained" how to calculate and supply gas. To do this, use special adjustment programs. They are similar in interface. Can be used both independently and at specialized services.

Cleaning and adjustment of gas injectors should be carried out after some time of operation, if symptoms of their incorrect operation appear: the car starts with difficulty, refuses to run on gas (stalls or jerks). Most often they occur due to impurities that are added to gas at gas stations.

To get rid of the problem, you need to change the fine filter and put the nozzles in order.

We determine where the HBO nozzles are located in the car, remove them. The epicenter of the clogging is in the chamber with the stem. We disassemble it, clean it (preferably with alcohol) from adhering resin, then assemble it back.

Using a micrometer, we calibrate the gaps of each rod (they must be the same for all four). If there is no such device, you can contact the HBO repair service.

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