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Adaptation of Tuareg air suspension: how to do it?

Adaptation of Tuareg air suspension: how to do it?
Adaptation of Tuareg air suspension: how to do it?

Pneumatic suspension is called, which can be adjusted by changing the ground clearance (clearance). On Volkswagen Tuareg cars, in normal mode, the adjustment takes place automatically. The electronic control unit reads information from the sensors and lowers the car body or raises it.

In a situation where the suspension was repaired or the rubber of the wheels was changed seasonally, the operation of the ECU may become incorrect. The body of the car warps or the wrong clearance is set. In this case, they resort to adapting the air suspension to the Tuareg.

VAS PC diagnostic software

To check and adjust the air suspension of VAG vehicles ("Audi", "Volkswagen", "Seat", "Skoda"), the VAS diagnostic tool is used. The Tuareg VAS PS (PC) air suspension adaptation software is available for installation on a personal PC. It has all the same functions as the device.

Tuareg vas ps air suspension adaptation

Adaptation process

Using Bluetooth or a USB cable, we connect the program to the car's ECU. We start the engine. Then:

  1. Connect (programmatically) to the air suspension control unit.
  2. Be sure to close all doors so that the car does not warp.
  3. Turn on the "Adaptation" mode. After turning it on, the adjustment must be made, otherwise the ECU will generate errors, and the suspension will decrease by the minimum value.
  4. Select channel "1", then "Read". The value of the distance in mm from the hub (center) of the wheel to the arch appears.
  5. We take no action. Suspension adjustment starts automatically. The air from the suspension is bled, then pumped back. The front axle is adapted first, then the rear. We are waiting for the body to level out.
  6. Using a tape measure, measure the distance of the front left wheel. Enter this number using the keyboard. Press "Test", then "Save".
  7. Go to channel "2" (front right wheel). We also select "Read", wait for the adjustment to take place, measure and record, test and save.
  8. This algorithm is done with channels "3" (rear left) and "4" (rear right).
  9. Go to channel "5" and save the value "1". The ECU accepts new values, the suspension is re-aligned already taking into account the new data. In the process, access to any other channel is blocked.

Recommended for reliabilityto adapt the air suspension "Tuareg" twice.

how to make air suspension adaptation on touareg

The service stations use an advanced diagnostic kit. Includes VAS, USB cable, Bluetooth dongle and laptop with software.

Possible errors in suspension adaptation

If, when adapting the air suspension to the Tuareg, an "invalid value" appears, first of all, you should look for the cause in the cable connecting the computer and the scanner. Also, the inscription "invalid value" may appear when entering the distance from the hub to the arch. Sometimes the program "does not see" the data within certain numbers (for example, more or less than 15 mm). In this case, in order to lower the suspension by 3 mm, you need to raise it by the number that is available, carry out the "Test" and "Save", and only then lower it by the raised distance + 3 mm (raise it by 15 mm, then lower it by 18 mm).

When adjusting the clearance, the program may indicate a malfunction of some elements or sensors. Do not immediately change the spare part. For a more accurate check, you can use the VAG-COM diagnostic scanner.

To avoid errors after repair, before lifting the car with a jack or on a lift, it is necessary to switch the suspension to Jack Mode from the "Standard" position. Otherwise, the suspension will continuously adjust to changes in the position of the car.

Faulty ride height valves

Problem with the frontthe axis may be due to moisture and dirt getting into the valve, sometimes into the air spring channel. Suspension does not rise at all or very slowly. This block is checked by turning on the valves in turn and simultaneously supplying compressed air to them into the hole for the receiver tube.

To check the serviceability of the air spring, it is necessary to raise the suspension to the maximum height, note the distance from the wheel axle to the arch on the right and left sides. Leave in this position for 5 hours. Repeat measurements. The values ​​should not change. Otherwise, a breakdown occurs.

Leakage from the check valve screw hole is determined using a soapy solution. A visual inspection of the plastic housing also provides information about the condition of the air spring.

The silica gel in the desiccant must not contain moisture. If it is still there, you can dry it. The drying temperature should not exceed 150 Co, otherwise the silica gel will lose its properties. Condensation is formed due to wear of compressor pistons. Accordingly, he has to work longer. Overheating occurs. As a result, an error appears that has nothing to do with the valves. In this case, the compressor ring changes along with the cylinder.

Sensor failure

Suspension malfunction indicator light on the instrument panel. Before adapting the air suspension to the Tuareg, it is necessary to diagnose the malfunction. If the check pointed to one of the sensors, then before you tune in to replace it, you should inspect it, because it may be wronginstalled, or the contact just went away.

Tuareg air suspension adaptation

The car is on a lift. We remove the sensor and inspect its housing. We study contacts and wires. If there are signs of oxidation or deformation, the sensor will need to be replaced.

Launch diagnostic scanner

Unlike the VAS dealer tool, which is only for VAG vehicles, Launch's scanner is universal. Its system is updated and supplemented with new brands and models of cars constantly.

Tuareg launcher air suspension adaptation

Most universal diagnostic scanners are only for reading and erasing errors. With Launch you can:

  • identify control units;
  • read error memory;
  • erase mistakes;
  • activate items;
  • do customization and coding;
  • work with service intervals.
when adapting the Tuareg air suspension, an unacceptable value appears

To adapt the Tuareg air suspension, it is necessary to enter the numbers of parameters and adaptation channels into the Launcher. Some of this information is in the scanner database, but it is not always correct. There is also a help section with detailed instructions.

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