CVT on the Nissan X-Trail: owner reviews on operation
CVT on the Nissan X-Trail: owner reviews on operation

Jatco CVTs are rumored to work. Someone was lucky with the purchase of a car, and someone after a few tens of thousands is forced to change the box under warranty. What determines the endurance of this node? What is the actual CVT resource on the Nissan X-Trail?

CVT model RE0F10A

Since 2007, Nissan has decided to equip X-Trail SUVs with CVT-type gearboxes. The body of the first generation T31 was equipped with a Jatco RE0F10A CVT (aka CVT-7).

variator for nissan x trail owner reviews
variator for nissan x trail owner reviews

Its power is designed for engine size from 1.6 to 2.5 liters. Such data is provided by dealer centers. However, the Jatco website indicates slightly different volumes - from 1.6 to 1.8 liters. If the CVT-7 is really designed for small cars, then it becomes clear why it is so difficult for him to work out his resource without breakdowns.

The torque of small cars reaches a maximum of 180 Nm, whileengines with a volume of 2 liters or more give out from 200 Nm. The variator cannot cope with such a load.

Aggressive driving creates the need for a sharp shift between gears, and since the design of the variator has a lot of rubbing joints, its wear accelerates significantly. So a lot depends on how the car owner uses the CVT on the Nissan X-Trail.

Weak spots

On what elements of the variator on the Nissan X-Trail T31 does its service life depend?

The main load when shifting gears is borne by the pulley bearings, the pulleys themselves and the rotation transmission belt from the drive shaft to the driven one. The catch is that these pulleys are absolutely smooth, and the engagement with the belt is only due to friction.

According to the owners, the variator on the Nissan X-Trail of the T31 generation makes itself felt after 80,000-100,000 km, although the promised resource is 200,000.

variator resource on nissan x trail
variator resource on nissan x trail

The bearings wear out first, starting to make a characteristic hum. It depends on them the tension of the belt. If the bearing does not cope with its function, the belt tension decreases, it begins to slip, preventing the shafts from signaling a gear change. At the first stage of the malfunction, the variator box on the Nissan X-Trail "troit" (jerks appear). This is because the pulleys, turning idle, are deformed, getting scuffed and scuffed.

nissan x trail replacement
nissan x trail replacement

There is an element on the valve body that regulates the gearthe number is the step motor. He "monitors" the position of the accelerator pedal and driving mode. The transmission of information goes to the moving elements of the pulleys due to the foot of the step motor, which is quite fragile and wears out quickly, which leads to the operation of the variator at only one speed.

Repair of the variator on the Nissan X-Trail T31 is quite problematic: if there are replacement parts, their price will be unpleasantly high. The service can carry out troubleshooting and make an estimate. But if the warranty is still valid, experts recommend replacing the CVT with a Nissan X-Trail.

Model RE0F10D (CVT-8)

Refining the type of variator on the "Nissan X-Trail" CVT-8 allowed to increase its resource and endurance to an aggressive driving style.

variator for nissan x trail reviews
variator for nissan x trail reviews

The weight of the new transmission has been reduced, the oil pump has been made more compact. We reduced the friction force of the belt on the pulleys by 40%, thereby reducing the pressure on them. To save fuel, the gear ratio was changed in steps.

According to the owners' feedback on the variator on the Nissan X-Trail CVT-8, we can assume that it lasts longer. Its resource is designed for 250,000 km of operation.

Features of operation of Jatco variators

The variator is fundamentally different from the box "automatic" or "robot". It has no gears, which reduces the load on the engine.

how to use variator on nissan x trail
how to use variator on nissan x trail

How to use the CVT on the NissanX-Trail , and what kind of driving style should I follow so that the box lasts longer?

  1. When the car is warming up, do not press the gas pedal in an attempt to speed up the process. The box reacts to the accelerator even in the neutral position of the selector.
  2. A sharp start puts a huge load on the belt and pulleys, multiplying their wear and tear.
  3. Riding over rough terrain negatively affects the condition of the variator.
  4. Vehicles with CVT must not be towed or attempted to be started by spinning the wheels ("from the pusher").
  5. Towing vehicles other than a car trailer is not recommended.

Owners' feedback on the variator on the Nissan X-Trail, its features, boil down to the fact that this unit was created for a leisurely ride on flat tracks.

Oil change and maintenance

According to the manufacturer's regulations, maintenance of the variator must be carried out every 60,000 km of operation. For reinsurance, car owners try to undergo MOT more often - after 40,000-50,000.

Oil change in the CVT on the "Nissan X-Trail" can be carried out both at the service station and by yourself.

To change the transmission fluid in the CVT, you must have:

  • butter;
  • mesh filter and oil cooler filter;
  • pan and oil cooler gaskets;
  • waste oil container.

CVT oil

Given which variator is on the Nissan X-Trail, the transmission fluid is also selected. Oil released for the T31 bodyNS2, for T32 body - NS3.

variator on nissan x trail oil change
variator on nissan x trail oil change

NS3 oil is designed for non-radiator CVTs and operation at higher temperatures. It has a reduced viscosity, and, according to the developers, is suitable for both CVT-8 and CVT-7. However, owner reviews of the CVT on the Nissan X-Trail with a CVT-7 box running on NS3 indicate that extraneous noise may appear due to the lack of a lubricating oil layer.

Replacing the transmission fluid in the CVT-7 variator

You need to start the procedure with warming up the engine and the CVT box on the Nissan X-Trail. Then:

  1. We drive the car onto the overpass. A viewing hole is also suitable.
  2. Unscrew the engine protection and remove the left wheel.
  3. Fender liner does not need to be removed completely, only half way.
  4. We substitute the container for the waste liquid under the drain hole and unscrew the plug.
  5. We'll have to wait about half an hour until all the liquid drains.
  6. Oil is also collected in the sump. Remove it and drain the oil residue.
  7. If the mesh filter can still be washed with diesel fuel or carburetor cleaning fluid, then you will save money, if not, you will have to change the filter.
  8. We thoroughly wash the magnets and the bottom of the crankcase.
  9. Insert the mesh filter (washed or new).
  10. Install a new gasket in the pan and return it to its place.
  11. Remove the battery and move the air filter to the side. Now you have access to the filteroil cooler. Shoot it.
  12. Install a new filter and cooler gasket.
  13. Returning everything to its place.
  14. Fill new transmission fluid.
  15. Checking the oil level with a dipstick.

CVT-8 oil change

The feature of CVT-8 is that it does not have a factory probe. You can check the level by topping up with new oil or contact a service station. There is a probe that is inserted into the filler neck.

To change the oil you will need:

  • drain plug washer;
  • gasket;
  • coarse filter and ring to it;
  • transmission fluid (5 l - for partial replacement, 12 l - for complete replacement with removal of the pan);
  • ring for the fine filter and himself;
  • ring for level plug.

As in the case of changing the oil on the CVT-7, the car must be put on a lift or inspection hole. In this case, you will need an assistant and a diagnostic scanner. If there is no scanner, it can be replaced with a thermometer (necessarily digital) on the pallet.

To get access to the bottom, we drive the car into a pit or a lift. Next:

  1. Unscrew the drain plug. Up to 5 liters of oil should flow out.
  2. Remove the pan and coarse filter, wash them.
  3. Set everything in place. If the filter is not subject to further operation, we change it to a new one.
  4. If a partial replacement is needed, then fill in the oil, set its level, and this completes the procedure.
  5. For a complete replacement, fill in 3 liters of transmission fluidthrough the hole at the top (the one where the dipstick used to be).
  6. Start the engine and pass the selector through all the positions of the box, stopping at each for 5 seconds.
  7. Drain the oil and repeat the process.
  8. We are waiting for the temperature of the box to be 35Co.

  9. Here you will need an assistant who will start the car.
  10. Unscrew the Overflow Plug. Fill with oil until a leak appears from the neck.
  11. Start the car and pass the lever through all ranges with a delay of 5 seconds. Fix the lever in the "P" position.
  12. Pour in the oil again until it starts to overflow. We twist the cork into place.

Complete transmission fluid change done. Now you can reset the counter.

Symptoms of CVT failure

Timely replacement of filters and fluid in the box, proper operation, of course, extend the life of the variator. However, breakdowns can still occur. Today, some service stations undertake to carry out both partial and major repairs of this unit, and even give a guarantee for their work.

variator box for nissan x trail troit
variator box for nissan x trail troit

Here are a few signs to look out for immediately:

  • slip even with smooth pressure on the gas pedal;
  • Checkpoint goes into emergency mode (an indicator appears on the dashboard);
  • vibration;
  • jerks or bumps when switching between any gears, both on a warm car and on a cold one;
  • transmissions disappear or do not turn on;
  • inhibited response to speed changes;
  • extraneous noises;

Reviews of the CVT on the Nissan X-Trail often mention that such symptoms in many cases can still be corrected without resorting to replacing the entire gearbox.

CVT replacement question

Dealers, unlike service stations, do not repair. They immediately send the CVT to the Nissan X-Trail to replace it. If it's under warranty then it won't cost anything. If not, the new unit will cost a lot.

Before surrendering to the mercy of car dealers, you can independently diagnose the CVT. Tools needed:

  • set of wrenches (ring and open end);
  • screwdrivers with hammer;
  • clamps.

Before starting work, you should take a picture of the structure. This may help in further assembly. Boxes and jars for unscrewed nuts and bolts will also come in handy.

Visual diagnostics of the variator

After studying each element of the checkpoint, you can understand why it does not work correctly:

  1. Remove the side cover and tray. There are special magnets on the pallet that keep debris and metal shavings from the variator. If there is a lot of it on the magnets, then you can limit yourself to replacing fine and coarse filters.
  2. Shafts and pulleys. First remove the shafts, then the belt. We evaluate his condition. If it is worn out, then it needs to be replaced. This is much less expensive than a new CVT. If the cones are without burrs, then the problem may liein bearings.
  3. The rumble in the operation of the variator appears just because of the backlash in the operation of the bearing. It can be removed from the unit with a special puller. It will not be difficult to replace with a new one.
  4. The fuel pump is under the torque converter cover. A differential and a transmission pair are also installed there, which must be removed in order to remove the pump. If it is changed, then together with the drive chain.
  5. Rinse and dry all removed items before reassembly. Rubber parts should be replaced immediately with new ones.
  6. It is necessary to assemble the elements in exactly the reverse order, make sure the box lock pins are in the correct position.

After assembly, check the gearbox:

  • start the engine;
  • checking the inclusion of each range;
  • check in.

If everything is installed correctly, the variator should work without extraneous noise and jerks.