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Do-it-yourself VAZ-2114 torpedo tuning

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Do-it-yourself VAZ-2114 torpedo tuning
Do-it-yourself VAZ-2114 torpedo tuning

Many owners of domestic cars consider do-it-yourself tuning of the VAZ-2114 torpedo to be a hot topic for themselves. The improvement of the dashboard is carried out in order to improve its appearance and for functional modernization, which is considered one of the important points in tuning cars from domestic manufacturers.

Tuning VAZ-2114
Tuning VAZ-2114

Nowadays, there are a large number of different tuning options. Most often, motorists perform a small restyling of the exterior of the car, while the improvement of the VAZ-2114 dashboard is considered a significant improvement.

Sequence of work

Let's highlight the main stages of changing the appearance and features of tuning the VAZ-2114 torpedo with our own hands:

  1. Initially disassemble the front panel of your car. How to remove this part, literally every owner of a domestic car should know. There is nothing complicated here. Everything is pretty clear, because the dismantling process does not require special knowledge and skills.
  2. Further refinetorpedo elements. At this stage, you may encounter many nuances. They directly depend on what you want to change and modify in the car. Everything should be considered very carefully.
  3. As a result of the work, install the already redone and updated panel in place.

Painting panel

An excellent option for tuning a VAZ-2114 torpedo is painting the dashboard with your own hands. Before painting, the following steps are required:

  • Thoroughly clean the entire surface from dirt and dust.
  • To process the dashboard with soft sandpaper to degrease.
  • Apply sealant.
  • Gently cover the torpedo with paint.

Before you open the parts of your car with paint, carefully study the instructions for using coloring solutions. Despite the simplicity of restyling, certain skills will still be required to perform this tuning and, most likely, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Panel wrap

Tuning torpedo VAZ-2114
Tuning torpedo VAZ-2114

Fitting a pre-dismantled dashboard with natural, artificial leather or carbon fiber consists in pasting it with a ready-made pattern. It is best to prepare such templates in advance, that is, cut out elements with a small allowance. Just like the previous version of tuning the VAZ-2114 torpedo, tight-fitting is carried out after cleaning the panel from all kinds of contaminants. The adhesive composition is chosen in such a way that it does not spoil the material during application and drying.

Special overlays

To complete the refinement of the VAZ-2114 instrument panel, special overlays are used that have stylized images of the speedometer and tachometer. You can buy these pads literally at any auto parts store. With the help of this VAZ-2114 torpedo tuning, you can change the color of the backlight due to the built-in light filters and transparent elements. However, you need to fix such overlays correctly, because as a result, uneven illumination may result, for example, it is dim on the right and bright on the left, or the factory bulbs will not have enough power to break through the overlays that you have additionally built in.

Europanels for VAZ-2114

Europanels for VAZ-2114
Europanels for VAZ-2114

Euro-style shields have appeared on the domestic market of automotive products relatively recently. Despite this, they were able to gain confidence among many motorists very quickly. The main reasons for this are the stylish appearance and the ability to mount this version of the VAZ-2114 torpedo tuning without the risk of damaging the wiper blade assembly.

The main reason for the high demand for panels among domestic buyers is the material from which they are made. Standard factory shields are made of soft plastic, unpleasant to the touch, which begins to rattle in the near future. The European standard panel is made of softer and more attractive material. Positive emotions are also caused by the ventilation of the interior space of the cabin with such a product.

Instrument arrows

Instrument pointer tuning
Instrument pointer tuning

Another element of the car's torpedo, which is easy to improve on your own, is the arrows of the measuring instruments. As many car enthusiasts notice, in the factory configuration, the auto panel is very similar to a parody of a parrot:

  • heater backlight – yellow;
  • green buttons;
  • all indicators are orange.

Quite often, such a diverse range of colors interferes with comfortable movement at night, because they all merge into one obscure color. At the same time, the instrument arrows are hard to notice. To improve the situation, tune the torpedo on the VAZ-2114 by mounting red LEDs.

To do this, carefully disassemble the VAZ-2114 instrument panel. Place one LED under each of the arrows and put on special heat shrinks. Bring the wires of each of the devices out of the panel, then connect them to the heater wiring. At the end of the work, assemble the shield in reverse order.

Steering wheel replacement

Tuning steering wheel VAZ-2114
Tuning steering wheel VAZ-2114

The steering wheel, which is installed on a domestic car by the manufacturer, is considered the safest. Mounting a new steering wheel is considered an excellent option for tuning the VAZ-2114 torpedo with your own hands. However, please note that mounting a non-certified product will result in changes in rotational force. This directly affects the handling of the machine, especially in critical situations.

Therefore, the optimal action in this casewill, in our opinion, the installation of a factory steering wheel with a new sheath. The trim may be in materials that provide better hand contact with the surface of the steering wheel. For example, genuine leather is perfect for this. This "steering wheel" looks stylish and fits better in the hands due to the increased thickness of the rim.

Additional trip computer

On-board computer installation
On-board computer installation

A special opening is provided on the instrument panel of a domestic car for attaching an additional trip computer. Such a nest is closed with a special plug. We decided to use this place for its intended purpose and perform tuning of the VAZ-2114 torpedo. In the photo you can clearly see how the option to improve the dashboard looks outwardly.

A trip computer or, as it is also called, an on-board computer is an electronic device that allows the driver to receive information about fuel consumption, driving mode and other important parameters. In addition, many models of "brains" for cars allow you to diagnose the electronic engine control system. It is important to note that on-board computers are also attached to cars with carburetor engines. However, in order for the equipment to perform its functions, it may be necessary to install special sensors on the dashboard.

Today, there is a large selection of these devices from different manufacturers on sale. Differing in the number of functions, they may also differ in the place of installation on the dashboard. Sequence of work:

  • Connect the wiring harness block,which is intended for connecting the VAZ-2114 trip computer to the block on the back of the computer.
  • Connect the contact of the computer block with the contact of the diagnostic block with a separate wire.
  • Insert the device into the slot.

Having done this work with your own hands, you will receive an updated instrument panel VAZ-2114, which received a completely different appearance.

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