Refrigerated trucks – modern product safety
Refrigerated trucks – modern product safety

Not every product can retain its original properties during transportation. When transporting, especially over long distances, refrigerated trucks are the best way to preserve the quality of the goods.

The safety of the goods will be ensured

A refrigerator is not an ordinary car. It maintains a low temperature inside, so the contents that require special transportation conditions are securely stored on the road. Such conditions are created thanks to a special refrigeration unit - with its help, a certain temperature is maintained, no matter what the weather is outside.

refrigerator truck 15 tons
refrigerator truck 15 tons

Refrigerated trucks are convenient in that many have separate sections with different temperature conditions, designed for different products. They are classified in this way - according to temperature characteristics.

What parameters are important

For state-owned enterprises and private entrepreneurs, such vehicles are in demand. They are chosen according tothe following characteristics:

  • Volume of the body. Usually the most popular are overall vans, the capacity of which is several tens of cubic meters. Filling in the dimensions should not exceed the passport data for the transportation of goods of this van and provided that the load is evenly distributed over the van.
  • Power of the refrigeration compressor. Accordingly, the more powerful it is, the longer the freeze will last.
  • Load capacity. For trucks, if the load exceeds the average load capacity, additional durable and reliable chassis with an axle are installed on the road. The uniform distribution of goods can significantly increase the load capacity.
used refrigerated trucks
used refrigerated trucks

Refrigerator on the track

Carrier companies are very active in using refrigerated trucks. A large amount of goods is constantly moving around the country and from abroad only in such vehicles. It is impossible to transport fish and meat, dairy and sausage products, confectionery and culinary products, medicines, hospital supplies or flowers without the use of such cars. Even on a frosty winter day, the sun can suddenly warm up, the temperature will rise by several degrees, which will have a detrimental effect on the quality of the goods.

Such a kind of refrigerator, even in the strongest heat, will carefully preserve its contents. This is due to the fact that the installation has two parts:

  • cooling system that pumps the desired temperature;
  • isothermal enclosure, whose job is to keep the heat inside.
trucks russia refrigerators
trucks russia refrigerators

The refrigerator cabin must be well insulated. Only then will the freezing qualities be preserved, freon consumption remains normal, and the load on the cooling system is significantly reduced. The air conditioning will not be overloaded, fuel consumption also remains normal when refrigerated trucks are on the highway.

Transportation of cargo without loss of presentation

Convenient and reliable refrigerated trucks for 10 tons. Such a volume is in demand for supermarkets and other retail and grocery outlets. Products delivered in this way will retain their useful qualities, the presentation will remain the same. In such trucks, the required optimum temperature is maintained, up to 18 or more degrees below zero, as a result of which the contents do not defrost. In ordinary trucks, such cargo is transported only for the shortest distances.

refrigerated trucks 10 tons
refrigerated trucks 10 tons

In the refrigerator, you can create a special microclimate by setting the temperature to zero or slightly lower. This will be needed if you need to transport, for example, medicines or dangerous poisonous substances, on the packages of which there is a mark that they need to be kept at a low temperature. Incorrect transportation can cause spoilage of medicines.

Plants and animals will not die

At temperatures slightly above zero, it is necessary to transport various plants, including vegetables and fruits. Manyvarieties are transported over long distances from abroad using a 15-ton refrigerated truck. In this case, a certain microclimate must also be maintained so that the plants do not die. Otherwise, the financial losses will be too significant.

refrigerated trucks - safety of goods
refrigerated trucks - safety of goods

Poisonous substances, for example, gases that are pumped into thermoses, also need to be transported only at a low, and strictly set temperature. Failure to do so may result in an explosion.

Such vehicles are adapted for the transportation of various animals. If they are brought from the northern regions, the temperature in the refrigeration unit is lower. For animals (inhabitants of warm countries) it is also possible to create suitable conditions in the van.

Special occasions

It happens that refrigerated trucks with a mileage of thousands of kilometers can serve as temporary storage for some time if the products are not accepted to the main warehouse for some reason, or the territory is not equipped. These are most often traveling trade fairs or places of mass celebrations during the holidays.

There are some important rules for the safety of both the cargo and the transport itself:

  1. There must be an appropriate temperature regime. It is established on the basis of compliance with all standards for a certain group of goods transported.
  2. All items or products are placed carefully and carefully, only in this way it will be possible to deliver the goods intact, undamaged.
  3. Sanitary standards establishedlaw must be observed. Cannot be transported together, for example, raw meat and fresh vegetables.

Refrigerated trucks are always in demand in Russia. They are constantly on the road.