KB-403: specifications, operational capabilities, photos

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KB-403: specifications, operational capabilities, photos
KB-403: specifications, operational capabilities, photos

Technical characteristics of KB-403 position the crane as a technique equipped with electric control, capable of moving on a wheel-rail mechanism. The machine is equipped with a tower and a self-mounting lifting mechanism. The design includes a beam boom on a lattice basis, controlled by ropes. The unit is able to process various types of cargo at great heights, combined with a certain compactness and coverage of a large part of the cultivated area.

Crane KB-403
Crane KB-403


Technical characteristics of KB-403 require a certain sequence in the equipment and operation of the crane. By positions, the following points can be distinguished:

  1. Installation and leveling of crane rails.
  2. Bringing the tower to a vertical position.
  3. Hanging the boom on the hinges of the support configuration.
  4. The tower extends and adjusts with all mating nodes.

KB-403 is produced, the technical characteristics of which are given below, suchmachine-building plants, as:

  1. A branch of the Moscow "Stroymash" in Nyazepetrovsk.
  2. Mechanical plant in Karachayevo.
  3. Stroytekhnika in Podil.
  4. Representation of the machine-building plant in Tashkent and other CIS countries.

In any case, the factory assembly provides for the transportation of structural elements to the installation site with the installation of related running gear and other parts. All major work is carried out directly at the construction site in accordance with certain norms and rules.

Crane device KB-403
Crane device KB-403


Among similar machines, the characteristics of the KB-403 are optimally matched to working standards that require high performance and speed. The equipment will become an invaluable assistant in the construction of administrative and residential buildings, as well as in the construction of industrial complexes.

The crane in question is able to perform manipulations to lift any cargo to different heights, which ensures high labor productivity without the involvement of additional devices. The equipment belongs to the fourth dimensional category in terms of carrying capacity, it is equipped with a swivel-type tower. Increased tension determines a large rollover stability factor, along with operational efficiency.

Technical characteristics of the crane KB-403

The following are the main parameters of the machine in question:

  • control type - electric motor;
  • input voltage indicator– 380V;
  • electric motor/swivel power - 120/5.0 kW;
  • height/width/section base – 54/6, 0/1, 8 m;
  • turning radius - 3.8 m;
  • total weight - 80.5 tons;
  • lifting capacity - from 3 to 8 tons, depending on the outreach;
  • maximum lift height - 54.7 m;
  • maximum travel speed - 18 m/min.;
  • speed – 0.65 rpm;
  • rail load – 270 kN.
  • Load capacity chart KB-403
    Load capacity chart KB-403

Design features

Technical characteristics of KB-403 determine the advantages and efficiency of its operation. Among the design nuances:

  1. The lattice configuration of the tower lightens the overall weight of the structure, providing maximum accuracy of movement with free visibility of the manipulations.
  2. The cargo cart is fixed on the boom with hinges and cables. This configuration guarantees vertical and horizontal conveying of the processed materials.
  3. Platform - roller turntable.
  4. The head tower includes several drawers and the main section can be extended from the bottom.
  5. Crane ropes are equipped with chain hoist systems.
  6. The cabin is unified for lifting machines with a height of over 20 meters.
  7. The beam boom is also made in sections.
  8. Some modifications are equipped with a coordinate configuration safety device.
  9. Management canbe made from the cab or from the ground.
  10. In the cold season, the workplace is heated with an individual heater.
  11. Crane cabin KB-403
    Crane cabin KB-403


Several varieties of the equipment in question are used on construction sites. Among them:

  1. The KB-403-A version is capable of lifting loads to the height of a 16-storey building. Management is convenient and uncomplicated, the cabin is of an improved design. There are increased lifting speeds and modes of movement of the cargo trolley. Machine stability is maintained even at maximum load moment.
  2. Crane KB-403-B, the technical characteristics of which allow transporting material and parts to a height of 17 floors. The model differs in structural reliability and simplicity of service. The boom has a long reach and four limit load moments.
  3. KB-403 B-4 is used to perform construction operations at a height of up to 35.5 meters, has an increased boom output and increased load capacity.
  4. Crane trolley KB-403
    Crane trolley KB-403

Installing the unit

For the installation of the tower crane KB-403, the characteristics of which are indicated above, our own mechanisms and automobile manipulators are used. The following stages can be distinguished:

  1. Laying rails. On the prepared site, rail tracks with sleepers of the required size are mounted. Movement limiters are installed along the edges of the canvas.
  2. Mounting the turntable and running gear on the track. The installation of the structure is carried out usingpair of truck cranes. One of them mounts the platform, and the second one is engaged in placing the support carts on the rails (alternately). The carts are fixed in the working position, after which counterweight plates are attached to the sides of the turntable.
  3. Installation of the portal and tower. This operation begins with the docking of the truss truss clamps and crane portals. Fastening is carried out by means of hinged bolts. After that, a cabin with spacers and blockers is installed on the tower. Then alternately mount the counterweights in the form of plates on the turntable.
  4. A clip is attached to the lower compartment of the boom chain hoist, the electrical equipment is adjusted and the stock of ropes is adjusted.

Arrow assembly and dismantling details

The characteristics of the KB-403 crane allow you to lift it on your own. Mounting of working struts is carried out, focused on holding the structure in a vertical position. The boom is assembled using a truck crane. After its installation, the installation of the hook clip and the reeving of the bracing and cargo ropes are carried out. If necessary, the equipment is built up with additional sections of the tower (inventory compartments).

Dismantling the crane installation involves the above steps in reverse order. All work must be carried out in accordance with the Safety Regulations. Dismantling is carried out using our own devices and truck cranes. All manipulations for assembling and disassembling the structure are done only with the boom lowered.

kb 403 transportation
kb 403 transportation


To transport the KB-403 crane, you will need to fix the supporting weather vanes on the frame of the unit. The boom is completely removable, as is the cargo cart. These elements are transported separately from other parts (gantry, tower, head compartment). For transportation on highways and highways, rolling devices or a truck tractor are used. All parts of the crane are transported in parts, it is not necessary to separate the cargo section from the boom. In addition, coordination with the automobile inspection is required, including the receipt of a transport escort (according to the rules of the road).