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"Lada 4x4": models, photos, equipment, characteristics

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"Lada 4x4": models, photos, equipment, characteristics
"Lada 4x4": models, photos, equipment, characteristics

The domestic car with an increased cross-country ability "Lada 4x4" is available in several modifications. The car received its modern name in 2004, although the development of a similar version has been carried out since 1977 (basic modification - VAZ-2121). The emergence of such technology has made a splash in the relevant market. Serial production of SUVs of this type continues now. It passes without significant changes (in terms of some basic technical parameters). Consider the range offered by manufacturers, including the characteristics and features of vehicles.

Crossover "Lada 4x4"

Lada 4x4 Urban

This model was presented in 2014 at an automobile exhibition in Moscow. The urban version of the updated "Niva" did not receive many improvements, even compared to the 1975 version. The car is produced by a subsidiary of the Togliatti plant (VIS-AUTO). This modification is an SUV of domestic production in the original version. A characteristic feature is that the car has three doors.

The exterior of the car shows the characteristic features of the famous domestic SUV. Among the innovations cannote the fresh design with integrated plastic bumpers and a black grille with three transverse ribs. This decision made it possible to "ennoble" the angular proportions of the car. In addition, the new Lada 4x4 received large rear-view mirrors, sixteen-inch rims and a curved rear window wiper. At the beginning of 2016, a version was released with five doors. This variation is much more convenient in terms of accommodating passengers and transporting goods, but loses in terms of safety. It has its own nuances, which are not always positive.


The updated version of the vehicle received modified overall dimensions in length, width and height (4, 14/1, 69/164 m). Between the axles of variations with three and five doors, the difference is 2.2 and 2.7 meters, respectively. Ground clearance - 20/22.5 cm.

The interior of the Lada 4x4 is a utilitarian cabin with an outdated design. The dashboard is borrowed from Samara, the design is simple and the presence of instruments that transmit all the necessary information. The steering rim has become smaller in diameter, due to the thickening of the wheel itself.

The old-fashioned center console of the Lada Niva 4x4 is tailored with straight and regular lines and maximum minimalism. The torpedo is equipped with rectangular nozzles for heating and ventilation, as well as a primitive “climate” control unit in the form of several “sliders” and buttons. They are responsible for rear window heating and similar functions related toinner comfort. The equipment of the car is in many respects comparable with other VAZ models.

Salon "Niva 4x4"


The three-entry model has an uncomfortable and cramped rear seat. The limited supply of space and the lack of head restraints negatively affect the level of safety. "Lada Niva 4x4" with five exits is much more convenient in terms of capacity, but it does not differ much in comfort.

The internal equipment of the domestic SUV is made of cheap and hard plastic. The build quality also leaves much to be desired. Among the minuses of ergonomics is the location of the ignition to the left of the steering wheel, and the control of mirrors and glass lifts in the center.

The urban version of the car in question has a 420-liter trunk, which can be increased to a maximum volume of 780 liters. In the three-door version, this figure is reduced to 585 hp. Folding the rear seatbacks allows for a comfortable and level loading area, and a spare wheel on steel rim is also available.

Main parameters

Under the hood of the considered model "Lada 4x4" there is a longitudinal atmospheric gasoline engine with four cylinders. Its volume is 1.7 liters with a power of 83 horsepower. Other powertrain specifications:

  • Timing mechanism - 8 valves.
  • Revolution - 5 thousand rotations per minute.
  • Torque limit - 129 Nm.
  • Acceleration from zero to one hundred kilometers - 19 seconds.
  • Max speed -142 km/h.
  • Transmission - five-speed manual transmission.
  • Drive to all wheels.
  • Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 9.9 l / 100 km.

The urban variation of the car in question is equipped with a center differential, which is designed to distribute torque evenly between the axles. Some models have a buck transfer case and an electronic lockout.

In terms of the body, the Lada 4x4 is equipped with a supporting structure. The wheels of the vehicle are fixed using an independent spring-type suspension with a transverse linkage mechanism and hydraulic shock absorbers. The steering column has a hydraulic booster, the brakes on the model are drum configuration at the rear and with disc equipment at the front.

Image "Lada Urban 4x4" SUV


The domestic crossover "Lada Khrey 4x4" is sold in a "luxury" collection. The price ranges from 512 to 555 thousand rubles, depending on the number of doors. The standard equipment includes the following items:

  • Daytime running lights.
  • Cloth upholstery.
  • Increased isolation from external sounds.
  • Pair of electric window lifts.
  • Hydraulic steering assist.
  • Heated and adjustable exterior mirrors.
  • 16" alloy wheels.
  • Isofix-type clamps.
  • Metallic finish.


The new model "Lada 4x4" is an SUV with threedoors and all-wheel drive. According to the manufacturer, the car combines decent road comfort and a good cross-country ability.

The car was created on the basis of the modified Lynx modification, which was released in 2009. The external difference lies in the increased ground clearance, the presence of roof rails, unique rims and tires with large patterns (235/75 R15). Also, the car in question can be equipped with the Image package, which includes wheel arch extensions, unique bumpers made of special plastic and fog light elements.


The length of the new "Lada Niva 4x4" is 3.74 meters with a width and height of 1.71/1.9 m. The clearance of the car is 24 centimeters, the wheelbase is 2.2 m. The curb weight of the vehicle is 1, 28 tons. The full figure is 1.61 tons.

The internal stuffing of this version has no special differences from the regular modification. Among the features:

  • Simple and affordable finishing materials.
  • Not the best build quality.
  • Ascetic design.
  • Four-seat interior layout.
  • Luggage capacity up to 585 liters (second row seats folded down).

In the engine compartment of the updated "Lada 4x4" there is a four-cylinder petrol power unit. Its volume is 1.7 liters with a capacity of 83 horsepower. The maximum rotating potential is 4 thousand revolutions per minute (129 Nm).


As standard, the domestic SUV of this seriesequipped with a five-speed manual transmission. Gear ratio - 4.1. The transmission drive is provided on all wheels. In the design of the model, a symmetrical center differential has been developed, as well as self-locking analogues between the wheels (with the possibility of activating a low gear).

The base of the updated "Lada 4x4" has a load-bearing body with a power unit placed longitudinally. The front suspension is equipped with an independent system with transverse levers, and the rear analogue is equipped with a continuous axle with traction. The car differs from its predecessor with reinforced front springs and increased shock absorber travel. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic power steering. The brake part is equipped with discs at the front and drums at the rear.

Equipment of the new "frets 4x4"

In the domestic market, the car in question can be found at a price of 680 thousand rubles. The regular set includes air conditioning, alloy wheels, roof rails, wheel arch extensions, electric window lifts.

Three-door model

The Lada 4x4 package with three doors has the most simple appearance, and is not spoiled by unnecessary design frills. In fact, the SUV is a compact car with an angular configuration and round headlights. The exterior also features practical and small bumpers, a decent clearance that allows you to overcome various types of off-road.

Be that as it may, this vehicle looks obsolete. Doesn't help refresh.exterior voluminous mirrors from Chevrolet Niva and non-LED daytime running lights, located in the headlights and switched on when the ignition is activated.

TTX car:

  • Curb weight - 1, 21 t.
  • Length/width/height - 3, 72/1, 68/1, 64 m.
  • Front/rear track – 1, 43/1, 40 m.
  • Wheel base - 2, 2 m.
  • Road clearance - 22 cm.
  • The Lada 4x4 engine is a four-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine.
  • Working volume - 1.7 l.
  • Power - 83 hp s.
  • Transmission is a five-speed manual.
  • Drive type - full.
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km - 19 seconds.
  • Speed ​​threshold - 134 km/h.
  • Fuel consumption - from 10 to 13 liters per 100 km.
  • Suspension front - independent multi-link unit with transverse stabilizer bar.
  • Analogue rear - dependent unit with a rigid beam, telescopes and coil springs.
  • Brake system - front disc and rear drum.
  • Hydraulic Power Steering - Available.

What's inside

The three-door Lada 4x4, photo of which is shown below, has a simple and outdated interior. Finishing from cheap plastic is noticeably “lame”. There are backlashes, squeaks and other unpleasant little things. However, the seats are quite nicely upholstered in soft fabric.

The instrument panel is identical to that of Samara-2. It has acceptable information content, the center console is made in a "Spartan" design. Herethere are several deflectors and "sliders" responsible for the operation of ventilation and heating systems. One of the negative aspects of the design of the "torpedo" many users consider the location of the ignition switch to the left of the steering wheel, and the installation of an alarm in the usual place.

The front seats are quite comfortable, although not ideal in terms of ergonomics. The steering column is not adjustable, which is not always suitable for a driver with high stature and impressive dimensions. The rear seat is placed not very well, has no headrests, landing through the front door is not comfortable. The luggage compartment holds from 265 to 585 liters.

Lada Cross 4x4

When developing this car, the Renault Megan crossover platform was used. In a new guise, the car received increased ground clearance (19.5 cm) and 18-inch wheels. The body part is designed almost from scratch, with updated outlines, a radiator grille and a configuration of lighting elements.

The interior of the vehicle (compared to its predecessors) has changed beyond recognition. The dashboard received an unusual shape, the steering column - a wheel with three spokes. There are also a couple of instrument tunnels and a unique door handle design.

It is especially worth noting the seats of the new Lada 4x4. They are equipped with a frame with an integrated headrest made of composite materials, the seat itself has a clear lateral support. The rear sofa has been transformed into a pair of free-standing chairs.

Image "Niva H-ray" new model

Main parameters:

  • The power plant is a 2 thousand cubic centimeter gasoline engine.
  • Transmission is a five-speed manual gearbox.
  • Drive type - full, with the ability to disable the front axle.
  • Fuel consumption in mixed mode - 8.2 l / 100 km.
  • The speed limit on the highway is 190 km/h.
  • Estimated price is 0.5 million rubles.

The characteristics of the "Lada 4x4" of this modification opened up broad prospects in the domestic market back in 2012. Particularly note the high cross-country ability of this machine, a powerful engine and increased ground clearance. However, the project was frozen, and the crossover under this name entered mass production only a few years later.


The all-wheel drive "Niva" in the "Lada 4x4" format is a vehicle with increased cross-country ability. At the same time, some modifications of the machines of this sample. They can serve as a small truck. For example, a pickup truck is available to transport building materials, agricultural goods and much more. The specified car is produced under the index 2329, differs from version 21213 in body structure.

The appearance of the Lada 4×4 Pickup is quite recognizable. The radiator grille is made of dark plastic, has a characteristic placement, chrome elements are not observed. Above the round light elements are indicators of directions and dimensions. The length of the car is somewhat larger than the "classics".

The rear end changes its configuration andappearance, depending on the equipment of the loading platform. It can be a plastic casing at the level of the roof of the car or above it. Also included is sometimes a soft awning. Door handles fit optimally into the overall concept, although they do not differ from analogues of previous modifications.

Pickup "Niva 4x4"

The interior of the pickup is practically no different from the standard "Lada 4x4". The dashboard has a minimal but informative set of instruments, including a speedometer and tachometer. Also on the "torpedo" there is a motor temperature gauge. The seats of the updated car received lateral support, an overestimated back and a more comfortable profile of the seats themselves. The window vents were removed from the doors, equipping the door frames with large glasses with a different configuration. When driving off-road, the passenger can hold on to the handrails, which are not provided in some early models of the Lada 4x4.


For a pickup body type, a standard suspension is provided in the form of rear springs and a front linkage system. The vehicle passes small bumps on the roads without any problems, and on significant potholes the car throws up. This is especially felt if the car is driving without load. The springs allow you to take on more cargo than versions with shock absorbers, while there is a stabilization of dynamics even on large bumps.

The car is designed to move on dirt roads and off-road. In the latter case, overcoming obstacles will be more difficult than on the Niva with a short base, since the car in questionheavier and larger. At the same time, the car was equipped with an interaxle lockable differential, which made it possible to show the quality indicators of cross-country ability to the maximum.

Image "Lada 4x4 Cross" advantages and disadvantages

TTX of a pickup truck of the new model

Let's consider the main parameters of the Lada 4x4 pickup truck:

  • Length/width/height - 4, 52/1, 68/1, 64 m.
  • Wheel base - 2.7 m.
  • The power plant is an atmospheric gasoline engine.
  • Working volume - 1.7 l.
  • Power rating - 80 horsepower.
  • Torque - 127 Nm.
  • High-speed compression pair – 3, 9.
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h - 21 seconds.
  • Speed ​​limit is 135 km/h

There are also power units with a volume of 1.8 liters, which are designed for the VAZ-2130 version. The volume of this unit is 100 "cubes" more than its predecessor. It has increased dynamics and traction properties. During sea trials, the difference in traction is really noticeable. Fuel consumption varies up to 10 liters, at a speed threshold of 90 km/h.


The considered car of domestic production, although not the best among analogues, however, has its advantages in terms of price and endurance. It is for this that consumers of the entire post-Soviet space prefer to buy various models of the new version.

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