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Super SUV: features and price

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Super SUV: features and price
Super SUV: features and price

Currently, there are many connoisseurs of vehicles that develop high speed (over 300 km / h) and overcome any obstacles on the road. Many well-known American publications put forward their list of super SUVs. One of these is the American popular science magazine Popular Mechanics. He recently presented a list and photo of the 2018 super SUVs, which included the top 10 cars. The top 3 of this list will be described below.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

This super SUV is a medium-sized truck that has already gained sympathy among extreme lovers. It is ideal for riding on rough terrain, easily overcome mountains, dirt and any off-road, as it is equipped with a powerful motor and adjustable shock absorbers.

The compact design makes the pickup truck geometrically passable. The interior of the SUV is equipped with the most modern equipment, which makes itmanagement is easier and more accessible. Its price is about 48.5 thousand US dollars. The price in Russian rubles is not known, since the model is not officially presented on the domestic market.

chevrolet colorado zr2

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

This SUV is the second best car on the list, and for good reason. This pickup truck gives drivers endless possibilities of movement, thanks to its beautiful design and powerful engine. Next year, manufacturers plan to release an improved version of this SUV, which will certainly impress buyers. The power of this car for 2018 is 270 horsepower, which is a lot. A pickup truck can go around any mountains and develop impressive speed over long distances, thanks to large tires. The price of such an SUV today is from 62 thousand dollars - approximately 5,788,882 rubles.

toyota 4runner trd pro

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Similar cars began to be produced in the USA during the Second World War. The modern model has a certain relationship with the previous ones, but has an updated design and is noticeably improved. The pickup is attractive in that it has a top that folds back, allowing you to turn it into a convertible for a while, as well as removable doors. Neither stones, nor mud, nor mountainous terrain are serious obstacles for a jeep.

Engine power is 205 horsepower. The 3.8 liter engine makes the model more economical. The Jeep has a self-cleaning disc brake mechanism.The spacious interior is equipped with modern equipment that makes the car easy to drive. The approximate price of such an SUV is currently 51.5 thousand dollars - approximately 1,480,000 rubles.

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