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Generator ZMZ 406: description, repair

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Generator ZMZ 406: description, repair
Generator ZMZ 406: description, repair

Many owners of ZMZ 406 power units were faced with the need to repair or replace the generator. Not everyone is able to do this procedure on their own. Let's analyze the main subtleties and nuances of operation, repair and maintenance of the unit.

Generator description

Generator ZMZ 406 - an electrical unit that provides a stable voltage of the on-board network, as well as charging the battery during engine operation. The part is not difficult to repair and maintain. It ensures the full performance of the electrical circuits of cars. It is mainly installed on cars manufactured by the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ-31105, Gazelle, Volga). There is also an option to install on old GAZ-24 and 31 cars.

Bosch generator at ZMZ 406

The alternator rotates to the right side with the help of a V-belt, which is driven by the revolutions of the crankshaft. The latter is connected to the generator shaft by pulleys. The rotation speed is 1400 rpm. The maximum speed is 5000 rpm.

Output rated current is 14 volts, and the power- 70 A. The resistance of the excitation coil has a range of 2.3 to 2.7 ohms. It is worth noting that the ZMZ 405-406 generator is the same parts, they can be interchangeable. However, the manufacturer recommends installing the one that comes from the factory.

Belt for ZMZ 406 on the generator: dimensions and manufacturers

The size of the alternator belt depends on the availability of accessories installed on the power unit. If the vehicle is equipped with power steering, then the length of the V-belt is 1370 mm. If there is no power steering on the car, then 1220 mm will fit.

Generator connection diagram

The original belt for the ZMZ 406 generator has a catalog number 406-1308020, 6PK1370 (for vehicles with power steering) or 6PK1220 (for engines without power steering). Its average cost is about 1000 rubles, depending on the place of purchase it can vary within 15%. In addition, many motorists recommend analogues that are suitable for installation:

  • Luzar LB 0306 - another domestic version.
  • Finwhale BP675 is a famous German manufacturer of spare parts.
  • Bosch 1 987 948 391 - German quality.

All analogues presented are suitable for installation on the ZMZ 406 generator instead of the original. As for quality, they are in no way inferior, they nurse their resource completely.


The main malfunctions of the power supply element include a malfunction of the voltage regulator and the brush assembly. To carry out repairs anddiagnostic work, the ZMZ 406 generator must be dismantled from the vehicle.

Diode bridge ZMZ 406

The maintenance of the node includes measuring the output voltage, checking the condition of the contacts for damage or corrosion. If the current passes weakly, and the voltage in the on-board network periodically drops, then it is recommended to disconnect the power wires, clean the contacts, and lubricate them with special tools. Then the ZMZ 406 generator is connected to the on-board circuit. See if there are any changes. If the work stabilized, then the problem was in the contacts. But if the voltage continues to jump, then it is recommended to dismantle the part and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis.

Generator dismantling

You can dismantle the ZMZ 406 generator from the power plant with your own hands. This will require a key for 10 and 12. Then you can perform the necessary dismantling operations:

  1. Remove the negative terminal from the battery.
  2. Unscrew the wires that are connected to the generator.
  3. Unscrew and loosen the belt tensioner.
  4. Dismantle the belt. If the belt is not planned to be changed, then it can only be removed from the pulley of the generator itself.
  5. Unscrew the nuts securing the assembly to the bracket.
  6. Pull out the fixing bolts.
  7. Remove the generator.

The part has been removed from the machine, now you can start diagnosing problems. First you need to disassemble the node. Remove the back cover, dismantle the voltage regulator and pulley. Next, we unscrew the coupling bolts of the generator covers and take out the stator. AtIf necessary, the rectifier can also be dismantled.

Check generator ZMZ 406

First, you need to diagnose the brush assembly and the voltage regulator. As practice shows, it is in these details that there are often malfunctions. If everything is in order with the details, then it is worth checking the stator, rotor and coil winding. Usually, if these nodes are faulty, they can be replaced. But, if the winding or more than two parts failed, then it is advisable to purchase a new ZMZ 406 generator, since repairing the old one can be much more expensive.

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