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Giant machines of the world

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Giant machines of the world
Giant machines of the world

Modern time is the era of mechanisms and machines. Machines come to the aid of a person, they help in such matters as lifting goods, transporting them, delivering them, etc.

Many years ago, animals were used as helpers for the delivery of heavy loads: horses, bulls, buffaloes, elephants, camels, etc. With the development of technology and technology, mankind adapted the power of water, steam, and electricity to help. Mankind has invented and created huge mechanisms and machines that perform heavy and sometimes dangerous work.

The article will talk about the giant machines of the world. Those that man has invented for all time engineering activities and ideas. Representatives of various countries will be announced. Cars will be painted not by rating, but simply presented. However, it can be noted in advance that most of the giant machines are designed to work at mining enterprises.

Excavator Bagger 288

giant machines

The excavator called Bagger 288 was created in Germany. Excavator from the Giant Machines series in heightreaches about 90 meters, has a length of about 200 meters and a weight of 30.5 tons. Bagger 288 is recognized as the largest land vehicle. It outperforms the largest tracked transporters that carry missiles.

Dump truck Liebherr T282B

Dump trucks are needed to transport soil that is removed from the ground by mining machines that are comparable in size to a Bagger 288 excavator. Most trucks that are used in mining have a distinctive feature - huge sizes.

giant machines of the world

Since we are talking about giant cars in the article, we cannot but mention the Liebherr T282B car. Here are its measurements:

  • length - 15.3 meters;
  • height is 7.84 meters, which is comparable to a two-story building;
  • The width of the machine is 9.52 meters.

And all this with a weight of 252 tons. The carrying capacity of the machine is about 363 tons of cargo with an engine power of 3650 horsepower.

Caterpillar 797B

the most gigantic machines

Like other giant machines, this model is also operated in quarries. Caterpillar 797B is in second place in terms of carrying capacity. Dump trucks have found application in quarries for the extraction of iron, coal, copper and gold. Entrepreneurs have long calculated that it is more profitable to have a huge dump truck than a fleet of trucks.


giant war machines

Giant machines come in many varieties, as thisarticle. Now we will talk about a dump truck called Terex 33-19 "Titan", designed for use in mines and quarries. The dump truck was made in a single copy in 1974, the car had a carrying capacity of 350 tons of cargo. To date, the car is an exhibit in one of the museums.

Domestic car BelAZ

Speaking about the most gigantic cars, one cannot fail to mention the domestic development - BelAZ-75710. This type of transport serves in quarries and coal mines. The carrying capacity of the car is 450 tons of cargo. The volume of fuel tanks is 5600 liters.

"Mammoth" LTM

giant war machines

German specialists have corrected the situation with the small capacity of truck cranes and developed a real giant, whose name is the Mammoth LTM truck crane.

Today it is the largest wheeled crane in the world. The lifting capacity of the crane is 1200 tons with a lifting height of up to 180 meters. Setting up and preparing to start work on the machine takes about eight hours of working time.

Bulldozer D575A-3SD

giant war machines

One of the largest bulldozers in the world is a machine designed and manufactured in Japan. This machine has impressive dimensions:

  • height - 4.9 meters;
  • length - 12.5 meters$
  • width - 7.5 meters.

At the same time, the weight of the bulldozer is 152.6 tons - this is equal to the weight of three modern tanks.

Militarygiant machines

giant war machines

In 2015, China held the first 24-hour flight of a huge airship named Yuanmeng, which has the following dimensions:

  • length - 75 meters;
  • height - 22 meters.

Its dimensions are quite consistent with the volume of 18 thousand cubic meters. The airship was raised to a height of twenty kilometers to test the control systems and engines.

The use of modern technologies in the design of the machine (solar energy and modern electronics) made it possible to provide a power reserve of six months and increase the payload capacity, which is from five to seven tons.

Chinese Academy of Sciences scientists note that airships (airships) are suitable for long-term flights at altitudes between 20 and 100 kilometers above sea level.

This altitude means that the airship will be located in line of sight from an area of ​​more than 100,000 square miles. The airship is equipped with radar, which allows it to capture a vast territory. In turn, this means more time to detect threats, such as cruise missiles or unmanned aerial vehicles, avoiding a fatal fate, thereby allowing troops to be more likely to detect and destroy threats. The airship can be classified as "giant fighting vehicles".

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