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Reno Scenic - the world's first compact van

Reno Scenic - the world's first compact van
Reno Scenic - the world's first compact van

Reno Scenic is a compact van that saw the light of day in 1996. Initially, it was based on the Megan model, but over time it began to bear little resemblance to its "progenitor". The history of this car is divided into three generations.

renault scenic

Design Features

At the first acquaintance with this model, the eye immediately highlights the original rear lights, which are made in the form of a broken line, as well as moldings of an unusual shape.

Interior design is even more interesting. When you get behind the wheel, you immediately notice the absence of the instrument cluster in its usual place - it is located in the center of the torpedo. On the one hand, it is very convenient - you do not have to look down. But when maneuvering, the success of such an arrangement is questionable.

At first glance, it may seem that the instrument panel is overloaded with buttons, but as soon as you start using them, you notice that all the necessary actions are performed in such a way that your hands remain on the steering wheel. Then comes the realization of how well and thought out the electronics are. Separate climate control unit, stereo system and buttonspower windows are located there.

The only question is the dual-zone climate control, which looks strange in such a large minivan. It can be useful only if one passenger wants -20, and another +20. Seriously though, this is more like trying to rip off more money than wanting more comfort.

In the cabin there are five separate seats that have longitudinal adjustment and can change the backrest. The second row of seats is removable. This can be very useful when transporting bulky goods.

renault scenic rx4

Reno Scenic I

As already mentioned, Renault Megan was taken as the basis for the creation. Standard equipment includes one of two petrol engines, respectively, 1, 6 and 2 liters.

The soundproofing is not very good, so at high speeds you can hear a rather unpleasant howl of the engine in the cabin.

Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - from seven to eight liters per hundred kilometers.

A year after the release, the car received the title of European Car of the Year 1997. Two years later, the car was silently modified: the headlights, the instrument panel and the front of the body changed. In addition, the Renault Scenic RX4 began to be produced, the differences of which were four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance and a slightly modified appearance.

scenic 2012

Reno Scenic II

The second generation of the compact van was born in 2003 at the Genevacar dealership. At the same time, a seven-seater modification of the model was released, called the Grand Scenic.

Reno Scenic III

Another global modification took place in 2009. Megan was still taken as the basis, but already his updated version. As part of this generation, Scenic 2012 was released, which included slightly different motors. He also had a list of standard equipment added.


This car is not intended for young people who love to get drunk, nor for speed competitions. The ideal option for him is a measured trip with the whole family. This is evidenced by its relatively low price and low cost of operation. In addition, the Scenic is designed specifically for calm and slow movements.

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