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"Ssangyong Rexton" (SsangYong Rexton): specifications and photos

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"Ssangyong Rexton" (SsangYong Rexton): specifications and photos
"Ssangyong Rexton" (SsangYong Rexton): specifications and photos

In 2001, the official presentation of the South Korean car "Ssangyong Rexton" took place. Feedback from the owners of the car and many experts indicate that it boasts fairly good technical characteristics, a high level of comfort, and is also relatively inexpensive compared to other representatives of its segment.

First Generation

Production of the debut generation of cars lasted from 2001 to 2006. The Mercedes-Benz M-Class platform was taken as the basis for the creation of the Ssangyong Rexton model. Photos of the two cars are another confirmation of how similar they look. The first generation of the car was equipped with three options for power plants (3.2-liter gasoline engine, as well as diesel engines with a volume of 2.7 and 2.9 liters). It should be noted that the South Korean manufacturer assembled them on the basis of a license received from Mercedes-Benz. ATIn 2003, the novelty debuted on the European market.

ssangyong rexton repair

Second Generation

Numerous positive reviews about the Ssangyong Rexton from users from different countries and parts of the world contributed to the fact that in 2006 the second generation of the model was launched on the conveyor. The technical equipment of the car compared to its predecessor remained the same, and the main changes affected only the interior and exterior. Despite the fact that the manufacturer positioned this car as a crossover (and not an SUV, as many Russians think), the developers installed a long-travel suspension and large wheels on it. This allowed to significantly improve its performance. In general, experts consider the car quite ergonomic and easy to drive.

The main significant remark to the model is related to the availability of spare parts. The fact is that it is very problematic to find the necessary part or assembly on the market. In this regard, they usually have to be ordered from suppliers, after which you have to wait a long time for delivery. The only alternative in this situation is the disassembly of the Ssangyong Rexton. At the same time, there are only such places in our country in large metropolitan areas.

ssangyong rexton disassembly

Third generation: general description

In May 2012, during the exhibition in the South Korean city of Busan, the presentation of the third generation of the model took place. The designers embodied in the novelty not only the performance, but also the dynamism of modern SUVs. In the same yearthe manufacturing company presented the car at a motor show in Moscow. The model is supplied to the European market with the marking "W". The developers have significantly updated the appearance of the model. This is especially true for the front of the Ssangyong Rexton. Technical characteristics of a particular car depend on the configuration. At the request of buyers, even options with a seven-seat interior layout are available.


The exterior of the novelty is another confirmation that it is great for people who appreciate the unique style and swiftness of the car. Particularly striking are the expressive front optics, as well as the massive chrome grille. All lines in the outline can be called original and complete. This is not surprising, given the fact on the basis of which car the South Korean designers created this model. Overall, the car's exterior is both masculine, stylish and well thought out.

Ssangyong Rexton specifications


A functional and comfortable interior is considered one of the main advantages of the latest version of the Ssangyong Rexton. Feedback from car owners indicates that it boasts a very ergonomic and comfortable driver's seat. The developers have achieved this largely by transferring the main control buttons to the steering wheel. In the interior decoration used materials of fairly high quality. As a result, when inside, people usually get the impression that they are traveling in a premium car. center consoleand dashboard are concise, simple and convenient, so the driver gets all the necessary information without being distracted from driving.

ssangyong rexton photo

It is impossible not to note the presence of numerous niches and pockets inside, which did not affect the amount of free space in the car. The climate control system allows you not only to set the desired temperature, but also protects against the penetration of foreign odors. Many other little things also increase the comfort inside the car.

Power Plants

Designers have provided three options for diesel engines for Ssangyong Rexton. The technical characteristics of the base unit, whose volume is 2.0 liters, make it one of the most advanced in its class. Its maximum power is 155 horsepower. Distinctive features of the engine are high traction performance in all speed ranges, as well as a very low noise level. The next two units have a volume of 2.7 liters. One of them is equipped with a very efficient turbocharger and is capable of developing 165 “horses”. The second version of the engine additionally uses a mechanical supercharger, which increases the output to a mark of 186 horsepower.

Ssangyong Rexton reviews

In general, the latest generation of Ssangyong Rexton power plants are very efficient. All three of them respond quickly to the gas pedal and provide excellent traction in most driving conditions. At the same time, it should also be noted thatunpretentiousness and reliability.


An adaptive five-speed automatic transmission is standard on the model. For lovers of dynamic driving, there is the possibility of switching to manual mode. The transmission is equipped with a built-in intelligence system, the main purpose of which is to automatically select the optimal gear shift point. This, in turn, allows not only to make the Ssangyong Rexton ride softer, but also to optimize the amount of fuel consumption. It should also be noted a special winter mode, which facilitates control on slippery roads, as well as starting from a standstill in difficult meteorological conditions. In addition to the “automatic”, a six-speed manual box is also offered on the domestic market. Its advantage is reliability and the ability to implement all the abilities of power plants.


The safety features of the new Ssangyong Rexton deserve separate words. A high degree of active protection is achieved through the use of a number of various systems. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) allows you to make the machine control stable in almost any driving situation. It should be noted that adjustments to the operation of the motor and brakes are made automatically, depending on a particular situation. In combination with it, there is a system for preventing the machine from tipping over and blocking the wheels. Pressing the appropriate pedal sharply activates the emergency brake booster. During downhill safetyprovided by the self-adjustment of the vehicle braking force and traction.

Ssangyong Rexton specifications

At a high level and the degree of passive protection of people in the Ssangyong Rexton salon. First of all, it is provided by the body structure, which is designed in such a way that in the event of a collision, the impact force is evenly distributed over the entire surface and is damped by its elements. Thanks to a strong frame with spars, the overall stability of the car to mechanical damage is ensured. Steel ribs are installed on the doors. Airbags are provided in front, but they only work when a person is fixed with a belt.

Four-wheel drive

The Ssangyong Rexton model boasts an all-wheel drive system that works efficiently and copes with the tasks assigned to it in combination with all three power plant options. The system allows, when driving under load, to distribute the torque between both axles evenly. A feature of all-wheel drive vehicles of this modification with more powerful engines is that the amount of torque that is transmitted to the front axle changes automatically, and its maximum rate is 50%. The optimal distribution of forces is based on algorithms that evaluate the degree of slip.

Ssangyong Rexton


Summing up, it should be noted that in the showrooms of domestic dealers, the cost of a car starts at 1.579 millionrubles. In this case, we are talking about a complete set without all-wheel drive and with a manual gearbox. Thus, we can safely call the model the best option for those people who want to buy an SUV, but cannot afford a car from a more eminent brand. At the same time, one should not forget the fact that the not so high prestige of the model is compensated by reliability, excellent driving performance, versatility, as well as a high level of comfort and safety. The only significant drawback of a car, many of its owners and experts call a poorly developed service network. Since some spare parts and assemblies are sometimes very difficult to find or you have to wait a long time for delivery from official dealers, Ssangyong Rexton repair often becomes a big problem.

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