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Mazda RX-8 car: owner reviews, specifications and features

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Mazda RX-8 car: owner reviews, specifications and features
Mazda RX-8 car: owner reviews, specifications and features

Mazda is a fairly common car brand in Russia. But usually it is associated with the sixth series sedan and the CX-7 crossover. In fact, these are two bestsellers on the Russian market. However, today we will talk about a rare, but no less interesting car. This sports coupe "Mazda R-X 8". Reviews of the Mazda RX-8, specifications and more - further in our article.


RX-8 is a four-seater sports coupe that was in series production from 2003 to 2012. The car became the successor to the RX-7 model, which caused no less excitement at the time. The main feature of the machine is the rotary motor. Such engines are extremely rarely used even in sports cars. But first things first.


Perhaps the main advantage of the Mazda RX-8 is its design. Despite its age, the car still looks cheerful and fresh. Wide muscular wings and swift optics immediately catch the eye.No less interesting is the bumper with a smiling slot in the grille. The Japanese coupe still attracts the attention of passers-by and stands out from the gray stream of cars. She doesn't need any tuning. The car has a stylish and dynamic look from the factory.

Reviews of Mazda RX-8 sedans owners

According to owner reviews, Mazda RX-8 sedans are perfectly protected from corrosion. The paint does not peel off, does not fade itself. Chips are formed only after impacts of large stones. But it is worth noting that in the event of an accident it is very difficult to pick up body parts. "Mazda RX-8" is a rare specimen, and it is difficult to find it at showdowns. Therefore, you have to order and wait for the "body" under the order, and for impressive money.


At the end of 2008, the car underwent a small update. So, the Japanese released a restyled version of the Mazda Air-X 8 sports coupe. The car received a new design of optics, a spoiler, as well as a more embossed bumper. The main feature (wide wheel arches) remained unchanged. The changes affected only the design of the rims.

Mazda RX-8 advantages

Now the car looks more fresh and stylish. The car is offered in different colors, but the most popular is still red.

Dimensions, clearance

The car has compact dimensions for a four-seater coupe. So, the length of the Mazda is 4.43 meters, the width is 1.77, the height is 1.34 meters. Very low ground clearance. And this is one of the main drawbacks that the reviews note. Mazda RX-8- one of the lowest cars in the line. Ground clearance is only 14 centimeters, while the bumpers are very low. The car reacts strongly to the slightest bumps and steep climbs. It's unlikely that you'll be able to hit the curb. Yes, and before the “lying down” you need to slow down a lot. In winter, this is a problem car at all. The car easily gets stuck in the snow - reviews say. Mazda RX-8 is suitable only for smooth asph alt.


The interior design is no less attractive than the exterior. The red steering wheel and leather seats with pronounced lateral support immediately catch your eye. Among the features of the Mazda RX-8 coupe, reviews note the design of the front seats. In their backs there is a cutout in the form of a rotor (a kind of reference to the technical component of the car). The shift lever is moved towards the driver. But the handbrake - on the contrary, is located closer to the passenger. The Mazda has aluminum pedals - they look pretty good against the general background. As for the free space in front, it is enough. Despite the small size of the Mazda Air X 8, the driver will feel comfortable. Landing low, all controls are placed at arm's length.

Mazda RX-8 owner reviews

The center console looks unusual with a certain circle around the radio. An LCD display is integrated into the top of the torpedo, which shows the current time and the status of the climate control.

The car is completed quite well. Already in the basic configuration there is a central lock, power windows, air conditioning and high-quality acoustics.

Panelinstrumentation is made in a sporty style. Each scale has its own “well”. By the way, the tachometer is located in the center, and the speedometer is located at the bottom of the well (and it is digital). Build quality pleases, but not without cons. Also, the owners note too hard seats and hard plastic in the cabin. Another disadvantage is the lack of free space for rear passengers. In addition, they are visually “pressed” by the ceiling, which is too low (for the sake of design). A rather strange solution is a non-removable armrest between the rear passengers. Because of him, there is no place at all. The only thing that pleases is the convenience of landing. There is a separate door for rear passengers. Therefore, you can get out of the car without making your way through the front seats, as in the G8. In this regard, the Japanese did a great job.


Because it's a sports coupe, don't expect a roomy trunk. Its total volume is 290 liters, which is barely enough for a couple of grocery bags or one bag of things. But the Japanese tried to expand the capacity of the trunk to the maximum. So, in the back there is a small hatch for transporting "long-lengths". But there is no spare wheel. There is not even a "dokatka". In the event of a tire breakdown, you have to rely on the help of car owners passing by (or call a tow truck).


There is no wide variety of settings here. Only a rotary piston engine is provided as a power unit (although there are several of them in the lineup).versions). The key difference between a rotary internal combustion engine is the absence of the usual crankshaft and piston group. This unit consists of two sections. The volume of each is 654 cubic centimeters. The total engine capacity is 1.3 liters. The power of this unit varies from 192 to 250 horsepower, depending on the modification. And this is a fully atmospheric engine. Are there other types of engines in the line? Unfortunately, there are no classic in-line or V-engines here.

Mazda RX-8 coupe car

As a transmission, a five-speed manual or an automatic four or six gears is provided. Depending on the selected gearbox, the car accelerates to hundreds in 6-7.5 seconds. What do the Mazda RX-8 reviews say? Perhaps this is the fastest coupe with a displacement of 1.3 liters. The car can confidently compete with brands such as Subaru and BMW. By the way, the maximum speed of the car reaches 235 kilometers per hour. The car still allows you to confidently stay in the stream.

Are there problems?

If we talk about gearboxes, they do not bring significant problems to owners. But what do reviews say about the engine of the Mazda RX-8 coupe? Many who have operated this motor unanimously declare its small resource. On average, this unit serves up to a capital of no more than 100-150 thousand kilometers. At the same time, the engine is picky about the quality of the oil. And ordinary synthetics will not work here. The manufacturer recommends using hydrocracked oil. Synthetics, if they enter the combustion chamber, do notlights up, and this is a big minus for a rotary motor. The liquid begins to clog the thin channels in the seals and settle on the surface.

Mazda RX-8 coupe

Hydrocracked oil is highly resistant to shear deformation and also has excellent thermal stress resistance. The replacement schedule for Mazda is from six to eight thousand kilometers, which is very expensive in terms of money. But even with timely service, you should not rely on a high resource. Rotary engines from Mazda rarely serve more than 150 thousand. And all because this motor is constantly operating in critical load mode. The engine RPM never drops below 6,000. As mileage increases, so does oil consumption. Normally, it is one liter per 10 thousand kilometers. But closer to a major overhaul, a liter of oil can already go for every thousand kilometers.

About fuel consumption

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the Mazda RX-8, it is worth mentioning such a topic as consumption. According to passport data, this figure is no more than 11.4 liters per hundred. But in reality, Mazda's consumption is much higher. So, in the combined cycle, this parameter can easily exceed 14 liters, and this is on the mechanics. Some will say that it's all about the nature of the ride.

Mazda RX-8 advantages and disadvantages

However, it should be understood that the rotary motor has a slightly different principle of operation, and even in the hardest mode, this figure will not differ from the average consumption during moderate driving. By the way, very often the consumption increases due to a malfunction.spark plugs. At the same time, overclocking dynamics drops significantly.


The car is built on a rear-wheel drive platform with a longitudinally placed engine and a load-bearing body scheme. It is worth noting that Mazda has a rather complicated suspension configuration. There are several ball bearings and two levers in the front. Behind is a multi-link. There is also an anti-roll bar. The resource of levers is up to one hundred thousand kilometers. What is most interesting, many copies still drive with factory suspension. And it's not about careful operation, but about low mileage. Still, this is not the kind of car that can be used for long-distance travel.

Car behavior on the road

On the move, the car behaves very harshly. Any unevenness and road joints are felt as a “fifth point”. But there is one plus in this suspension configuration. It's excellent handling. According to owner reviews, the Mazda RX-8 is a very maneuverable car. There are no rolls and excessive rolls. Still - the coupe has an ideal weight distribution along the axes (in addition - a low center of gravity). Steering - rack with electric booster. The latter has a variable force coefficient. So, at high speed, the steering wheel becomes more rigid, and the car becomes assembled. During parking, the steering wheel is quite soft and light. This is a feature of every Mazda RX-8 coupe. Reviews also note good brakes. They are quite informative, ABS systems and exchange rate stability. Moreover, ventilated discs are installed on both axles (and many manufacturers limit themselves to such “pancakes” only in the frontparts).


The Mazda RX-8 coupe is currently out of production. Therefore, you can find it only in the secondary market. The cheapest are the versions of the first years of production. 350 thousand rubles - that's how much the Mazda RX-8 (2004) costs. Reviews say that, despite their age, these cars have low mileage. It borders in the region of one hundred thousand kilometers. But you need to be careful. This is not always the native mileage, although these cars really roll a little. You need to look at the state of the cabin, suspension (native will not rattle on a run of 80 thousand) and the behavior of the motor. If we talk about the latest versions, they cost about 700-800 thousand rubles. According to reviews, the 2009 Mazda RX-8 coupe will be the best choice. These cars are inexpensive compared to the latest (2012), while they already have a restyled “muzzle” and there are many copies with native mileage.

Mazda RX-8 car

By the way, in the secondary market you can find options with a "swapped" motor. So, often on Mazda they put engines from Toyota for 200-250 forces. Together with the engine, the gearbox is also changed. As a rule, the "swap" versions have a five-speed mechanics.

Summing up

So, we found out what the Japanese Mazda RX-8 coupe is. This car has a pleasant appearance and good dynamic characteristics. At the same time, hard plastic was used in the cabin, there is no normal trunk and a rotary engine under the hood. Not every service undertakes to serve it. And those workshopsare engaged in their capital, write out sometimes fabulous price tags. From a technical point of view, the car is thought out correctly. It has an ideal weight distribution, does not heel and quickly picks up speed. But when choosing a copy in the secondary market, it is worth remembering that not every engine has been serviced correctly. Therefore, after the purchase, you need to be prepared for unexpected investments.

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