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How to properly shift gears on a motorcycle

How to properly shift gears on a motorcycle
How to properly shift gears on a motorcycle

Most car enthusiasts don't mind driving something else. We are not talking about a different brand or model, we are talking about a completely different mode of transport - a motorcycle. On a car with mechanics, the correct gear shift plays a very important role. On a motorcycle, this needs even more attention.

motorcycle gear shift

The fact is that car engines have many cylinders in their composition, their power is very high, now the bill goes to liters and hundreds of horsepower.

Motorcycles don't usually have more than 2 cylinders, so you need to follow simple things like the right engine conditions and gear shifting order. In principle, it is not difficult, as they say, a matter of practice. Of course, it happens that you just want to enjoy the swiftness and speed. Then gear shifting on a motorcycle should be carried out at maximum speed. Of course, not all motorcycles are equipped with tachometers, but a good “rider” can determine by soundcorrect shift point.

motorcycle gearbox

Modern bikes are equipped with four-stroke engines that have maximum torque at medium speeds. But, this does not mean that it is necessary to upshift on them. There is no such instruction that would generalize at least two driving situations, because they are all different and have different loads on the engine. In this case, you need to navigate through it. If you shift from first gear to fourth, you can notice a gradual drop in speed, because the load is too great and there is simply not enough torque for acceleration. Therefore, do not forget about such a thing as downshifting. Shifting gears on a motorcycle does not always mean an increase, it happens that in order to increase speed, on the contrary, you need to “roll back”.

In this case, you should be prepared for a sharp increase in engine speed and bring them back to normal. The gearbox on a motorcycle recently has five or even six steps, while before there were only four. As a result, there is a large gap between the gear ratios, which negatively affects the acceleration dynamics.

gear change order

Proper gear shifting on a road bike is especially important because economy also plays a big role here. In order for the engine not to “devour” fuel, you need to follow a few simple rules, including warming up to operating temperature, using high-quality gasoline, as well as the correct selectiontransmission, depending on road conditions.

As for two-stroke engines, their torque grows in direct proportion to the rpm, as well as the power, so the logic here is simple: the higher the rpm, the higher the acceleration dynamics. Naturally, you should not even think about profitability. In addition, such units have one number of disadvantages, including low efficiency, high noise level, as well as the need for a long exhaust system, since the resistance in it is part of the engine.

Many car owners believe that if they have a car, a motorcycle is simply not needed. In fact, driving pleasure cannot be compared, because they are completely different evaluation criteria.

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