"Moskvich-427" - a reliable and interesting universal small car

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"Moskvich-427" - a reliable and interesting universal small car
"Moskvich-427" - a reliable and interesting universal small car

The Moskvich-427 passenger car is one of the first available domestic mass-produced station wagons, which, for its time, has an interesting design, good technical parameters, reliability and affordable price.

Features of the passenger station wagon

The Moskvich-427 car was produced at the AZLK plant from 1967 to 1976. The main feature of this model was the station wagon body, and the widespread Moskvich-412 model was used as the base. The most interesting thing is that the plant produced a practically the same model under the designation "Moskvich-426". The difference between the station wagons consisted in different power units, on the Moskvich-427 model, the engine from the M-412 was used, and on the 26th version, the engine from the M-408.

Muscovite 427 photo
Muscovite 427 photo

The first generation of the AZLK station wagon had no competitors, since at that time a passenger car based on the Volga was produced in this body design, but it was not sold to private hands. Therefore, the appearance of "Moskvich-427" has become a definite holiday for summer residents, gardeners, tourists. True, in the main, decommissioned oremergency copies from state-owned enterprises where these cars were widely used: medical service, post office, public catering, police, etc.


The performance of the novelty, for its time, looked quite interesting. The designers of the Moscow Automobile Plant managed to form such a design primarily using a straight roofline. In addition, the car looked very interesting:

  • Chrome grille with rectangular mesh pattern;
  • square headlights;
  • smooth front stamping;
  • combined lower position and cornering lights;
  • wide beveled tailgate glass;
  • small turn signal lamps placed on the front fenders.

It should be noted that the passenger car did not immediately acquire such a shape, as it was originally produced with twin round headlights and a double-leaf rear door. Subsequently, round headlights remained only on the export version of the wagon.

In general, the appearance of the Moskvich-427 (photo below) can be safely called confident and stylish, as it should be for a car of this class.

moskvich 427 specifications
moskvich 427 specifications

Technical parameters

In addition to the main feature of the station wagon, a spacious and roomy body, the technical characteristics of the Moskvich-427 also met the requirements of its time, and the car had the following:

  • class - small (III group);
  • body type -station wagon (carrier);
  • capacity - 5 people;
  • capacity – 0.40 t;
  • layout - front-engine;
  • wheel drive - rear (4×2);
  • weight – 1, 10 t;
  • wheelbase - 2.40 m;
  • clearance - 17.8 cm;
  • length - 4, 17 m;
  • width – 1.55 m;
  • height - 1.53 m;
  • rear track - 1.24 m;
  • front track - 1.25 m;
  • engine model - UZAM-412;
  • type - four-stroke;
  • fuel - gasoline AI93-95;
  • cooling - liquid;
  • number of cylinders – 4;
  • number of valves – 8;
  • configuration - L (in-line);
  • fuel supply method - carburetor (K-126N);
  • compression value - 8, 8;
  • working volume - 1.48 l;
  • power - 75, 0 l. p.;
  • cylinder diameter /
  • stroke - 8.20cm/7.00cm;
  • engine mileage before overhaul - 150,000 km;
  • gearbox - four-speed, manual;
  • top speed 141 km/h;
  • acceleration period (0-100 km/h) – 19.1 sec.;
  • fuel consumption (city/highway) - 10, 3/7, 4 l/100 km;
  • tank volume - 46.0 l;
  • tire size - 165/80R13;
  • brake system - hydraulic;
  • front brakes - disc;
  • rear brakes - drum;
  • electric equipment - 12 V.

Among the important features, it should be noted the widespread use of aluminum parts in the design of the power unit.

photo moskvich 427
photo moskvich 427

Modifications and shortcomingsmodels

The successful design and technical parameters made it possible to produce the following modifications based on the Moskvich-427 model:

  • M-434 - van;
  • M-427E - export version;
  • M-427YU - export option for countries with a warm climate;
  • M-427P - a car with a right-hand drive.

Among the main disadvantages are:

  • insufficient body rigidity;
  • big rolls when cornering;
  • weak dynamic parameters;
  • difficult shifting due to large lever strokes;
  • low noise, dust and water insulation.

The indicated shortcomings of the car are present in almost all domestic passenger cars produced in the joint period with the M-427 and therefore did not affect the popularity of the station wagon. In addition, thanks to the success in various rally races of the base model M-412, the station wagon was widely exported to various countries of the world.

Muscovite model 427
Muscovite model 427

The main advantages of the car

For the entire period of production at the Moscow Automobile Plant, almost 329 thousand copies of the station wagon were produced. In their reviews, the owners of the Moskvich-427 passenger car highlight the following advantages:

  • multifunctionality;
  • recognizable appearance;
  • good comfort;
  • passability for its class;
  • increased visibility with panoramic windshield;
  • handling;
  • simple and unpretentious engine;
  • totalreliability;
  • ergonomics;
  • bright head lighting;
  • maintainability due to wide unification with the Moskvich-412 model.

Moskvich 427 is a recognizable, reliable and affordable universal small car of the AZLK enterprise.