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Why doesn't the car open from the key fob?
Why doesn't the car open from the key fob?

Today, the alarm system is the main means of protecting a car from thieves and intruders. You can control the operation of this device remotely using a special small remote control called a key fob. However, despite its reliability, this advanced protection system can fail. Therefore, when the car does not open from the key fob alarm, many people simply do not know what to do. In this case, just open the car with the key, and you can figure out the reasons for such a breakdown later.

No exact answer

Not a single master will immediately tell you the reason why the car does not open from the key fob alarm. Indeed, there can be many such reasons. This article will discuss the most common of them.

Possible problems with key fob

Most often, the car does not open from the key fob-alarm precisely because of problems with the small remote control itself. There is a very high chance that the batteries could be dead in it. So replace them first.

Car won't open with key fob
Car won't open with key fob

Now carefully inspect the keychain itself. If this device is equippedscreen, then pay attention to whether it lights up after you press the corresponding button. If there is no screen, then find a diode, which is very often installed by car owners on their own, signaling a low battery.

If you need to open the car urgently, and there are no spare batteries in your pocket, don't be discouraged and try a certain procedure. Remove the old batteries from the remote control and tap them together several times. Now put the batteries back in place and try opening the car one more time.

It is possible that the car does not open from the key fob-alarm system due to a breakdown of the remote control itself. In this case, the problem lies in a special sensor. This can occur as a result of pressing the car unlock button very often (for example, accidentally pressing it in your pocket). If you have a spare remote, use it to open the car.

Car battery low

A lot of people are wondering why the car does not open with a key fob alarm? Of course, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer, but in fact there can be many reasons. Another common problem is a dead battery. If you find yourself in this situation, then get as close as possible to your iron friend and press the button one more time. Very often, such a manipulation helps to open the car, but there is a very small chance that you will be able to leave on it. After all, the battery is completely discharged.

Why won't the car open with the key fob?
Why won't the car open with the key fob?

This problem is most often encountered by inexperienced and inattentive drivers. Don't forget to turn off the lights inside your car after putting it in the garage or parking lot. Leaving the light on for even just a few hours will completely drain the engine.

Radio interference problems

If the car does not open from the Starline key fob, then the problem may be hidden in radio interference. Sometimes the signal from your remote control may be muted. This happens very often, especially if you are in a hard-to-reach area. In this case, the car will be difficult to open. For example, radio waves will weaken significantly if you are near objects such as an airport, military base, or other important government installations. To check for radio wave interference, look at your mobile phone.

In order to still open your car, bring the remote as close as possible to the signal receiver and press the button again.

Software failure

The reason why the car does not open from the Sherkhan key fob may be a software failure between the remote control itself and the signal receiver. In this case, the only way to fix the current problem is to reprogram the bundle. To do this, use the emergency mode. Pull out the wires from the signaling unit, turning off the control. Now you need to synchronize its operation with the alarm console.

car won't open with starline alarm key fob
car won't open with starline alarm key fob

In fact, it is not difficult to carry out such an operation, so every driver can do it on their own.

However, sometimes there are cases when it is not possible to cope with the problem on your own. The reason for this lies in the disappearance of software from the memory of the equipment itself. In this case, you will have to contact the service center in order to have your device flashed and reprogrammed.

Something wrong with the car's electronics

If the car does not open with the Tomahawk key fob, then in this case the problem may be a faulty car wiring or other electronics problems.

the car does not open with the sherkhan alarm key fob
the car does not open with the sherkhan alarm key fob

For example, a significant power surge can occur in the alarm control system itself, which will disable it. Or vice versa, malfunctions of the control unit itself will lead to general problems with the wiring of your car. The most common sign of a malfunction in the alarm system is considered to be its independent turning off and on. Also, the system begins to react badly to the commands given, and over time it completely fails.

If you have even the slightest suspicion of a possible breakdown, do not waste time, immediately go to the service center.

What to do if the alarm stopped responding to the key fob

If the car does not open from the key fob alarm (the reasons for this phenomenon are described in this article), then in this case, you can perform two specific actions to turn it off:

car won't open with tomahawk key fob
car won't open with tomahawk key fob
  1. Use the emergency stop function. Do not forget that each alarm system has its own code, which the driver must remember during its installation. In order to enter it, find the Valet button in your car. It is responsible for the operation of the system itself and performs many functions. Usually such a button can be found in the interior of the car (for example, under the steering wheel or near the fuse box). Only after you find this button can you enter the secret code.
  2. Another way to turn off the alarm is to bring the key fob as close as possible to the control unit itself and very often press the car opening button on the remote control. Most often, such fraud is enough to turn off the car alarm. Almost always, this helps to transmit a wave that is quite acceptable for switching off.

The alarm has a life of its own

The Starline alarm (the car opens from the key fob), just like other devices, breaks down quite often. Probably, every driver faced a problem when the alarm worked without the owner's commands. Experts recommend paying attention to three causes of this problem.

Contact problems

If you use the car very carelessly, and even in an environment with high humidity, the process of oxidation of the contact buttons may begin, from which the alarm receives signals. In this case, experts recommend replacinglimit switch.

the car does not open from the alarm key fob
the car does not open from the alarm key fob

Broken doors

Sometimes there are situations (especially in used cars) when the informant on the key fob shows that the car doors are open, but in reality this is not at all the case. In this case, you need to pay attention to the condition of the doors themselves. Check if the central locking is in working order, as well as all the fuses and vehicle wiring. This problem usually occurs in regions with too cold climates. This is due to the fact that the mechanisms of the machine simply freeze.

Sensors not working properly

Today, a huge number of sensors are installed in modern cars. So, the alarm is perfectly guided by their readings. For example, if the shock sensor is particularly sensitive, then the alarm will work by itself even from normal wind or a fast passing car. In this case, you need to correctly adjust all the sensors, and such situations will not occur.

Car won't open with key fob
Car won't open with key fob

Experts recommend contacting a service center for any problems with the alarm, because a car is not the cheapest pleasure, so take care of it and operate it correctly. By determining the cause of the breakdown in advance, you can protect your iron friend from hacking.

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