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Overview of the car UAZ-220694

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Overview of the car UAZ-220694
Overview of the car UAZ-220694

There are many interesting and popular models in the model range of the Ulyanovsk plant. One of these is UAZ-220694. Specifications and design description - that's what this article will be about.

UAZ 220694

General information

The machine weighs only 2800 kg. Its sales started in 2006. The cost at that time was about 250 thousand rubles.

This car is almost timeless. Until now, this car is in demand, it can be found on the streets of the capital of the vast motherland, like the usual Zhiguli. Such demand is justified by excellent cross-country ability and a low price. UAZ-220694 is a typical minibus, the base model for many less successful modifications. It works with an injection type engine. Moreover, the manufacturer positions the model as commercial.

A bit of history

Production was opened in 1958. Then the 450 model rolled off the assembly line, which opened the story of the described “loaf”. Four years later, the manufacturer started producing all-wheel drive vehicles, changing their index to 451. Due to easy repair, simple design and ease of driving, these cars quicklybegan to gain popularity. Further, the manufacturer engaged in the production of medical and passenger-and-freight modifications, which were immediately delivered to the country's armed forces. Because of a special law, the machines had to be constantly improved. Therefore, already in the 70s, the chassis, engine and design were changed.

In 1974, a multimillion-dollar model, the UAZ-452, rolled off the assembly line. Even then, domestic consumers understood that foreign models were much more comfortable, pleasant, better, but in the USSR there was no car that would become an analogue of the produced model in terms of cross-country ability.

After the collapse of the Union, various models, both the cheapest and the most expensive, entered the Russian market en masse. But even with such competition, the produced “loaves” have not diminished in popularity.

In 1999, the well-known Farmer model was put into production. It differed in that it could accommodate up to 5 people, and its onboard platform was made of metal. At the moment, she and UAZ-220694 are one of the most popular models.

UAZ 220694 specifications


Now the company produces eight different models of "loaf". Among them is a van, several utility vehicles, an ambulance and, of course, a minibus, which is the topic of this article.

The described machine, according to the manufacturer, can easily transfer up to 1 ton of cargo. But to be honest, few Russian drivers listen to such restrictions. Therefore, we can safely say that the car will withstandabout 1.5 tons of off-road cargo.

On a test drive, the UAZ "loaf" shows itself perfectly. What does she represent? The machine is powered by a 4-stroke engine. Its power is 99 horsepower, the volume of fuel is about 3 liters, and an injection system is also built in. This gasoline unit does not stand out against the background of American and other analogues, but in general it performs well.

test drive UAZ loaf


For many years, no matter how much work and modernization has been carried out, the appearance of the UAZ-220694 car has not changed much. Even with the passage of time, the car did not acquire comfort, although the cabin was greatly improved. Compared to the original version, the cabin has become much more comfortable. It should be noted that during long driving, the back from the seats does not get tired and does not hurt. The cabin is covered with leatherette. The manufacturer refused to use metal.

The design of the UAZ-220694 has also remained virtually unchanged. The owners like that the motor is still located inside, so it is not afraid of any bad weather. The driver's cab has not been separated from the passengers so far. The minimum capacity is 5 people, but the number of seats is subject to change, this should be taken into account.

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