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Will the price of cars rise due to the fall of the ruble?

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Will the price of cars rise due to the fall of the ruble?
Will the price of cars rise due to the fall of the ruble?

Now the citizens of the Russian Federation are experiencing a time when the ruble is falling and the dollar is taking off. For many, the question immediately pops up: what will happen to the prices of cars? Will car prices go up? What will happen next? Is it worth investing in them? What is going on? Answers to all questions can be found in the material and information of this article.

Inflation in the Russian Federation

How much

To understand how and by how much cars are now worth more, it is worth remembering the rise in car prices in 2015. At that time, the American currency rose in price by as much as 2 times. And even despite this huge collapse, it turned out that the cars and their sales remained afloat. There were no astronomical drops in sales. Prices have risen, but demand has remained the same. Why is that? After all, the increase in car prices in 2014-2015 was really very strong. And all because official dealers took a break in sales to assess the entire state of the country's economy andset new prices. When the pause had already been lifted, all the negativity towards the dollar and its increase had already subsided, and of course, resentment towards prices too. Therefore, people and car buyers remained, and everything remained in its original places.

It is worth noting the well-coordinated and very smart, labor-intensive work of dealers - they did and did the right thing, they froze sales of new cars for a while. This saved the country from various problems, the depreciation of the ruble and cars in general. It was possible to make sure that the cars remained sold at almost the same price, as well as buyers and customers remained in place. There was no drop in sales. It is worth emphasizing that the dealers used a small but very noticeable trick. Car prices rose not sharply, but slowly. Gradually, day after day, they increased the base price of cars until it reached 2 times more than it was originally.

A vivid example of such a dealer who used this chip is the German brand Mercedes-Benz. It was their SUV, namely the GLE model, that cost about three and a half million rubles at the time of 2014. But because of the fall of the ruble, the rise in price of cars in six months, it cost almost six million rubles. That almost doubled the price. And no one noticed! How did it happen? This is where the trick comes into play. The car was constantly increased in price, but not sharply, but gradually. Will car prices go up next year? Many people are asking these questions now. And the answer to this question is not very cheerful: it will. Prices for cars and goods will rise.However, this will not cause discomfort for people at all: the citizens of the Russian Federation are already used to this growth of the dollar and the fall of the ruble.

Fall, rise of the ruble

April 2018

One year ago, in the fourth month of the year, the price of all cars suddenly increased. And this was not even due to the fact that the dollar rose again. Everything was due to the fact that there was an innovation in the economy of the Russian Federation: a recycling fee. It was this duty that was imposed on you upon purchase, so the cost of the cars immediately increased. This advance payment is made initially by the manufacturer, and in order to recoup the costs, he raises the price of the car itself in free sale. Because of this, each brand and model of the car has risen in price in different ways. By about 2-3 percent.

However, it depends on the car itself. At Volkswagen, some models have risen in price by almost 100 thousand rubles, at Volvo, the flagship model S60 has become more expensive by 30-40 thousand rubles. And it is worth emphasizing that already six months later, namely at the beginning of 2019, prices increased again. This time it happened because of the usual increase in taxes. However, the state fees themselves are likely to increase due to the jump in the dollar. Or perhaps the price increase due to taxes was just the beginning, and soon car enthusiasts will face another price increase: already due to the jump in the dollar.

Is it worth investing

Cars, inflation

If you are a car owner who has fully decided on his new car purchase - it is worthdo it as soon as possible. After all, this will help save a huge amount of money. This is because almost every day new cars become more expensive by a good amount of money. This is not very noticeable, but it is a fact. Therefore, we can say that you are making a small investment in the car. After all, in a couple of months it will cost several tens, or even hundreds of thousands of Russian rubles. You can try to sell it and get some profit from it. However, you will not need it - run to buy a new car, and it is already quite expensive, and it is not as cheap and profitable as before. Therefore, in the case of purchasing a car at a low price, you can only save money, as it will soon rise in price. And at all - the car is not a way to invest money. Yes, it is profitable for outbidders to do their job, but their principle is completely different.

Your purchase for a period of two years or more will ultimately be completely unprofitable for you. The thing is that the car, no matter how cheap it was at the time of purchase, will become cheap and unnecessary in a couple of years. Such movable property does not become expensive over time, as, for example, antiques. However, among the cars there are also antiques. Old Soviet cars, as well as very old foreign cars. The main thing is that they are limited, and very rare. Then, for a car that used to cost 100 thousand rubles, you can get one million. However, there are really few such situations, and now we are talking about the 21st century, and about the rise in price of cars and the jump in the dollar.

How dealers operate

Car sales have dropped

As it became clear above in the material of the article, official car dealers operate according to one, very important scheme. In order not to raise the price abruptly, they do it gradually. However, there is another method to please the entire population of the Russian Federation. You just need to simplify the configuration of a particular car. The price tag remains the same, but the features and options of the machine have become worse.

And people respond very well to it. Before the jump in the dollar rate, your potential car for purchase cost only one million rubles, and already at the time of the real purchase, and when the dollar exchange rate became 2 times higher than it was, it costs 50-60 thousand rubles more. The client thinks this way: the price of the car has increased by just a couple of percent, and the dollar has doubled. Then why not buy a car right now? Suddenly, tomorrow it will cost as much as 2 million rubles, and not just one! Now, it comes down to paperwork. And suddenly one fact becomes clear: there is no longer four-zone climate control, and the suspension is of a completely different technology …

However, people still sign a document on the purchase of a car. Even after it became clear that the car is no longer the one you wanted.


Automotive inflation

It is worth emphasizing that discounts and promotions on cars of any brand can simply be removed soon. All this happens for one reason - the growth of the dollar. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a new car, and have already looked after the option with a promotion, then it is recommended to go and buy it right now.


In March 2018, in the Russian Federation, citizens bought almost 150 thousand cars of different brands. And it is worth emphasizing that even after a lot of inflation, the dollar exchange rate, as well as other unpleasant moments, this figure was as much as 14% more than in March 2017. For half a year, as many as 400 thousand copies of cars of different brands have already been sold - this is as much as 22% more than in the same period in 2017.

In March, 157,279 new cars were sold in Russia. This is 13.9% more than in March 2017. In the first quarter of this year, manufacturers sold 392,920 cars, which is 21.7% more than in the same period in 2017. Thus, even if there is an increase in the price of cars, the Russians will perceive it as commonplace.

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