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NEFAZ-4208 - passenger all-terrain vehicle

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NEFAZ-4208 - passenger all-terrain vehicle
NEFAZ-4208 - passenger all-terrain vehicle

This bus model was built on a KAMAZ-43114 gas-cylinder chassis, and its main purpose was to transport crews working on a rotational basis. NEFAZ-4208 is designed for off-road operation, as well as on public roads that do not have restrictions for vehicles of group B, whose axle load is 6 tons.

Real all-terrain vehicle

The crew bus is designed according to the GOST 15150 standard, received a climatic version U. It can be operated both at extremely low temperatures (-45°С) and at quite high temperatures (+40°С). And also in conditions of relative humidity, the permissible mark of which does not exceed 75% (at a temperature of 15 ° C). NEFAZ-4208 has proven itself in areas with a high level of dust (up to 1 g/m3), with strong gusts of side wind, the speed of which does not exceed 20 m/s. This special bus is capable of performing its tasks at an altitude of up to 4000 m above sea level, however, it is worth considering that fuel consumption and traction and dynamic characteristics will be far from normal.

non-phase 4208

Powerful and economical

NEFAZ-4208 received a fuel system consisting of 9 cylinders located between the cabin and the booth. The volume of each is 80 liters. Cylinders are also installed on the sides of the frame (4 on the left and 3 on the right), 100 liters each. The total volume is 1420 liters or 284 m3 methane, and the pressure inside the cylinders reaches 200 atmospheres.

The main advantages of the NEFAZ-4208 bus include:

  • Low running noise.
  • Using economical fuel.
  • Exhaust gases have the lowest possible content of harmful substances, significantly exceeding the requirements of Euro-4 standards.
  • Savings from reduced pollution charges.
  • There are no requirements for the mandatory installation of a catalytic system and an exhaust gas converter, which eliminates serious material costs.
  • Uses methane as fuel, which is safer than gasoline or propane.

Add-on features

NEFAZ-4208 is equipped with a closed-type metal van, which is sheathed with thermal insulating material. On the right side there are two single doors opening outwards. The back door is the main one, and the front door is the emergency one. Double glazed windows with tempered glass.

bus nefaz 4208

In the cabin there are double seats equipped with seat belts. A comfortable temperature is maintained by a liquid heating system operating as an autonomousheater, and from the engine cooling system. Ventilation is carried out thanks to hatches and sliding windows, as well as during the operation of turbofans located on the roof. From the radio equipment there is an intercom and a radio receiver.


Considering this model of a special bus, one can only admire its technical characteristics, which are as follows:

  • Chassis - KAMAZ-43114.
  • Number of passenger seats, including cabin - 22.
  • The volume of the fuel tank of the interior heater is 25 l.
  • The volume of the expansion tank of the interior heater is 5 liters.
  • The expansion tank and fuel tank are located on the back of the van.
  • The curb weight of the bus is 12.4 t.
  • Gross weight – 14, 1 tons.
  • Eight-cylinder V-engine KAMAZ 820.60-260 turbocharged, Euro-4 standard.
  • Stroke and cylinder diameter - 130/120.
  • Volume - 11, 76 l.
  • Compression ratio - 12.
  • Cooling - air, intermediate.
shift bus
  • Fuel type - gas-methane.
  • Maximum net power - 260 hp With. (191 kW).
  • Maximum torque - 1078 Nm.
  • Volume of fuel tanks (total) - 1420 l.
  • Maximum amount of methane fueled is 284 m3.
  • Gearbox - ten-speed.
  • Transfer box - two-stage, mechanical with a locking center differential.
  • Brakes are pneumatic.
  • Highsleeper cab.
  • Maximum speed is 90 km/h
  • The maximum climb angle is 31%.

With similar characteristics, this shift bus has no competitors in the domestic market.

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