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"Gazelle Next": engine replacement, operation and repair

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"Gazelle Next": engine replacement, operation and repair
"Gazelle Next": engine replacement, operation and repair

"Gazelle Next" is a minibus manufactured by the Gorky Automobile Plant, which relatively recently entered mass production (2012). The capacity of the car is 19 people. From its predecessors, the new vehicle got only the rear axle, transmission unit and frame. The car is produced in three modifications: an onboard model, a shortened version and a minibus.

gazelle next engine replacement


Before considering how to replace the Gazelle Next engine, let's study its distinctive features. The car received many new parts and assemblies, but retained some of the features of the progenitors. The car was left with a frame structure designed for difficult operating conditions. The diesel engine is borrowed from the upgraded version of the "Business".

The main components have been upgraded to ensure the reliability and quality of the vehicle, as well as compliance with modern standards. In addition, the cabin has become more comfortable, a front independent suspension and hydraulic power steering have appeared. Since 2014, gas-petrol modifications have been produced.


The car in question in the starting configuration receivedpower steering, cigarette lighter, cruise control, computer panel. In addition, the basic set includes the following toppings:

  • Central locking system.
  • Axial stabilizers.
  • Steering wheel height adjustment.
  • Power windows.
  • Setting the driver's seat.

Among the cons of a car:

  • Weak instrument lighting.
  • Not very good noise isolation.
  • Build quality is worse than foreign counterparts.
gazelle next repair

Gazelle Next: characteristics

The following are the specifications of the short wheelbase vehicle in question (long wheelbase models are in parentheses):

  • Length/width/height – 5, 63/2, 068/2, 13 (6, 7/2, 068/2, 13) m.
  • Wheelbase – 3, 14 (3.74) m.
  • Turn radius - 5, 6 (6, 5) m.
  • Clearance - 17/17 cm.
  • Track front/rear – 1, 75/1, 56 (1, 75/1, 56) m.
  • Curb weight – 2.06 (2.23) t.
  • Capacity rating – 1, 44 (1, 27) t.
  • Speed ​​threshold - 134 (132) km/h.

Both variations consume approximately 10.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The passenger version has a slightly lower speed (110 km/h), and fuel consumption is 1 liter more.


Before we find out when the Gazelle Next engine needs to be replaced, let's study the characteristics of the engines that this machine is equipped with. Let's start with the Cummins model:

  • Working volume - 2.8 l.
  • Power Rating – 120horsepower.
  • Torque to the maximum - 270 Nm.
  • Compression – 16, 5.
  • The size of the cylinder is 94 mm in diameter.

Engine YaMZ-53441:

  • Volume - 4, 43 l.
  • Maximum power - 150 horses.
  • Torque to the maximum - 490 Nm.
  • Weight - 480 kg.
  • Working resource before overhaul - 700 thousand km.
gazelle next minibus

There is another modification that is equipped with the Gazelle Next. The Evotech engine has the following characteristics (in brackets - the parameters of the Evotech Turbo motor):

  • Working volume - 2, 69 (2, 69) l.
  • Power - 106.8 (120) horsepower.
  • Torque limit - 220.5 Nm (255) Nm.
  • Weight - 117 kg.
  • Working life before overhaul - 40 thousand km.

Gazelle Next: engine replacement

For inexperienced users, experts do not recommend performing a complete disassembly or replacement of the engine on their own. It is worth noting that the installation of an on-board computer, radio and other electronic devices leads to a load on the system. It is imperative to make sure that the resource of the vehicle will be sufficient for the functioning of the battery and installed devices. Otherwise, the battery will quickly lose charge, which will cause the car to stop.

It is also better not to repair the power unit yourself. This is due to the fact that special devices are required, since the motor must not only be removed from its compartment, but also its position must be changed, whichvery problematic to do one person in the garage. Complete disassembly of the motor is possible only with instructions. If it is not there, or if there are not enough skills, entrust this work to specialists.

What can you fix yourself?

It often happens that the car stalls. The reason for this, most often, is the presence of a large amount of electronics. First you need to check the possibility of a wire break on the ground. If this malfunction occurs, perform the following manipulations:

  • Cut the wire a few centimeters below the oxidized contact.
  • Clean it up.
  • Screw and insulate the new contact.
  • Fix the contact to the stud with cleaning the seat with a file.

The Gazelle Next minibus is equipped with a large amount of electronics, so other restoration work on the wiring, without experience and skills, is not recommended.

gazelle next characteristics

Frequent engine failures and restoration

Clogged fuel and other systems can lead to overheating of the power unit, lean fuel mixture and other unpleasant consequences. It is worth remembering that the more dust on the roads, the more often the air filter needs to be cleaned. At Gazelle Next, do-it-yourself engine repair often consists of minor operations: changing the fluid, cleaning the filter element, and the like. This often helps recover a stalled engine.

A few common problems and how to fix them:

  • Notthe engine starts in cold weather. Most likely, hypothermia of the system has occurred, warming up the unit will help solve the problem.
  • A popping sound is heard from the exhaust pipe or carburetor when power pack is activated. Clean or replace the filters in the fuel line and air system after checking them visually.
  • Oil leak occurs. Check the integrity of the pan, gasket and valve.

It is worth noting that the replacement of the Gazelle Next engine, as well as its disassembly, is not recommended without a special stand. This is fraught with the emergence of new problems and additional loss of time to eliminate them.

gazelle next engine evotech

Helpful tips

Car owners can service the Gazelle on their own. A few recommendations:

  1. After every 15 thousand kilometers, it is recommended to carry out a complete check of the vehicle. If the car is operated in harsh conditions, the inspection time is halved.
  2. Every day you need to check the level of all working fluids.
  3. Check brakes and tire pressure before leaving.
  4. If necessary, you can change the oil and other technical fluids yourself.
  5. All these operations are done in a car service, of course, not for free.

Following these simple rules, the repair of the Gazelle Next can be postponed for a long time.

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