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Motorcycles 50 cubes and their features

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Motorcycles 50 cubes and their features
Motorcycles 50 cubes and their features

The life of a modern person resembles a constant race. Some rush to work, others go home, others go to school. This list is endless. This fuss leads to the constant problem of finding the best way to travel. It is necessary to adapt to the schedule of public transport, plus the need for transfers and a constant crowd. Personal vehicles are quite expensive to maintain and not everyone can afford. Yes, and frequent traffic jams (especially in big cities) are not in favor of cars. For these reasons, more and more people are turning their attention to two-wheeled vehicles. 50cc motorcycles are one of the best options in this case. It is about them that the article will be discussed.

Advantages of small-capacity motorcycles

The popularity of small-capacity motorcycles (up to 50 cubic meters) among buyers is explained by a number of reasons. The main ones are:

Easy to manage. On such a technique it is quite easy to move around. Usually the main controls (gas, brake) are located on the steering wheel. The ignition is activated by turning the throttle


Maneuverability. Small dimensions and low weight contribute to improved maneuverability. This is especially noticeable when driving through narrow city streets

Parking will not be a problem either, as there is much less space for a motorcycle than for a car

Small displacement motorcycles are cheap. Their cost is much less than the cost of cars. And the price factor is one of the decisive factors at the time of purchase

As you can see, there are enough advantages for motorcycles with a small engine size. It is they who determine the popularity of this type of transport.


No registration required to drive on public roads. The Code of Administrative Offenses states that vehicles with an engine capacity exceeding 50 cm33 must be registered. The same rule also applies to passing the state inspection. The rights to a motorcycle (up to 50 cubes) are not needed. It can be operated by persons over the age of 16.

Features of technology

Motorcycles with an engine displacement of up to 50cc3, regardless of manufacturer, have a number of similar characteristics. The main advantage can be considered low fuel consumption. This figure averages 2-3 liters per 100 kilometers.

motorcycle 50 cubes

Depending on the dimensions and weight, motorcycles up to 50 cubic meters can be classified as light or heavy class. In the first case, their weight does not exceed 70 kg. This is a good option for women and teenagers. The speed of mopeds of this class does not exceed 60 km/h.

Weight overheavy models can reach 90 kg. Their speed increases to 90 km/h. This is achieved by increasing the power and increasing the radius of the wheels.


The modern market offers a wide selection of motorcycles from different manufacturers from different countries. They are usually divided into several groups:

European and American models. They are distinguished by high build quality and long service life. But at the same time, their cost increases in comparison with options from other manufacturers. Another nuance is the difficulty in acquiring spare parts, which, most likely, will have to be bought from an authorized dealer in showrooms. And this again will lead to higher prices

Japanese models of scooters are the "golden mean". They successfully combine good quality and reasonable price. They are reliable and safe, have an attractive appearance. The engine size declared by the manufacturer always corresponds to reality

cheap motorcycle

Chinese - cheap motorcycles. It is the low cost that is the main facts in favor of purchasing these vehicles. Accordingly, the quality is also lower than that of models from other manufacturers. And this, in turn, leads to a low degree of security. With the purchase of spare parts, the question may also arise. Finding them is not always easy

Based on these features of models, buyers often come to the problem of choice. Most often, they choose between a used Japanese and a new Chinese motorcycle (up to 50 cubic meters). But in this matter opinionsdisperse.

Selection Tips

In addition to choosing a manufacturer, there are a few other things to consider when buying motorcycles with a small engine displacement.

motorcycle up to 50 cubic meters

Motorcycle depreciation will affect the quality of movement. Therefore, it is important to consider which roads it will mainly move on. For city streets, it is best to choose models with a telescopic fork. This is the best option for driving on flat streets. If you plan to use a moped predominantly outside the city on dirt roads, then it is better to give preference to a pendulum fork. This variant of motorcycles (50cc) is better for bumps.

Pay attention to the place where the air intake is located. The higher it is, the better. When driving, the filter in these models will “swallow” less road dust. Accordingly, it will need to be changed less often.

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