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Additives for the engine "Suprotek": reviews, types, rules of use

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Additives for the engine "Suprotek": reviews, types, rules of use
Additives for the engine "Suprotek": reviews, types, rules of use

Additives for the Suprotec engine are used as compounds that increase the performance of the power plant. The presented options for auto chemicals do not interact with engine oil and do not change its structure. They have a completely different principle of operation.

What are the options

Additives "Suprotek"
Additives "Suprotek"

The brand offers additives designed for diesel and gasoline power plants. At the same time, differences exist in the mileage of the motor.

For new engines

For gasoline internal combustion engines, the mileage of which does not exceed 50 thousand km, it is best to use Suprotec Active Gasoline. With the help of this additive, it will be possible to avoid sudden breakdowns, reduce the friction of parts against each other, and delay the overhaul of the engine.

Additive components have high cohesive properties. They create a special protective film on the metal surface of the parts, which reduces friction. This increases the amount of oil on the surface. The use of such an additiveallows you to equalize compression, which has a positive effect on reducing fuel consumption. Fuel consumption drops by 8%.

Most engine wear occurs when starting the engine. The oil has not yet had time to be distributed throughout the system, therefore, many parts simply do not receive the necessary protection against friction. This additive for the Suprotec engine retains the oil layer, which reduces wear on the moving units of the power plant. This is especially true at low temperatures.

For used engines

For gasoline internal combustion engines, the mileage of which exceeds 50 thousand km, it is best to use the Suprotec Active Plus Gasoline additive. With the help of this variant of autochemistry, it is possible to improve the removal of oil from the cylinders, which leads to a decrease in waste, smoke and lubricant consumption. In reviews of the Suprotec additive of this type, motorists claim that it is even possible to restore engine power and extend its life. The composition improves the properties of hydraulic lifters, which reduces the load on the most wear parts of the engine.

At the same time, the mixture eliminates oil starvation that occurs when increasing the number of revolutions and increasing speed.

For new diesels

Developed and additives for the engine "Suprotek", designed for diesel power plants. The principle of operation of these mixtures is similar to those described above, but there are some differences.

diesel engine
diesel engine

The fact is that diesel fuel differs from gasoline primarily in the number of compoundssulfur. In the first case, there are much more of them. These substances, when burned, form specific ash. In this case, the Suprotec engine additive contains special molecules that eliminate the risk of soot particles sticking together. As a result, it is possible to maintain the technical characteristics of the engine.

For older diesels

The brand offers auto chemistry options designed for diesel engines with a mileage of more than 50 thousand km. In addition to their protective properties, these additives for the Suprotec engine also differ in detergent characteristics.

The components that make up the additive can destroy the agglomeration of soot and deposits. This increases the power of the power plant, eliminates noise and increased vibration. Experts in reviews of Suprotec additives of this type also note that the compounds help reduce harmful emissions into the environment. Fuel burns out completely.

How to use

Now you need to figure out how to use the presented mixture. The simplest option is as follows.

First you need to start the engine and bring it to operating temperature. This must be done to reduce the viscosity of the lubricant. The advice presented is especially relevant if the Suprotec oil additive is poured in winter. A tip like this will improve the mixing efficiency of the composition.

Then you need to turn off the engine and pour the additive itself through the oil filler hole. Before this, the spray can with the composition must be thoroughly mixed.

Last step -engine break-in. For the best distribution of the additive for the Suprotec engine, it is necessary to drive for about 30 minutes in the usual driving mode. A sharp increase in the number of revolutions is best avoided.

Improve reliability

Oil change process
Oil change process

Experts advise to slightly change the presented algorithm and use other rules for adding Suprotec additives. For the engine, this will only be a plus. First you need to use the recommendations presented above, but after 1 thousand kilometers, you need to change the oil and change the filter. Then a new lubricant is poured into which an additive was added in advance, and they drive until the next oil change. The cycle is repeated twice, after which they proceed to the usual mode of operation.

A little about cost and economy

Pistols at the gas station
Pistols at the gas station

Prices for Suprotec additives on the company's official website start at 1,440 rubles. The cost depends on the type of motor and its mileage. Will such an acquisition be profitable? Yes. Reducing fuel consumption by % allows you to save up to 15 thousand rubles every 40 thousand kilometers.

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