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Replacing tie rods: step by step process

Replacing tie rods: step by step process
Replacing tie rods: step by step process

Steering is what makes a car move. It consists of a steering gear and mechanism. The second of them provides the transmission of forces to the steering gear. The mechanism consists of a crankcase, a steering wheel with a shaft and a steering arm. And the drive includes left, side, right and middle traction, pendulum and rotary levers of the wheels.

Steering rod replacement
Steering rod replacement

Before talking about such a topic as replacing steering rods, it is worth noting that each of them has hinges. They are needed so that the moving parts of the drive can easily rotate relative to the body and each other in different planes.

So, now it is worth touching directly on the topic of “replacement of steering rods”. Firstly, it is imperative to replace the torn boot of the CV joint, in order to prevent water and dirt from entering it. They will quickly disable the CV joint. Also, before the steering rods are replaced, the CV boot must be replaced. This is easy to do without even removing the tip from the rod. Internal bent tie rod ends must be replaced.

So what does a tie rod replacement involve?

1. First you need to slow down the car with a parking brake, and then install stop bars under the wheel building. Then fly outappropriate wheel, support the vehicle and remove it.

2. Then you need to clean the nut that secures the rod to the lever (swivel) and apply WD-40 (you should choose this type) to the threaded connection. This will be required to facilitate the process of turning the tie rod nut.

3. Then the cotter pin of the hinge nut (ball) is removed to the rotary lever.

4. After you need to unscrew the nut of its fastening. It is impossible not to mention the rail. The steering rack layout is very specific. And to remove the rail itself, you need to unscrew the nut and pull out the stopper. After that, the tips and ball bearings of the rods are disconnected. Then the bolts of the front beam and hoses are unscrewed. Only then the rail is already unscrewed.

5. Using a puller, press the ball joint pin out of the pivot arm.

6. Then the mounting bolts must be unscrewed. To do this, you will need to bend the ends of the lock plate with a screwdriver.

Tie rod replacement
Tie rod replacement

7. Then the tightening of all bolts is loosened, after which the fastening bolt is turned away.

8. Then you should turn the connecting plate so that you can disconnect the tie rod itself from the mechanism.

9. After that, you can remove the traction.

10. Then the steering rod is clamped in a vice on the coupling by the hexagon, after which the fastening locknut must be loosened.

11. The tip of the rod must be unscrewed, while counting the number of revolutions performed by it. The resulting figure should be written down. The new tip must be wrapped in the amountrevolutions made by the old one.

12. To replace the boot, you need to remove the O-ring.

13. Then the spring ring is removed, after which it is necessary to remove the boot from the steering tip.

Steering rack diagram
Steering rack diagram

14. After that, you will need to remove the top layer of dirty grease. In the event that dirt gets inside the hinge, it will need to be replaced. After that, a new lubricant is applied. The same lubricant is put into the new boot, after which it is installed on the hinge. To do this, put its edge on the seat located on the hinged body.

15. The o-ring and snap ring are then installed.

16. After that, you need to check whether the rings were installed correctly, as well as how tightly the edges of the cap fit.

17. Then the steering rod is installed on the car in the reverse order of removal. Bolts of fastenings need to be wrapped more tightly. After that, they need to be twisted. Bend the edges of the lock plate for best results.

Tie Rod Replacement Completed!

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