"DAF": car manufacturer country

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"DAF": car manufacturer country
"DAF": car manufacturer country

One of the largest companies in the production of cars, both cars and trucks, is DAF (DAF). The great demand of the concern, for the most part, is due to the fact that the equipment produced is distinguished by the build quality.

daf whose country is the manufacturer
daf whose country is the manufacturer

DAF covers many countries around the world. Flagship factories are located in some regions, while the production of specific parts has been established in others. At the same time, the origins of the company lie in the Netherlands, which is the leading country producing DAF. It is there that the first, oldest plant of this company is located. However, at the beginning of the twentieth century, none of the founders could have guessed what path was prepared for them.

Company History

Who is the manufacturer of "DAF"? The founding country, as already mentioned, is the Netherlands. And it all started in the city of Eidhoven. There was no talk of any production of cars at that time. A small car repair shop was located on the site of the future company. She clung to the brewery whose owner was so delighted with the craftsmanship of the van Doorn brothers in repairing it.car, which not only allocated territory, but also financially helped the future founders of the company.

After only 8 years, in the thirties, the brewery completely passes into the ownership of the brothers Hubert Josef and Bill Anthony Vincent van Doorn. They are remodeling the place. The production of small household structures, in particular car trailers, is being established. Van Doorne's Aanhangwagenfabriek (Van Doorn Brothers' Trailer Factory), which was the name that was subsequently chosen. Abbreviated as DAF, which is still the abbreviation of the company to this day.

daf tractor country manufacturer
daf tractor country manufacturer

After the war, there was a huge need for cars. Manufacturers of "DAF" helped the country, of course. On the wave of demand, the company significantly expanded the scope of its services and, in addition to trailers, developed a car concept. It was a truck, with a motor located under the driver's cab (which would later become a hallmark of the DAF). At the same time, some parts for the first project, including the motor itself, were imported.

Company Development

Even before the war, DAF developed an interesting way to improve trucks. The standard two-axle configuration was replaced by a wheel formula 6 to 4.

Followed by an independent project - MS139, a car for the needs of the army. The transport turned out to be absolutely symmetrical, and the engine was located in the central part of the car.

However, the impetus for the expansion of the company was the creation of its own steam diesel engine, developed in 1956. The novelty was givenname DAF Leyland. Following him, the DAF 44 saw the light, already assembled at the new plant in Born. However, despite close cooperation with other countries, the Netherlands remained the main producing country for DAF trucks.

producing country
producing country

Passenger cars began to be produced only in 1975, but the division was soon bought by Volvo. After another 15 years, the company was separated. DAF Bus broke away from it, which later became part of United Bus, and DAF Trucks, acquired by PACCAR. Despite this, DAF has been actively capturing the market.

History of the first car models

There is not such a long time interval between the horse-drawn carriage and the first DAF car. It took just under forty years for the company's vehicles to launch.

Interestingly, the first car shown at the auto show was not a truck, which the company is famous for now, but a miniature car DAF-600. The microcar had a two-cylinder engine, independent suspension and a power of as much as twenty horsepower. Almost a record for the country. Of course, DAF car manufacturers did not stop there.

Trucks were released later, although their designs were developed back in the forties. The cabover cars DT5 and DT10 had a low carrying capacity by today's standards (five and ten tons, respectively). The front-wheel drive car had an ergonomic cab that included a windshield consisting of four separate elements.

auto daf countrymanufacturer
auto daf countrymanufacturer

After a few years, the base model range expanded by two more units. The power of the machines also increased significantly and amounted to about a hundred horsepower. This was largely due to imported American Hercules and Perkins engines.

The company also occupied the middle segment in terms of carrying capacity, releasing in the 50th year cargo vans of the brand "A10" and pickups ("A107" and "A117"). These models could transport up to one ton of cargo, which was a relative innovation at that time.

Influenced development and military needs. And in this vein, the company was also able to provide a variety of models. The YA054 jeep, the YA126 tactical cargo transport and even the YA328 all-terrain vehicle were designed. Subsequently, these cars will be redrawn for peaceful needs. They will become the basis for the special equipment of rescuers and firefighters.

Leaving the first horse team behind forever, the company took on a new name without changing the abbreviation. DAF now stood for Van Doorne's Automobile Fabriek or "Van Doorne Automobile Factory".

Modern lineup

trucks daf country manufacturer
trucks daf country manufacturer

Today, there are many models of "DAF", the country of origin of which can be almost anywhere in the world. At the same time, each branch of cars has a special code, a symbol consisting of Latin letters and numbers. The former are usually responsible for the series, the latter can indicate not only the generation of cars, but also their carrying capacity.

Main Models

To themrefer to:

  1. LF - vehicles for the delivery of oversized cargo. They have a high carrying capacity and the best maneuverability among the DAF. Despite the size of the vehicles, they are equipped with a highly efficient fuel consumption system.
  2. CF is a subclass intended for technical services. Powerful CF vehicles are a good help to increase the productivity of a given production.
  3. XF - Includes a variety of long haul truck models. They are the perfect choice for comfort.

If you include models produced throughout the history of the company in this list, it can be expanded by more than a dozen points. From compact passenger cars to heavy DAF tractors. Producers around the world have contributed to this diversity.

Where DAF cars are assembled

There are many factories and small production points that are related to DAF in one way or another. All of our products, from small parts to heavy duty trucks, are produced by the tens of thousands at locations around the world. Their range is incredibly wide. The weight of trucks varies from units to tens of tons.

country of manufacture of the car daf
country of manufacture of the car daf

There are four main factories, as well as DAF producing countries:

  1. Eidhoven (Netherlands). One of the first factories of the company responsible for the manufacture of engines and components for them. Includes a press shop and assembly line for the most significant models.
  2. Westerlo (Belgium). This plant produces cabins andaxles, spare parts and components for them.
  3. "Leyland" (Great Britain). Produces LF, CF and XF line vehicles.
  4. "Ponta Rossa" (Brazil). It also specializes in the production of parts and auto parts.

The serial number of each model, by the way, includes a special code, which makes it easy to trace the origin of a particular car. Moreover, the presence of company offices in most major cities around the world allows the concern to refine and improve equipment based on consumer feedback. Thus, every year DAF equipment reduces operating costs, increases efficiency and creates the most comfortable conditions for users.


Cars of the DAF brand, whose country the Netherlands (as well as many others) are considered to be the manufacturer, are rightfully one of the best in their class. Despite the long road that the company had to overcome, it managed to capture a significant segment of the freight transport market. To this day, cars are being improved, their power and carrying capacity are increasing. And all this is not surprising, because even the company's motto is Driven by quality, that is, "Driven by quality".