KAMAZ-5460: specifications, types, photos
KAMAZ-5460: specifications, types, photos

KamAZ is perhaps the most famous domestic plant that produces trucks. These are tractors, dump trucks, tanks and many different modifications based on the chassis. KamAZ vehicles are known to everyone. But among most truck drivers, they are associated with uncomfortable, unreliable trucks that eat tons of diesel. That's how it was in the 90s. In 2003, the Kama plant released a new model, which is designed to replace the KamAZ 54115. This is the KamAZ-5460. Specifications, photos and an overview of the machine - all this can be found in the article.


So, what kind of car is this? KAMAZ-5460 is a Russian 4x2 truck tractor that has been mass-produced since 2003. The machine is produced to this day, but in a slightly different guise (we will talk about this a little later). Also, on the basis of this car, a two-axle tractor was created, which received the index 6460. Itwas created for the transportation of heavier goods (bulk or oversized). In our case, the tractor is designed to transport twenty tons of cargo in combination with a standard three-axle trailer (tarpaulin or refrigerator).


The engineers were not faced with the task of radically changing the design. Therefore, the new KamAZ turned out to be just as rough and square as its predecessor. In front - simple rectangular headlights and a massive bumper with two tow hooks. Below are two pairs of foglights. The same cabin was used on the 6460 double-bridge modification.

5460 63 specifications
5460 63 specifications

Among the main differences of the new KamAZ, it is worth noting the rims. Finally, the factory abandoned the old ones and installed new European-style disks. The wheels on KamAZ are tubeless. And the spare wheel is located below, between the front and rear axles. The cabin is also equipped with a sun visor. The mirrors have also changed. Now there are several of them on the right, which reduces the number of dead zones.

KamAZ new sample

In 2010, the new KAMAZ-5460 was released. At the same time, the old-style tractor is still being produced. This time, the manufacturer paid attention not only to the refinement of technical characteristics. KamAZ-5460 received an updated cab. The reader can see what the new model truck looks like in the photo below.

KAMAZ 5460 63 characteristics
KAMAZ 5460 63 characteristics

This KAMAZ was widely known thanks to the series "Truckers-3". The car received a modern design - crystal headlights, a V-shaped grille, as well asnew color range. This model can be called the progenitor of the new KamAZ 5490.

KAMAZ Euro-2 and corrosion

Now let's talk about the disadvantages. There are a lot of complaints among the owners regarding the quality of the metal. This is especially true for old-style tractors. So, the metal is heavily rusted. Versions made since 2010 are not as prone to corrosion, judging by the reviews. However, when buying a well-maintained truck, you still have to put your hands on it.

If everything is not so bad with corrosion on the new cab, then the headlights quickly turn yellow. Unlike the old 5460, they are plastic. Constant exposure to s alt, sand and ultraviolet light destroys the top layer of plastic. Polishing is only a temporary solution. And changing headlights to new ones is very expensive. Therefore, very often KamAZ trucks with a new cab drive with cloudy headlights.

Dimensions, clearance

The total length of a KamAZ truck tractor is 6.25 meters. Width and height - 2.5 and 3.54 meters, respectively. The wheelbase is 3.95 meters. The saddle height can vary from 1150 to 1200 millimeters. Despite the smaller wheels, the car has a good ground clearance - 25 centimeters. With such ground clearance, you can easily move on roads without asph alt pavement.

Of course, we are not talking about off-road. This tractor was created for other purposes. However, he will be able to get to a remote suburban warehouse along a broken road or a snow rut. Moreover, there is a differential lock.

Weight, load capacity

According to passport data,the curb weight of the tractor is 7.35 tons. The maximum load on the saddle is 8.7 tons. Permissible total weight of the tractor is 16 tons. At the same time, the machine is capable of towing a semi-trailer with a mass of up to 33 tons.

kamaz 5460
kamaz 5460


So, let's move inside the Russian truck. The cabin on the old KamAZ trucks did not differ in spaciousness. But with the release of the 5460, the situation has changed. Of course, inside it did not become as comfortable as in the Volvo FN, but the space increased significantly. First of all, it is worth noting the height of the ceilings. Now on top there are small niches and shelves for things and documents. Also in the cab there is a second sleeping bunk.

If necessary, it can be folded in half. The steering wheel is two-spoke, without buttons. Unfortunately, the updated KamAZ has not lost its "grandfather's" disease - the infernal play of the steering wheel. Even on new tractors, drivers have to catch the road. Door cards are the simplest. There is a small armrest and a manual window handle. There is no armrest on the seat itself.

KAMAZ 5460 63 specifications
KAMAZ 5460 63 specifications

Now for the downsides. The release of KamAZ 5460 Euro-2 is a huge step forward for the Kama Automobile Plant. But the car is still not without "jambs". The cabin is not airtight and sometimes there is a draft in the cabin. The seat has poor lateral and, which is important for a truck driver, lumbar support. Behind the wheel, fatigue comes very quickly. There are no normal pillows for cushioning the cabin. She lies almost dead on the frame.

Therefore, the driver feels every bump with his back. Another drawback is the lack of regular autonomy. The owners have to install Planar or Webasto on their own in order to be able to work in the winter. The stock stove doesn't heat well. Most of the heat simply escapes through the cracks in the cabin.

Specifications KAMAZ-5460-63

Now let's talk about the technical characteristics. The motors on these trucks were different. It all depends on what year the car is. If we talk about the "pre-reform" tractor, it was equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder internal combustion engine KamAZ 740.63. Unlike previous engines, this engine received a Common Rail injection system. Also, the unit is distinguished by the presence of a turbine. The maximum power of the V-shaped engine is 400 horsepower. The working volume is 11.76 liters. Note that the internal combustion engine has a good supply of torque. Its value is 1764 Nm.

KAMAZ 5460 63 technical
KAMAZ 5460 63 technical

What are the technical characteristics of the new KamAZ-5460, which has been produced since 2010? These cars are powered by Cummins engines. In more detail, these are 400 horsepower ISF series motors. The working volume of the internal combustion engine is 8.9 liters. The number of cylinders is less - 6. The new in-line engine has become more economical without losing its technical characteristics. KamAZ-5460 consumes about 35 liters of fuel. With an eight-cylinder internal combustion engine, the situation was more sad. For 100 kilometers, this engine required up to 43 liters.

Of the shortcomings of the new engines, it is worth noting the sensitive fuel system and oil consumption. If on timedo not change the filter and miscalculate the level, you can sentence the fuel and lose the turbine.


The gearbox hasn't changed since release. This is a 16 speed manual transmission developed by ZF. Gearboxes of the same brand are also installed on the new KamAZ 5490. Clutch - "Sax". Reviews about the box are positive. After 5-8 years, the transmission works just as well - the gears engage without crunches, and the wings do not “walk”.

KAMAZ 5460 characteristics
KAMAZ 5460 characteristics


The wheel formula of the car is 4x2. Front and rear KamAZ used dependent suspension. Brakes - full drum. Steering - gearbox with hydraulic booster. Among the positive aspects, it is worth noting that since 2010 the plant began to produce KamAZ trucks with a reinforced frame. But the design of the balancers and the rear axle has not changed since the 90s.


Now let's talk about prices. The cost of a truck tractor with an old cab is about one million rubles. If we talk about a new model KamAZ, this year it can be bought at a price of four million rubles.

Note that the basic package includes a 500-liter tank, tubeless tires R22, 5 and two batteries with a total capacity of 380 Ah.

KAMAZ in computer games

Because this truck was featured in the TV series "Truckers", it has become very popular among gamers.

Kamaz 63 specifications
Kamaz 63 specifications

This model is much loved by gamers. So, there are many mods for KamAZ-6460 in the Euro Truck game. Simulator of the first and second parts. You can often find KamAZ-5460 mod for Euro Truck Simulator on thematic sites. This mod is free. Everyone can download KamAZ-5460 for Euro Truck Simulator and feel like driving the very same Sanka and Ivanych truck. The mod also has an original interior with working animation.


So, we have considered what characteristics KamAZ-5460 has. Unfortunately, this car is already technically outdated and it is gradually but surely being replaced by the newer KamAZ-5490. Usually 5460 is purchased for local transportation, because for long distances there are many more comfortable and reliable cars.