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Universal compact off-road truck UAZ 390994

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Universal compact off-road truck UAZ 390994
Universal compact off-road truck UAZ 390994

UAZ-390994 is a compact truck with improved cross-country ability, which has been produced at the Ulyanovsk plant since 1997. We will consider its technical characteristics later in the article.

Compact cargo SUV UAZ-390994

A feature of this car is the presence of a double cab and a cargo platform. This design allows you to simultaneously transport 5 people and cargo weighing up to 1.1 tons. For this feature, according to the factory classification, UAZ-390994 received the designation "Farmer", and the owners nicknamed "Tadpole".

The car gained popularity with the presence of the following features:

  • affordable cost;
  • versatility;
  • repairability;
  • patency.

Given the stability of demand for the truck, in 2016 the manufacturer carried out an update or, as they say now, a restyling of the model, which includes the following main changes:

  1. New dashboard.
  2. Steering wheel paddle shifters.
  3. Improved noise isolation and vibration isolation.
  4. Newly designed adjustable seats.
  5. Productive heater forsalon.


The appearance of the UAZ-390994 cannot be called outstanding, but thanks to its cabin it is quite recognizable and memorable. Since the main purpose of the truck is the transportation of people and goods in off-road conditions, the car received a cabover version of the cab arrangement. This solution provides a more efficient use of the dimensions of the vehicle. In addition, this arrangement allows the driver to increase visibility and control confidently due to the high seating position, which is very important in rough terrain and off-road conditions.

390994 UAZ

The absence of complex multi-stage stamped elements in the cab design simplifies implementation in case of self-repair. This also explains the use of traditional round headlights and a simple front bumper. The simplified appearance emphasizes the specific purpose of the off-road utility vehicle.


The interior of the UAZ-390994 is made quite on a budget, in soothing colors, but at the same time applied:

  • quality fabric materials;
  • plastic;
  • durable felt cover.

The almost rectangular speedometer located in the center of the front console with built-in status indicators of the main components and systems of the car looks unusual. The control levers of the mechanical four-wheel drive transmission are located conveniently for the driver.

Comfort in the cabin is formed by seats with headrests, bright interior lighting. Second row deviceseats allows you to organize, if necessary, two beds. A powerful heater ensures a comfortable temperature in the cabin, which is very important when operating in winter conditions.

UAZ 390994 specifications

Technical equipment

The truck is equipped with a gasoline engine with the following parameters:

  • volume - 2, 7 l;
  • power - 112 hp p.;
  • fuel consumption - 12.5 liters (at 80 km/h).

The all-wheel drive transmission uses a five-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case that allows you to disengage the front axle.

The specifications of the UAZ-390994 are as follows:

  • length - 4.85 m;
  • height - 2.36 m;
  • width - 1.99m;
  • clearance - 20.5 cm;
  • wheelbase - 2.55 m;
  • gross weight - 3.07 t.

Among the equipment that the off-road vehicle is equipped with, it should be noted:

  • power steering;
  • heated front seats;
  • platform awning.

As options, the manufacturer offers:

  • window tinting;
  • installation of LED optics;
  • installation of a power cage;
  • mounting the saloon hatch.
utility vehicle

It is necessary to purchase a new UAZ-390994 in the showroom of an authorized dealer. This will allow you to get a guarantee for the car and the right to post-warranty service. In addition, it is possible to purchase a truck at a lower price due tospecial leasing programs or credit promotions.

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