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IZH-2715: specifications, description, modifications

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IZH-2715: specifications, description, modifications
IZH-2715: specifications, description, modifications

"Moskvich" IZH-2715 - aka "shoe", "heel" or "pie". This model received such nicknames among the people. And if the first two names "stuck" to the car due to some similarity in appearance with elements of shoes, then the second was purchased because the car was perfect for delivering small batches of bakery products to retail outlets.

IZH-2715 specifications

The history of the appearance of the car

The history of the creation of IZH-2715 began with a real auto legend of the USSR, namely the model "Moskvich-434" (van), produced at AZLK since 1968. This car, in fact, was a cargo-passenger version of the Moskvich-412 and could carry 400 kg of luggage in addition to two people.

Izhevsk Automobile Plant released its own version of this car, under the marking "Moskvich" IZH-434, which differed from the Moscow counterpart only in the front design, emblem and lower quality trim. Very few of them were produced, so today this car is a rarity.

In 1972, IZH released onthe base of the same 412th cargo-passenger model - IZH-2715. The new car, thanks to a spacious luggage compartment and ease of maintenance, became the most popular light working car of those times.

By the way, the volume of the body was the main reason for creating this model. Since in the 434th, despite the rather good carrying capacity, the working body could not boast of spaciousness.

Description of the machine

All cars that left the assembly line before 1982 are usually referred to as the first generation. It was possible to distinguish them from subsequent models by the radiator grille inherited from Moscow cars, the presence of corner vents in the door windows, as well as protruding door handles.

Starting from 1982, the production of the second generation of Moskvich was launched, already with a new radiator grille developed directly in Izhevsk, modern door handles (recessed), as well as windows without vents. In addition, the car received a new hood.

As for the body, the plant produced two basic modifications: IZH-2115, which was a van with two vertical rear doors, and IZH-2715 pickup truck - it had no roof over the cargo part, and the back door was located horizontally and opened from top to bottom.

Auto legends of the USSR

Two separate seats were installed in the cab of the new car. The driver's seat can be adjusted in terms of distance from the steering wheel and height, as well as backrest tilt. A spare wheel was located behind the reclining passenger seat.

SpecificationsIZH-2715 on the same model could differ, since the cars were equipped with two different engine modifications: UZAM-412E - 75 hp. With. or weaker UZAM-412DE - 67 liters. With. Moreover, despite the difference in power, the volume of the engines is the same - 1487 liters. But the fact was that the weak UZAM-412 DE worked on cheaper gasoline A-76.

IZH-2715 - specifications

  • Engine: in-line, four-cylinder, power - 67 liters. s.
  • Gearbox - four-speed mechanics.
  • Developed speed - 125 km / h.
  • The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is - 19 s.
  • Average consumption of gasoline (A-76) - 8.5 liters.
  • Fuel tank volume - 46 l.
  • Dimensions - 4130 x 1590 x 1825.
  • Ground clearance (clearance) - 193 mm.
  • Wheel track: rear - 1370 mm, front - 1390 mm.
  • Base - 2400 mm.
  • The internal volume of the cargo van is 1600 liters.
  • Capacity - 400 kg.
  • The weight of the machine in running order is 1015 kg.
  • Car weight (full) - 1615 kg.

Technical characteristics of IZH-2715 with 75 hp engine. With. generally the same as above. The difference lies in the fact that AI-93 gasoline was used to power the engine, the maximum speed was 115 km / h, and the fuel consumption was 9-11 liters per hundred kilometers. And the mass of a car with such an engine is 85 kg more than a weak analogue. But at the same time, the carrying capacity of the car increased by 100 kg.

Pie Modifications

In addition to the basic models IZH-2715 invan body, and IZH-27151 - a pickup truck, produced until 1982, the car factory produced:

  • IZH-2715-01 is an all-metal van with an updated, original appearance.
  • IZH-27151-01 is a pickup truck with the same exterior upgrades as the van.
  • IZH-27156 is a cargo-passenger model designed to carry six people. To do this, two folding double benches, fixed on the sides, were provided in the cargo compartment.
  • Moskvich IZH-2715

In all modifications of IZH-2715, the technical characteristics remained unchanged.

Export version of the "heel"

The Izhevsk "heel" has also found its use abroad, however, only in the "pickup" version. This car was marked IZH-27151 Elite PickUp and was produced from 1982-1997

IZH-2715 pickup

The main difference from the basic version was the increased length of the loading platform and square headlights, the same as those installed on the first IZH models. At the same time, the turn signals and dimensions remained the same, that is, from the latest releases of IZH. Everything else, including technical specifications, has not been changed.

To be honest, this car, despite being an export model, is clearly underdeveloped. The fact is that the cargo platform, of course, was lengthened, but the rear wheel axle remained in the same place, and this, if heavy luggage was shifted to the rear of the body, or overloaded, created problems for control: the front of the car was lifted above the road.

Still orders forthe supply of such a "Moskvich" came, and first of all from Latin America, and a little later from Finland.

It is known that similar cars, but already in the form of glazed vans, were produced on IZH, for domestic needs. In total, 10 copies left the assembly line, and this ended the experiment, again due to the same control problem during overload that was observed in the "pickup".

The Moskvich IZH-2715 line was discontinued in 1997. And from the moment the production began until it stopped, 2317793 copies came out of the gates of the factory - a rather impressive figure and confirms the popularity of this model. And this means that the "heeled pie" can be written down in the auto legends of the USSR.

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