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Suzuki Bandit 400 - briefly about the main

Suzuki Bandit 400 - briefly about the main
Suzuki Bandit 400 - briefly about the main

Motorcycle Suzuki Bandit 400 is the ancestor of streetfighters (street fighters, hooligans) with the original and speaking name Bandit. Today, more and more young people choose Bandit as their "iron horse". But what makes it so attractive and desirable? First of all, not only the external design of the bike, but also the low price category. The marketing policy of the manufacturer deserves special attention. An excellent publicity stunt had a significant impact on sales of the Suzuki Bandit 400.

suzuki bandit 400

Modernization and promotion of the Suzuki Bandit over time turned this bike model into a world legend and even a bestseller. Suzuki's Bandit GSF motorcycle series is one such masterpiece.

The year of birth of the Suzuki Bandit 400 is considered to be the eighty-ninth, when the bike was equipped with a four-cylinder water-cooled engine. Aggressive and somewhat defiant appearance improved every year, thereby fueling even greater public interest. Nimble, light and agile, the Suzuki Bandit 400 is a true street fighter. In the same year, the Bandit was restyled, enriching the color scheme of the bike, adding decorated elements.

90s welcomed the Gang with a Limited modification and an incredible Cafe Racer style fairing. And if at this stage the motorcycle did not experience serious technical interventions, then already in the ninety-first year it faced a thorough modernization and already had “two engines”.

motorcycle suzuki bandit

In addition to the general improvement and renewal of the motorcycle, significant changes have also taken place on the economic side. The Suzuki Bandit motorcycle began to conquer the European market with its "explosive" character.

The ninety-fifth year was a kind of rebirth for the Bandit, a new era. In the Suzuki family, the 250 cc Bandit did not show any innovations and changes, but the 400 "cubes" were modernized. For the American and European markets, a new version of the Bandit model 600 was released. Quite successfully, the street "hooligan" was met by lovers of high-speed motorcycles and admirers of an aggressive, defiant style.

However, the appearance of the most "gangster" fighter came in the ninety-sixth year, when Suzuki gave the world the GSF 1200 model. The new hooligan bike made a splash in the motorcycle world!

Ninety-seventh year, Suzuki set aside for a large-scale modernization of the entire Bandit family. The 400cc Bandit received a final facelift with 'mini-bikini' style fairings.

photo of suzuki bandit

600-cc version passed with dignity all stages of the consumer market without significant innovations and changes.

To the newMillennium model GSF 1200 came in without transformation, but the 600cc Bandit of 2000 was hard to recognize! A larger tank, an electronic version of the motorcycle dashboard, an improved design, new suspensions, a modified chassis geometry - all this simply captivated at first sight!

2005 gave Suzuki the GSF 650 to the world. Even in the photo, the Suzuki Bandit looks like an aggressive hooligan eager to fight. This is a legendary motorcycle that has become simply a cult due to its fans and true connoisseurs of its rebellious character.

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