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Note to the motorist: powder and acrylic painting of the disc

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Note to the motorist: powder and acrylic painting of the disc
Note to the motorist: powder and acrylic painting of the disc

Painting auto wheels is an element of restyling, which some drivers resort to from time to time. The reasons may lie in the need to restore the appearance after straightening, or in a simple desire to refresh the appearance of the car. Disk painting can be done in various ways. In doing so, it will require compliance with a certain procedure. Knowledge of the basics of the technological process will be useful to those drivers who decide to do the staining on their own.

disc painting

Painting methods

Usually this procedure is performed in one of two main ways:

  • powder paint technology;
  • technology using acrylic paints.

In the first case, the powder coloring composition is applied to the disc surface using special equipment. Then the product is kept for some time in an oven in which the temperature is set to about two hundred degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, the coloring matter melts and coverssurface in an even layer. Finally, a protective layer of varnish is applied. Painting a disc in this way is a complex technological process. Therefore, it is carried out exclusively in

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industrial environment. The new coating is characterized by good resistance to environmental influences. However, I must say that this procedure will cost the motorist a decent amount. If the driver plans to save money and do the painting on his own, then he should resort to the second method.

Preparation for acrylic painting

This method provides a wide range of colors. After all, the choice of acrylic paints is much richer than powder ones. In addition, this method does not require the use of complex technologies. It will not lead to large financial costs, like powder coating of discs, the price of which can vary from 5 to 15 thousand rubles per set. The owner needs to think in advance where the staining will be done, as well as prepare a room for drying. The fact is that it is impossible to dry the product near the battery, with a special hairdryer or in direct sunlight. This will lead to uneven compaction of the layers. Therefore, drying should be carried out in a room with good ventilation at a temperature of 10-15 ºС. In addition to paint, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • primer;
  • solvent;
  • sandpaper;
  • painting tape;
  • clear varnish from the same manufacturer as the paint;
  • abrasives for polishing;
  • drill with nozzlefor sanding and deburring (can be replaced with a metal bristle brush).

Procedure of actions

It is better if the disc is painted using an industrial spray gun. However, spray paint can also be used. First of all, you should thoroughly clean the surface

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disk. The metal is freed from the old coating, corrosion and minor scratches. Then it is degreased with a solvent and a primer layer is applied. After drying, the primer is applied again. In addition, each layer should be treated with fine sandpaper to obtain a perfectly even coating. The next step is to paint the disc. It is also carried out in several layers. The dried surface is covered with a colorless varnish to obtain greater strength and gloss. After a week of drying, the discs can be polished with special abrasive products.

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