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Scooter Honda Silver Wing 600

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Scooter Honda Silver Wing 600
Scooter Honda Silver Wing 600

There are types of scooters classified as "maxi". In fact, they are full-fledged motorcycles with an unusual design. As for the Silver Wing 600 from Japan's leading motorcycle manufacturer, its inherent performance and comfort level for both passenger and driver is capable of surpassing most cruisers known today.

The first appearance of the Honda Silver Wing 600 on the world motor market took place in 2000. Its release by Honda Corporation was a kind of response to the leadership in this niche of the maxi-scooter from Yamaha - T-Max. Thus, the two models became competitors in this category.


The name of the Honda Silver Wing 600 reflects the power of the maxi scooter. It has a 600 cc engine3, four-stroke and two-cylinder, with a capacity of 50 hp. With. These characteristics allow you to accelerate the maxi-scooter up to 162 km / h. An electric motor (electric starter) is used as a starting mechanism.

Model Honda Silver Wings 600
Model Honda Silver Wings 600

The fuel tank has a volume of 18.4 liters. The volume of the oil tank is 2.6 liters. brakethe system is disc-shaped. The load capacity of the engine is 182 kg, while the maxi scooter itself weighs 247 kg. The length of the Honda Silver Wing 600 is 227 cm, while the width and height are 77 and 143 cm, respectively. Ease of handling is ensured by a rigid frame and high-quality suspension. Compact dimensions make it easy to maneuver in dense city traffic.

Maxi scooter benefits

Throughout the design of this machine, continuity with touring motorcycles is visible. So, the Honda Silver Wing 600 has large luggage capacities, there is a tank with a capacity of 55 liters under the saddle. There are also two small front drawers: on the right - a glove box, on the left - a 1-liter plastic bottle will fit, this box is locked with a key. In addition, the benefits include:

  • Presentable appearance. The designers did a good job and created an attractive looking model.
  • In addition to the appearance, the scooter has a high level of ergonomics. Thus, the windshield provides comfort to the driver and passenger.
  • The volume of the trunk allows you not to carry an overly roomy backpack or travel bag.
  • The suspension combined with the braking system makes the scooter easy to handle.
  • Affordable price point Honda Silver Wing 600.
  • Perfectly readable dashboards. All indicators are recessed into the "wells", which allows you to see the readings quite well even in sunny weather.
  • Comfortable landing is provided by a high steering wheel and footrests. The backrest for the driver is able to move forward andback to create more convenience.

Disadvantages of a maxi scooter

honda silver wing 600 abs
honda silver wing 600 abs

Besides the advantages, the model also has minor disadvantages:

  • The combination of large mass and small wheel radius limits the off-road capability of the maxi scooter.
  • Technical characteristics and parameters of the car make overtaking maneuvers difficult. The maxi-scooter is also heavy when accelerating. But it is worth considering that it was still created for city traffic.

Honda Silver Wings Maxi Scooter ABS

This version of the maxi scooter was released in 2007. The trump card of the Honda Silver Wing ABS 600 was the ABS anti-lock safety system. Also, the Honda maxi-scooter engine is inherently economical: on one liter it is able to travel a distance of just over 27 kilometers.

Honda Silver Wings GT Maxi Scooter

This model appeared in 2008. The new engine fitted to the Honda Silver Wing GT 600 delivers more power at higher RPMs. This version of the maxi-scooter makes it easier to overcome the slopes due to the installation of a new system that provides T-Mode. The model managed to achieve more economical fuel consumption.

honda silver wing 600 gt
honda silver wing 600 gt

The shifted center of gravity allowed for a more aggressive design, giving the model a more expensive look. The dashboard is well-designed: everything is at an optimal viewing angle, the data is well read while driving. This model is available in salons in threecolor options.

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