Suv "Renault Duster": weight, specifications, price

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Suv "Renault Duster": weight, specifications, price
Suv "Renault Duster": weight, specifications, price

One of the most popular cars in 2018 is Renault. During this time, more than 110,000 new cars were sold. Due to such popularity of the brand in the car market, it ranks fourth in the top brands in the Russian Federation. The price for the new Renault Duster starts from 700,000 rubles.


The equipment of the new Renault Duster allows the SUV to easily overcome any obstacles. This model is no worse than its predecessors, has a fairly good ground clearance - 210 mm, significant viewing angles for active overcoming obstacles, short overhangs, high-quality protection of knots and wide wheel arches.

Renault Duster
Renault Duster

Thanks to the all-wheel drive system "Duster" has the ability to easily navigate off-road, not to mention the usual potholes and pits. With three control modes, you can forget about the feeling of discomfort and irritation during trips of various distances.

All-wheel drive models of the Renault Duster series are not equipped withonly MKP6, but also automatic transmission, which is adjusted to the conditions of Russian roads. They are ideally suited for off-road riding thanks to an easy start on any type of surface.

Due to the high ground clearance, the car has the ability to overcome any obstacles, as well as the mass of the Renault Duster, which has an optimal ratio with its size (from 1,190 to 1,400 kg).

Unique Renault Duster
Unique Renault Duster

It is worth noting the reliability of the already proven suspension of this model. Thanks to its good and solid construction, it has off-road capabilities, which makes it easier to drive on difficult roads.

Modern technologies

The equipment for this brand of machine was specially designed for the market needs of Russia. With the latest remote engine start systems, heated windshield and one of the most popular and sought after systems in the multimedia industry, this brand is one of the leading.

It is worth dwelling on this in more detail. With the help of a specially designed remote engine start system, it is possible to safely warm it up long before the start of the trip. It is convenient to constantly regulate the air temperature in the cabin for comfortable trips at any time of the year under various weather conditions - be it summer heat or winter cold. Using the button located on the car key, the engine starts, then automatically turns off after 10 minutes. If absolutely necessary, this motor operation parameter can be increased to 20minutes by pressing the button again.

If the car detects movements or door openings, the security system will instantly work and turn off the engine, thus protecting the vehicle from theft.

Renault Duster clearance
Renault Duster clearance

A trip to history

This model was developed and presented to motorists in 2009 in Guiancourt. The name "Duster" was given to the car for a reason, because in English it sounds like "duster", which perfectly emphasizes its main task - off-road driving.

Mass and external parameters

The mass of "Renault-Duster" varies from 1190 to 1400 kg depending on the configuration. Dimensions have parameters (L-W-H): 4315 x 1822 x 1625 mm. The car is a standard representative of the SUV category.

The mass of "Renault-Duster" is ideally combined with the dimensions of the car. This allows it to be as stable in off-road conditions as possible.

The mass of Renault-Duster of the Russian model differs from European cars in a big way. This is due to a change in the grille and interior. In addition, a high-capacity battery, a 5-liter washer tank, and additional underbody protection are installed in the car.

New Renault Duster
New Renault Duster

Designers have created eight colors for this body model:

  • black;
  • white ice (main);
  • blue;
  • red;
  • gray;
  • brown;
  • blue (electric);
  • bas alt.

The interior of the car is quite practical and inexpensive, as, in principle, the car itself for its class. Based on surveys of the Russian population, it was decided to leave the interior in dark colors for practicality, chrome trim was added for air ducts, parts of the steering wheel and instrument panel.


Undoubtedly, all the innovations benefited "Duster". This model is equipped with the latest technology, easy to use. The SUV is a complete option for use and has a fairly reasonable price, thanks to economical design and equipment.