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KAMAZ 5511 - a historical figure

KAMAZ 5511 - a historical figure
KAMAZ 5511 - a historical figure

KAMAZ 5511 can be considered a kind of symbol of an entire era. Having started its journey back in 1977 of the last century (the release continued until 1990), this car continues to be used in modern times. Then he was replaced by other, improved models.

Kamaz 5511

True, due to technological and obsolescence, this truck is bought or continues to be operated mainly by private individuals doing business. Still, the years take their toll.

KamAZ 5511 has a pretty good load capacity - ten tons. At the same time, a powerful diesel engine produces a good figure of 210 hp. Of course, there are no turbines and other options now familiar to it.

But there is a very good gearbox, which even now, years later, is successfully doing its job. It has either five or ten gears, depending on the modification.

The rear two axles also effectively help the machine to move through various difficult sections of the road. For example, KamAZ 5511, being fully loaded, feels confident in mud, sand or dirt road.

KAMAZ 5511 specifications

It does not present any particular difficulties for him and is heavily crossedterrain - the car perfectly jumps over bumps or rides through arable land. The only drawback is the excessive "jumping" of the machine. Again, how much technology has stepped forward.

Modern trucks have an air-suspended cab, sometimes the front suspension also rests on "pillows".

KAMAZ 5511 did not install such excesses. It shakes, and quite strongly. All road irregularities are transmitted through rigidly fixed leaf springs to the frame. From there, the impact force from the road passes to the cab. True, the designers took care of the he alth of the driver, providing a special system to mitigate the consequences of such jumps. In other words, the driver's seat is also sprung. But it’s normal to sit in it on the go only if the parts haven’t failed over the years of the car’s service or don’t hold on to the last of their strength.

Despite this shortcoming, drivers love KamAZ 5511. Specifications more than meet the needs of builders in inexpensive, reliable cars. The maintainability of the truck and the reliability of the components more than cover the inconvenience of driving.

True, his appetites are also rather big. But the consumption is individual, as it depends on the technical condition of each particular KamAZ 5511.

kamaz 5511 price

As experienced people say, who at one time tinkered a lot with KamAZ 5511, the price for it at the present time fluctuates around three hundred to four hundred thousand Russian rubles. It varies depending on the region and the technical condition of the car.

Histhey advise to buy for those young people who want to try themselves in independent swimming, in entrepreneurial activity. Inexpensive, powerful - what you need for the first time. When something breaks in it, this is a great opportunity to expand your horizons.

And there is no irony here. The old "grandfather" KamAZ 5511 brought up more than one generation of drivers. It's time to embrace the new, young growth…

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