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Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a deadpan intruder

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Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a deadpan intruder
Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a deadpan intruder

Suzuki Boulevard C50 is known in a narrow circle as the Intruder C800. The model appeared as a result of the merger of several lines: Marauder, Intruder and Desperado. "Boulevard C50" has much in common with the VL 800 Intruder Volusia and is in fact a logical continuation of it, more advanced and modern.

suzuki boulevard

Suzuki Boulevard C50: model description

At its core, this is a medium-sized cruiser, which is a typical representative of its class. A distinctive feature of this bike is the impressive weight and mass, the original retro-style body kit, as well as the abundance of chrome parts and a more comfortable fit.

"Bulik" has become a strong "average" in absolutely all respects. The motorcycle is popular with both beginners and more experienced bikers. Since the release of the first Suzuki Boulevard C50, the model has not undergone any significant changes. There is, however, the C90T model, which differs in installed panniers and a windshield - in all other respects it is similar to the C50.

V-shapedthe engine allows you to develop a sufficiently high speed, for which the "bulik" was nicknamed the "imperturbable intruder".

suzuki boulevard c50 specifications

Suzuki Boulevard C50 Specifications

First of all, you should pay attention to the gearbox. Switching is soft. If you pick up the speed (a tachometer is not at all necessary here - you can orient yourself by sound and vibrations), the gears switch smoothly, without jerks. There are only 5 of them. It is worth saying that the more experienced and hot owners of the Suzuki Boulevard C50 note the lack of sixth gear. The five-speed gearbox is quite comfortable and easy to use. Contrary to popular belief, neutral is found very quickly and easily.

The engine does not have a pronounced "pulsation" and vibration at idle. A low-speed 800-liter engine barely holds 50 "horses" in itself.

Soft and comfortable suspension combined with a wide seat make it easy to overcome hundreds of kilometers. However, the fifth point of the roughness of the road is felt in full.

suzuki boulevard c50

Look & Design

Classic bike design with a moderate amount of chrome detailing, as well as spoked rims, fenders and a polished tank.

In the city, the motorcycle behaves quite confidently, easily maneuvering between other road users. By the way, it is unlikely that you will be able to escape from the traffic jam - the large dimensions of the Boulevard will not allow you to do this.

Your motorcycle potentialreveals on the track - here you can fully feel the power and purposefulness of the unit. The motorcycle quickly picks up speed, the gears are switched quite easily and calmly. Suzuki Boulevard easily accelerates to 160-170 kilometers, but this speed brings little pleasure due to the lack of a windshield.

The bike is lightweight, which favorably affects its maneuverability and handling.

suzuki boulevard c50 specifications

An imposing cruiser is a great solution for the city

It has already been said that the Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a solid mid-ranger that is perfect for both the novice and the experienced pilot. The motorcycle behaves well in the city and feels just as confident on a spacious track. Light weight and excellent technical characteristics - all this refers to the positive features of the bike. Other benefits of Bulik include:

  1. Competent balance in all respects.
  2. Low fuel consumption with quiet driving.
  3. Comfortable seat for pilot and number two.
  4. Excellent headwind protection provided the model is equipped with a windshield.
  5. Good traction even from low rpm.

With all due respect to the "Japanese", it is impossible not to notice some of the nuances that from time to time will darken the life of a motorcycle owner:

  1. Timing chains require regular attention.
  2. The brake system - it deserves not just attention, but carefulrevisions.
  3. Insufficient dynamics for maneuvers on the track.

Despite the last 3 points, "Boulevard" always remains the subject of increased attention. This is largely due to the impressive design and confident growl that the powerful engine emits. Like it or not, this imposing cruiser will remain in the hearts of experienced bikers for a long time.

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