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Car market "Zhdanovichi" in Minsk: information, location and directions

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Car market "Zhdanovichi" in Minsk: information, location and directions
Car market "Zhdanovichi" in Minsk: information, location and directions

The car market "Zhdanovichi" is the largest outlet where used cars are sold. Recently, a lot of cars have appeared on it, which are imported from Europe and do not have a run on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The price of cars is an order of magnitude lower than in online ads. The technical condition is different. Several cars are sold here every day.


The car market "Zhdanovichi" every year "gets younger". There are few cars over 15 years old. But there are practically no new cars either. Increasingly, there are copies on the market brought from Europe and not having a run in Belarus. They look very attractive and have a reasonable price. From the outside, it seems that the market has a “face control”: there is no place for old rusty car models.

car market zhanovichi minsk

There are more cars in the car market from 2000-2015. Their prices are different. It all depends on the condition of the car. Are in great demandcars that cost between $4,000 and $7,000.

The car market "Zhdanovichi" in Minsk has a large multi-level parking. It used to be paid. But now it's free to enter. You can park there, leaving the car for a while.

Entry to the trading floor on your car is paid. Weekend rentals are cheaper than weekdays.

Product range

The Zhdanovichi car market includes not only a trading platform for the sale of used vehicles. On its territory there is an open market for automotive parts, where a wide range of goods is presented: both new and used.

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Here they sell auto glass, tires, oils, car accessories, spare parts for foreign cars. Indoors, in the traffic police building, there are trade pavilions that sell new spare parts and accessories. It occupies a closed bazaar on the 3rd floor of the traffic police building. Car owners can easily find the necessary part for their car here. The range of goods is wide and varied. Prices for spare parts vary depending on the brand and country of manufacture. Here you can find cheaper options and get the highest quality parts.

The car market of Belarus "Zhdanovichi", in addition to retail space (open and closed), contains small service stations on its territory. Having bought the necessary spare parts, you can immediately install them on the car without leaving the market. At the service station in Zhdanovichi, they change oils, auto glass, refuel air conditioners, diagnose a car and its smallrepair. Here you can use the services of tire fitting.

How to get there?

It is not difficult for Minsk residents and guests of the capital to get to the car market "Zhdanovichi" (Minsk). It has a convenient location - it is located next to the Minsk ring road. A large trading platform is located at the address: Minsk, Timiryazeva street, 123, building 1.

car market zhdnovichi in minsk

You can get here by public transport. Buses No. 49 and 130 follow from the Grushevka metro station to the market. You need to take them to the Zhdanovichi car market stop.

From the center of the capital - the hotel "Minsk" - minibuses No. 1053, 1097 go to the car market.

The marketplace for the sale of cars in "Zhdanovichi" is open daily, except Monday. On Saturday, the market opens at 06:00 am, on Thursday and Sunday it is open from 07:00 am, and on Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 08:00 am.

Customer Reviews

A large car market has mixed reviews. To many, it is presented as an exhibition of popular models of cars that modern Belarusians drive. Budget models in the region of $5,000 are in the greatest demand here.

Buyers note that many resellers have appeared at Zhdanovichi. These are individual entrepreneurs who buy cars cheaper, and after a small repair they resell them for more.

car market of belarus zhdnovichi

If you look closely, you can find a suitable car model on the market. There is a choice here. The cars of the trading platform have a more dignified appearance than in private ones.Internet ads. Sellers keep them clean and try to sell more profitably, skillfully masking technical problems. When you look at the car, it seems that there really are no questions about it. As buyers say: "sit down and go." But it is worth driving a few kilometers on a newly acquired car, as all its problems begin to “crawl out”. But this is obvious. The used car is being sold because it has some problems and needs to be repaired. You should always be ready for this.

Zhdanovichi car market, despite various rumors, continues to exist, offering customers a new range of cars. There is a choice on the market, it’s worth going there: you can often find decent cars in good technical condition here.

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