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Yamaha FZ6 - specifications, owner reviews

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Yamaha FZ6 - specifications, owner reviews
Yamaha FZ6 - specifications, owner reviews

In our modern world, we are used to everything that surrounds us. Because of this, we often do not notice those elements that are borrowed from nature. Yamaha FZ6 is one such example.

Yamaha FZ6


How did this model come about? Due to the severe environmental restrictions of Euro-2 that came into force in 2003, all global motorcycle manufacturers revised their model lines. The 600 cc motorcycle of the well-known Yamaha concern was no exception. The Yamaha FZ6 is a bike that was developed on the basis of a derated engine from the Yamaha R6 sports bike. The model has not just changed. Even the purpose has changed. Now it belongs to the intermediate link - it is a cross between a sports bike, naked and classic.


It is worth noting that the Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle is very beautiful and handsome. When a person sees it for the first time, the image of a sportbike, which is supposedly created by nature or space, will remain in his subconscious for a long time. A large, like a shell, bike is covered with an aluminum openwork frame. It should be noted that it was created using special technology.hydroforming. It consists of two halves, which are bolted together. The engine block, very short, sits very tightly in the frame - not the slightest gap is visible. It is impossible not to note the steering column with a stunningly beautiful headlight and a slightly displaced electronic speedometer. Also, the motorcycle has composite chrome mirrors, which gives it even more extravagance. In addition, its rear part is very interestingly decorated - a two-level seat with handles made of plastic and steel, which is crowned with two exhaust pipes, made in an aggressive design.

yamaha fz6 fazer


Yamaha FZ6 has a very short warm-up. Technical characteristics, it is worth noting, this bike is very good. Its injection engine is very powerful and shows excellent results. With a slight turn of the key, the electronic instrument cluster immediately comes to life, after which the self-testing process begins. It should be noted that the actual motor at such idle is not audible at all. Landing is almost straight, exactly like on a universal bike, the most comfortable. The legs become like a glove - no need to look for a footboard.

Comfort to drive

Yamaha FZ6 Fazer demonstrates excellent behavior on the move. Management is convenient and comfortable, it does not feel at all that you have to manage 187 kilograms of weight. And he reacts almost without delay to the opening of the gas handle.

yamaha fz6 specifications

Of course, if you increase the speed far beyond 9000, you will need to managea little more carefully, but that's why he is a sportbike. Everything is not so catastrophic - only sharpness appears when following the trajectory. And the gears are switched on with extreme accuracy and without unnecessary clicks and extraneous sounds. The only thing I would like to note is that the gear ratios of the gearbox are somewhat moved apart. This adds a lot of comfort. In general, if you compare the handling of this motorcycle with other models, it should be noted that this Yamaha FZ6 is an order of magnitude better than them. The maximum attention is paid to the traffic situation, the minimum - to the controls. The electronic speedometer is convenient. The tachometer is not so good - it is somewhat difficult to read readings from it, too narrow a strip on the screen. A good innovation should be noted, such as the always-on dipped beam. Thanks to this, the driver can see everything in the rear-view mirror. Of course, we should not forget about the comfortable seat, where there is even a place for a passenger.

yamaha fz6 reviews


It is worth talking about the power characteristics of the derated motor. It has a fuel injection system and automated air control. Actually, the motor, which is known to many motorists from the R6 sportbike, has a sleeveless newfangled cylinder design. Changes also affected the valve springs, profile and intake ports. Due to this, the temperamental characteristics of the motorcycle were smoothed out. It is convenient to drive on city roads, it is not very suitable for the highway. At speeds when the speedometer needle goes over 150,The force of the wind won't let you relax. If we talk about the Yamaha FZ6, reviews regarding the chassis left by motorists are ambivalent. So, the first thing is harsh suspensions and a short base, thanks to which the bike is extremely easy to control. Due to the one-piece narrow handlebars, you can pass through dense traffic in places where other motorcycles give up. In addition, attention should be paid to the time-tested and logical design - and this is a pendulum that relies on one shock absorber. Of the minuses - there are no adjustments for the preload of the rear shock absorber. But you can also find a plus in this - this fact once again emphasizes the versatility of the bike.

yamaha fz6 motorcycle


Without which no vehicle can be such - it's without wheels. And, accordingly, without tires. They deserve the highest praise for this model - they have excellent grip properties, both on dry and wet pavement. Another thing to note is the rear tire, which is much wider when compared to other models. Due to it, high course stability is ensured. There are two large, almost 300mm discs that have two-piston calipers from Akebono in the front and one in the back from Nissan. All this indicates increased efficiency. From high speed, the bike settles down perfectly, and it doesn’t take much to add braking force - just two fingers are enough. We can say that the motorbike has remained almost the same model as the previous one, the one that all motorcyclists are used to seeing. This is a practical bike that clearly has a sporty feel andslightly aggressive character, but differing, undoubtedly, in individual appearance. The entire list of these advantages ends with excellent quality, which, in fact, is fully inherent in all models of this world-famous concern. This motorcycle simply cannot fail to please true connoisseurs of quality, harmoniously combined with a stylish appearance and excellent technical characteristics. The previous model earned a reputation as such a motorbike, and in the Yamaha FZ6 all this was confirmed.

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