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Gazelle does not start: reasons

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Gazelle does not start: reasons
Gazelle does not start: reasons

One day the Gazelle stopped starting? The reason lies in engine malfunctions. The problem can be both mechanical and electrical. To fix the problem, you will have to diagnose a number of parts.


Gazelle won't start for various reasons. Some of them are related to the season, while others are related to wear and tear. This problem can also be caused by the negligence of drivers who carelessly treat the maintenance of the power unit.

Engine Gazelle-406

So, if the Gazelle does not start, there may be several reasons:

  • malfunction of fuel system components;
  • problem in valves and cylinders;
  • faults in the ignition system;
  • breakdowns in the starter and battery;
  • air supply;
  • sensors and control box.

Diagnostic and repair methods

When the main reasons why the Gazelle does not start are determined, we can proceed to consider the issue of accurate diagnosis and troubleshooting. Foreach of the nodes will need its own tools, but it is best to have a set of keys and screwdrivers, a tester, VD-40 and electrical tape on hand. Let's start a step-by-step analysis of the problem.

Fuel cells

It should be understood that almost all elements affect the start of the motor. For example, since the Gazelle was produced both carburetor and injection, the injection elements will be different. This means that here the causes of possible breakdowns will not be the same.

Engine "Gazelle-406" - injector version of the vehicle. It has nozzles installed, which can be the source of the problem. If the cleaning was not carried out, then most likely the nozzles were dirty. To fix this, you need to remove the parts from the machine and send them for cleaning. If in the process of restoring the efficiency of the injectors it turned out that the product is beyond repair, then it must be replaced.

Burnt valves

Failure of the fuel pump may be due to a breakdown inside the module. To check if the pump is pumping, you need to get behind the wheel of the car, turn the ignition key to the second position. At the same time, a characteristic noise should start from behind, which will mean that the pump is in working condition.

Special attention should be paid to the condition of the fuel filter. According to service manuals and manufacturer's recommendations, the fuel filter element must be changed every 40,000 km. If this is not done, then the filter becomes clogged and does not pass fuel well, due to which a lean mixture appears in the cylinders, or gasoline andnot at all suitable for ignition.

Valves and cylinders

Quite a few motorists monitor the condition of the power unit. As you know, wear spares no one and nothing, and, accordingly, burnout of valves and pistons can lead to the fact that at first the engine starts poorly, and then stops altogether.

Repair of the block head Gazelle-406

The second nuance is the high degree of wear of the valves, due to which they do not fit snugly against the seats. Gasoline drips through the cracks into the cylinders. It turns out that there is a fuel overflow, and since the candles are filled, the power plant does not start due to the lack of a spark.

Ignition system

Candles and high-voltage wires directly affect the start of the motor. Accordingly, breakdowns in the elements will cause the entire system to fail. A special stand is used to check candles, although you can check it the old fashioned way:

  1. Unscrew the candle from the well.
  2. Connecting the armored wire.
  3. Connect the body of the candle to the ground.
  4. Trying to start the engine.

If everything is in order with the candles, then there will be a spark between the contacts. If the part is defective, then there will be no spark, and accordingly, the element must be replaced. Checking armored wires is quite simple. All elements are dismantled from the car and measured by a tester. The resistance on each high voltage wire should be 5 ohms.

Candle wear

Starter and battery

Lack of power is another reason why the Gazelle does not start. As practice shows, inIn many cases, the battery is to blame. This is a fairly common occurrence in winter, when the car is in the cold for a long time. Recharging the element will help solve the problem.

It is quite difficult to diagnose a starter malfunction without removing the assembly. Therefore, if there is a suspicion that this particular element is failing, we remove it and take it to the electricians.

Air supply

Repeated reason that the Gazelle-406 engine does not start is a clogged air filter. This element is recommended to be changed every 20,000 km. Dismantling the part from the car takes 5 minutes. It is also worth taking the time to diagnose the throttle, which may be clogged. Cleaning should help solve the problem.


Repeatedly accumulated errors in the "brains" of the car can block the engine from starting. To fix the problem, you need to reset the codes and change the inoperative sensors. It is best to have the operation performed by professionals, since independent actions can lead to a number of breakdowns.

"Gazelle" on gas

If the Gazelle is operated on gas and at the same time has stopped starting, it is recommended to contact a service station for the repair of automotive gas equipment. It may be necessary to adjust the HBO or change worn out nodes.

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