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Exhaust gases and their danger

Exhaust gases and their danger
Exhaust gases and their danger

In the modern world, it is generally accepted that exhaust gases from internal combustion engines cause the greatest damage to the environment. Recently, however, conflicting opinions of experts about the influence of these gases have been increasingly heard. In our usual understanding, only machines harm nature, leaving generators and installations for heating, water supply and other needs in the background. According to one study from the European Medical Journal, car exhaust fumes cause about 40,000 deaths each year.

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Recent discoveries of scientists have confirmed the fact that about 6% of all deaths are associated with environmental pollution. Children and the elderly are considered a special risk group, whose bodies cannot yet quickly clear themselves of microscopic fuel molecules. Based on all this, the fact that exhaust gases can be harmless is called into question. After all, even a novice driver knows what to stay indoors with the engine running.deadly.

First symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:

1) With short-term poisoning, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat will begin. Further exposure will result in severe coughing, vomiting, and most likely unconsciousness. For patients with asthma and emphysema, such poisoning may be the last.

2) Drowsiness, fatigue and loss of consciousness are also signs of poisoning over a long period of time in small doses.

3) Blurred vision, impaired coordination of movements, dizziness clearly indicate that the central nervous system is damaged.

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Exhaust temperature is the root cause of all damage. The fact is that the higher the temperature, the faster the combustion products are formed, which leads to an increase in the concentration of harmful substances during the exhaust. Quite often, doctors diagnose hypoxia in drivers who are on the road most of the time. Among them are truckers, taxi drivers, carriers and many others.

But it's not as scary as it might seem. Simply follow these tips to keep you and your loved ones he althy:

1) inside the garage or near the home area, try to leave the car in working condition as little as possible;

2) buy quality fuel;

3) if

exhaust temperature

and you live in the private sector, then when installing the fence, we recommend making a small gap between the ground andthe beginning of the canvas. Since exhaust gases are heavier than air, they will exit at these intervals. If possible, experts recommend making one side of the fence “transparent”, which will speed up the ventilation of heavy gases;

4) Install a variety of diesel generators as far away from living quarters as possible. Design a system to remove gases from your site even with strong winds. It is better to spend a few extra thousand than to turn into an asthmatic in 4-5 years.

Remember that all fuel and its fumes are hazardous to he alth, even outside of car engines or generators.

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