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Oil "Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30": reviews and specifications

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Oil "Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30": reviews and specifications
Oil "Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30": reviews and specifications

During the search for oil for the engine of their car, drivers pay great attention to the opinions of other motorists. They carefully study the experience of using a particular composition. In the bulk, reviews of Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30 oil are positive. Car owners point out that this compound is excellent for different power plants, does not burn out during use, and saves some fuel.

Brand story

The history of this enterprise is complex. The company originated in the United States in 1853 and was engaged in the supply of lubricants for ships and rail transport. Somewhat later, the brand organized its representative office in France. Due to the crisis in 1957, the American branch is closed and production facilities remain only in Europe. Now this French concern sells oils in more than 100 countries around the world. All compositions are in incredibly high demand. This is confirmed by positive reviews about Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30 oil and other products.brand.

Motor type

The specified lubricant can be fully considered universal. It is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. Moreover, it can be used even in old power plants. There are no restrictions in this case.

Type of oil

In reviews of Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30 oil, motorists note first of all that this product belongs to the category of fully synthetic. As a basis, manufacturers use products of hydrocracking of crude oil. Dopants are then added to the polyalphaolefin mixture. The presented compounds expand the technical characteristics of the oil, improve the reliability of the lubricant.

Motor oil "Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30"

Season of use

In reviews of Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30 oil, motorists indicate the fact that the presented composition is suitable even for regions with difficult climates. According to the SAE classification, this oil is categorized as an all-weather oil. The minimum temperature during which the pump will be able to distribute the composition to all components of the motor is -35 degrees. However, the engine can only be started at -25 degrees and above. The lubricant is also characterized by a low crystallization temperature. Full transition to the solid phase is carried out at -42 degrees.

Stable viscosity

Manufacturers were able to achieve stable viscosity in severe frosts due to the active use of polymer additives. The macromolecules of these substances have somethermal activity. During cooling, the connections form a spiral, as a result of which the fluidity of the oil increases. Heating leads to the reverse process. Macromolecules unfold and viscosity increases.

Polymer macromolecules

Cleaning the engine

In reviews of Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30 engine oil, motorists notice that the composition is applicable even to old power units. The problem with these engines is that often a large amount of carbon builds up in the inner chamber. The quality of the fuel often leaves much to be desired, as it contains a lot of sulfur compounds. After combustion, they form particles of soot, after which the process of sticking together and precipitating takes place. The appearance of soot deposits increases the vibration of the engine, provokes the appearance of a knock and increased fuel consumption. Especially to combat this negative effect, magnesium compounds and some other alkaline earth metals were introduced into the composition. Substances destroy the formed soot agglomerations and transfer them to a state of suspension.

Magnesium in the periodic table


Motul 8100 X Clean 5W 30 engine oil withstands 11 thousand kilometers. Such a long replacement interval is due to the fact that a lot of aromatic hydrocarbons are used in the lubricant. The presented compounds bind oxygen radicals and prevent the oxidation of other lubricant components. It is thanks to this that it is possible to maintain the stability of the chemical composition and physical properties.

Engine replacementoils


What are the drivers' impressions of the Motul 8100 X Clean 5W30? Many motorists declare their positive experience with this lubricant. In the reviews, the owners note, first of all, that the use of this composition has significantly reduced fuel consumption and eliminated the knock of the engine. There are other benefits as well. For example, some drivers indicate that. that the oil does not burn. The amount of oil remains consistently high throughout the entire period of operation.

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