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Category B1 - what is it? New driving license categories
Category B1 - what is it? New driving license categories

Recently there have been numerous amendments related to categories of driver's licenses. The introduction of new subcategories has raised numerous questions from drivers. Not everyone understands the purpose for which this process was carried out. However, every year an increasing number of new vehicles enter the automotive market, for the management of which it is necessary to obtain the appropriate skills. Many drivers, without having been trained, get behind the wheel of such vehicles and often interfere with other road users. To avoid this, they came up with new designations in driver's licenses. Why category B1 was needed, what it is, for what purpose it was adopted and what changes it led to, we will consider in the article.

category b1 what is it
category b1 what is it

How did it all start?

Back in 2009, a bill affecting changes in driver's licenses began to be considered. The authorities decided to introduce subcategories and new special marks. In 2011, amendments to regulatory legal acts were consideredState Duma.

After a few months, new certificates were issued in some regions as a pilot project. 2014 was marked by the entry into force of the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the mass production of new driver's licenses. On April 4, 2016, new features for filling in the "Special Marks" column were introduced.

Innovations oblige drivers to be more responsible in choosing the category of rights and provide some additional opportunities.

category B1 in rights
category B1 in rights

What right does subcategory B1 give?

Let's consider how category B1 differs, what it is and what kind of transport allows you to drive in comparison with the old designations. Many pre-news license holders believe that this category en titles them to drive a car with an automatic transmission. However, this designation has nothing to do with the transmission.

Subcategory B1 allows driving:

  • quadricycles;
  • tricycles.

Many drivers confuse ATV with ATV. To drive the latter, you will need a tractor driver's license.

The above technique is not often seen, and if anyone manages to see it, then he will definitely not remain indifferent. The price for such devices is no less than the cost of cars.

Goals of innovation

Is category B1 needed, what is it and who invented it? The authorities decided to introduce a new category, primarily for the purpose of observing road safety by its participants. Production and salequadricycles and tricycles is gaining momentum every year. The male half of the population, and sometimes the female half, has recently been actively interested in a new mode of transport.

It turns out that before the introduction of the Order of the Government, thousands of drivers who had not undergone special training were driving on the roads. The appearance and technical characteristics of transport equate it not to motorcycles, but to full-fledged cars. To reduce the number of accidents involving them, subcategory B1 was introduced.

what does category b1 mean
what does category b1 mean

What can I drive?

Let's figure out what category B1 means. It implies that the driver has the right to drive certain vehicles.

Quads are four-wheeled motor vehicles that can be driven on public roads. Their registration with the traffic police is mandatory. A tricycle differs from a quadricycle only in the number of wheels it has.

These vehicles have the following characteristics:

  • weight without load equals 400 kg;
  • loaded weight - 550 kg;
  • engine size up to 50 cm3;
  • maximum speed is 50 km/h.

Quads and tricycles are minicars or large motorcycles that require the same documents as a standard car, including a vehicle passport.

category B1 driving license
category B1 driving license

What is the difference between categories A, B1, M?

Now it is clear for which transport you will need the designation B1 in your license. Which category willnecessary to manage the varieties of the considered TS?

If the mass of a quadricycle or tricycle is less than 400 kg, and the engine power is less than 15 kW, then the law equates them to motorcycles. In this case, you will need a category A license to drive.

Vehicles with an engine capacity of not more than 50 cm3are quadricycles or tricycles, which are called mopeds. To manage them, you need to get the category M.

Category B1 in the rights is required when driving quadricycles or tricycles with a mass of more than 400 kg (and with a load - 550 kg). The above two categories will be invalid when driving this vehicle.

How to open a category?

In order to open subcategory B1, the future owner of the quadricycle will not have to acquire special skills or take new exams. It is indicated automatically in the driver's license when obtaining a category B driving license. If the driver knows how to drive a standard car, then no one forbids him to drive a tricycle.

driving category b1
driving category b1

In the case when the right to drive a vehicle is issued for the first time, it will not be possible to separately obtain category B1. To do this, you need to undergo special training at a driving school, get hours of practice and pass the exam in two stages. After that, a driver's license of category B, B1 is issued, which gives the right to drive quadricycles or tricycles.

What do you need to get subcategory B1?

To become the owner of category B1 rights, everyone must go through the followingsteps:

  • go to a he alth facility for a he alth certificate;
  • learn at a driving school licensed to conduct such classes;
  • answer the required number of questions in the internal exam tickets;
  • to cope with the tasks of electronic tickets;
  • correctly perform car maneuvers on the circuit;
  • according to the rules, drive a section of road in the city with inspectors;
  • pay the state fee in the prescribed amount;
  • prepare all necessary documents.

If all the above steps are completed successfully, you can go to the state registration office to obtain the long-awaited driver's license, after preparing a personal photo.

He alth requirements

You also need to go through several doctors to get your driver's license, including:

  • therapist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • surgeon;
  • Laura;
  • neurologist;
  • psychiatry;
  • narcologist.

Additionally, it will be necessary to do a chest x-ray. This will help identify the degree of curvature of the spine, a high degree of which may be an obstacle to obtaining driver status.

With the following deviations in he alth, it will become difficult or completely impossible to obtain rights:

  • chronic eye disease, strabismus, inflammation of the lacrimal sac, poor vision and blindness in one eye;
  • deafness in one ear;
  • missing fingers orphalanges;
  • height less than 150 centimeters;
  • diabetes;
  • various cardiovascular diseases.
driver's license category b1
driver's license category b1

How is the exam?

After completing an internship at a driving school, you will need to complete several tasks that take place in two stages:

  • internal examination at the school of study;
  • exam in traffic police.

The first option is the easiest. Usually it is necessary to answer the proposed questions. They concern the rules of the road and are aimed at testing the acquired knowledge.

Then answers to tickets are given in electronic format under the control of traffic police representatives.

Next, an exam is taken at the circuit. It is necessary to perform maneuvering movements on a specially equipped platform in the presence of inspectors. After the successful completion of this stage, a trip to the city follows, where you need to show your driving skills on the road with other participants.

Driver's license procedure

As soon as the future driver receives a certificate of successfully passed the exam, he can receive a driver's category B1. The certificate is issued in the form of a plastic laminated card with a photograph. The driver's personal data is indicated on the front side, and the category of rights corresponding to training is indicated on the back.

New drivers believe that there are categories B1-B4. This is an erroneous opinion. Category B has varieties B1 and BE. These marks cannot contain other letters or numbers. Perhaps, over time, new designations will appear. So far, there are only categories of premises B1-B4 that are related to fire hazard. They are often unknowingly used by newbies regarding driver's licenses.

What is the difference between AS and MS?

In the 12th column, category B1 driver's licenses contain AS or MS marks, which are often incomprehensible to drivers. This is connected, of course, with the introduction of a new subcategory, which has its own characteristics.

The designation AS means that a person can only drive a quadricycle or tricycle that is equipped with a car steering wheel and seat. In the case of the MS, you can drive a vehicle equipped exclusively with a motorcycle handlebar and a motorcycle seat.

category b1 v4
category b1 v4

These differences indicate that category B1 in the rights can be indicated if category A is also available. In this case, the value MS will be in the column of special marks. Category B license holders will see AS. on their driver's license

Driver responsibility

Drivers of quadricycles and tricycles are required to carry all the necessary documents with them and hand them over to the inspector for verification upon request. If the vehicle is not properly registered, and its owner does not have documents confirming the right to it, then such a vehicle is subject to detention and transfer to the impound until the circumstances are clarified.

Each driver must comply with the accepted rules of the road and not violate generally accepted norms. Otherwise, it threatens with fines or deprivation of a driver's license, which is very unpleasant. Compliance with the rules of the road relieves drivers to a large extent from the troubles on the roads.

Summing up

We hope you understand the difference between category B1, what it is and why it is needed. Considering the changes associated with its introduction, we can conclude that the appearance of this designation is appropriate. Quadricycles and tricycles are a rather unexplored transport, which not every beginner can manage. Category A drivers do not have the right to drive such vehicles: they must pass an exam at a specialized school. In this regard, the new category B1 can reduce the number of unintelligent drivers who get behind the wheel. Only time will tell if it will be effective. And don't forget that room category B1 refers to the definition of a fire hazard and does not in any way affect a driver's license!

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