Great Wall Hover H6 reviews
Great Wall Hover H6 reviews

In recent years, crossovers have become more and more in demand in Russia. These cars are bought due to their high ground clearance and spacious interior. However, if you take the average price, you will notice that crossovers are one and a half to two times more expensive than ordinary cars. Many people are afraid to take such a car in the secondary market. But what if you want to own a crossover, but the budget is limited? The Chinese are coming to the rescue. Yes, yes, they are also engaged in the production of this class of cars. And one of the brightest examples is the Great Wall Hover H6. Review, reviews and specifications - further in our article.


The Great Wall Hover H6 is a mono- or all-wheel drive compact SUV with a monocoque body that has been in mass production since 2011. The machine is focused on the domestic and Russian market. Remarkably, the new Great Wall Hover H6 appeared in Russia only in 2013. According to the manufacturer, this crossover is suitable for middle-aged family men.


Chinese crossover has a very harmonious and attractive design. The front part of the body is devoid of any aggression. There are no bright and strict forms, as well as newfangled optics. The headlights are halogen, as are the foglights. The bumper at the bottom has a small pad-protection. The radiator grille is chrome-plated, with the company logo. The hood is quite flat, the arches are not extended. But the size of the windshield is amazing. It goes up a little on the roof. As a decoration, the Chinese used chrome strips at the bottom of the windows and moldings. On the roof there are roof rails for fixing a plastic storage box. However, as the reviews say, the Great Wall Hover H6 has a fairly roomy trunk, which allows you not to use an additional box even on long family trips.

hover h6 specs
hover h6 specs

What else do owners say about the Great Wall Haval Hover H6? Unfortunately, the car is not without flaws. So, after 50-80 thousand kilometers, chips appear on the bumper in front. The headlights of the first versions begin to become covered with a cloudy coating. In order to somehow preserve the original appearance of the car, you have to regularly polish the optics and glue the armored film on the bumper, mirrors and hood. As for corrosion resistance, there are also questions here (otherwise the Chinese would not be so cheap). Beetles and cobwebs from rust must be immediately eliminated, otherwise they will soon turn into real rot, the reviews say. Also, the bumper itself does not hold a blow well. At the slightest deformation, it cracks.

Great Wall Hover H6: dimensions, ground clearance

Judging by the dimensions, the car belongs to the segment of compact SUVs (full-size SUVs). So, the length of the body is 4.64 meters,width - 1, 83 meters, height - 1, 69. As for the ground clearance, it is frankly small for a crossover and is only 18 and a half centimeters. Depending on the engine and gearbox, the curb weight of the car is between 1610 and 1690 kilograms.


The interior of the Chinese Greatwall Great Wall Hover H6 is nicely decorated, but rather modest. The picture is changed only by the top-end equipment with a light leather interior. But even here there were some surprises. According to owner reviews, the Great Wall Hover H6 has rather slippery leather on the seats. The steering wheel is three-spoke, with a small set of buttons and silver inserts. A large seven-inch multimedia screen is located on the center console. At the top - an alarm button and two large deflectors. A separate “beard” is removed from the front panel under the gearshift lever. The front passenger's feet have a glove compartment. It doesn't lock. As the reviews say, the Great Wall Hover H6 has a fairly compact glove box. And putting something in other niches is not possible (because they simply do not exist). At least somehow the pockets in the backs of the front seats save the situation.

great wall hover h6
great wall hover h6

The Chinese obviously saved on the quality of plastic, say the reviews. This is one of the main shortcomings in the Great Wall Hover H6 crossover. The dealer knows this problem, but still presents the car as "the best of the best." As for the quality of sound insulation, it is also lacking here. The sound of the engine after three thousand noticeably breaks into the cabin. The box does not make noise, but the hum from the tiresalso has a place. This is a childhood disease of all Chinese cars. According to reviews, these machines are equipped with the cheapest, hardest rubber. Therefore, after the purchase, it is advisable to change it to a better, imported one.

One of the main advantages of the Chinese SUV is the availability of free space. Despite the fact that the car belongs to the compact class, there is enough space in the cabin, reviews say. Even a tall driver will feel comfortable in the car. If we talk about the second row of seats, everything is fine here too. Enough space in the knees and above the head. Only cheap rubber mats spoil the picture. Instead, you should buy light, textile (with pile). By the way, the back of the rear sofa can be adjusted mechanically.


There is enough space in the Great Wall Hover H6 everywhere. And the trunk is no exception. In the five-seater version, up to 808 liters of luggage can be placed here. But if this is not enough, the volume can be expanded.

great wall hover
great wall hover

To do this, the manufacturer has provided the function of folding the backrest of the second row of seats. This allows you to expand the volume of the cargo area up to 2010 liters. Under the floor there is a niche for a full-size spare wheel and tools.

Great Wall Hover H6 - Specifications

The engine lineup includes several inline four-cylinder engines. among them there are both diesel and gasoline engines.

The basis for the Great Wall Hover H6 is a one and a half liter petrol engine. In view of suchWith a huge curb weight, the Chinese had to modify this motor in order for the crossover to more or less successfully accelerate. So, the engine is equipped with a turbocharger, and also differs in distributed injection and a variable valve timing system. As a result, engine power increased to 140 horsepower. By the way, the motor itself is produced under license from Mitsubishi. Therefore, there are no particular complaints about its reliability.

hover h6 specifications
hover h6 specifications

Next on the list is a four-cylinder diesel unit. The motor is distinguished by direct injection, a 16-valve head and an intake turbine. Taken together, this gave good performance. Great Wall Hover H6 diesel develops 143 horsepower. The torque reaches 305 Nm and is available in the range from 1.8 to 2.8 thousand rpm.

The top of the line is a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated petrol unit. This is also an in-line four-cylinder engine with a 16-valve head, but without turbocharging. The power of this engine is 163 horsepower. Torque - 210 Nm in the range from three to five thousand revolutions.


In the basic configuration of the Great Wall Hover H6 is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox. There are no automatic transmissions on the list. In the top trim levels, the Great Wall Hover H6 is equipped with a six-speed manual. What do the owner reviews say about these transmissions? The gear knob is quite stiff, and you have to get used to it. Also in the "Great Wall Hover H6" it is impossible to switch gears abruptly. When switching alwaysgas is released, and the car loses dynamics. As for the repair, the owners of the Great Wall Hover H6 crossovers do not have any problems during the operation of both boxes.

great wall h6 characteristics
great wall h6 characteristics

As an option, the car can be equipped with an all-wheel drive system. It is a multi-plate clutch that automatically connects the rear axle when the front axle slips. However, reviews say that this clutch is very afraid of overheating. Therefore, on such a crossover, you need to refrain from driving off-road. Overheating of the clutch leads to its increased wear, and as a result, failure of the internal discs. This element cannot be repaired, and the cost of a new one sometimes rolls over.

Dynamics, consumption

According to the reviews of the owners, the one and a half liter Great Wall Hover H6, despite the presence of a turbine, accelerates very weakly. The car picks up a hundred in 12 and a half seconds. The maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour. As for consumption, the turbocharged engine is quite voracious. So, for 100 kilometers, this one and a half liter “baby” consumes from 9 to 11 liters of the 95th. If we talk about a 2.4-liter engine, it will be more cheerful - reviews say. So, with him, the car accelerates to hundreds a second earlier. And the maximum speed is still the same 180 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption - one liter more than the previous unit.

The most economical is the common rail injection diesel engine. So, this engine consumes about seven to eight liters of fuel per hundred. At the same time, the motorhas good traction. The engine spins up literally from idle, while on gasoline engines you need to start off with gas, reducing the clutch life. The diesel SUV accelerates to hundreds in 11.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 179 kilometers per hour.

About motor chipping

Many owners say that the Great Wall Hover H6 crossover lacks power. This is especially noticeable on a one and a half liter engine. Therefore, owners are looking for ways to increase technical characteristics. The safest option is the firmware of the electronic control unit. How effective is it? As practice shows, thanks to chip tuning, you can increase power by 20-30 horsepower.


Torque can increase up to 40 Nm. However, the dynamics will not be felt at the bottom. To achieve the desired result, you will have to unscrew the motor at least up to three thousand. Only in this way will he confidently overtake and make other sharp maneuvers.


The car is built on a front-wheel drive platform, so the engine and gearbox are always transverse, and the body plays the role of a frame. At the front, the car has independent suspension with MacPherson struts. They are connected to the body by means of A-arms with bushings and silent blocks. At the rear, a double-lever system on helical springs is used. Among the problems, reviews note the rapid failure of wheel bearings. This happens on a run of 30-40 thousand kilometers. Fortunately, the element changes separately from the hub. Steeringcontrol - rail with hydraulic booster. The latter is already available as standard. What do they say about the "Great Wall Hover H6" reviews? The owners say that the car holds the road perfectly and does not change its trajectory even at high speeds. But the smoothness of the course frankly suffers. The suspension is very stiff, and every bump is accompanied by a "symphony orchestra" in the cabin.


The car uses disc brakes. There are ventilated ones in front, and simple “pancakes” in the back. Are there any problems with this system during operation? Reviews say that over time, the guides can turn sour in the calipers. Because of this, the caliper bites, and the pads unevenly adhere to the working surface of the disc. In terms of overall efficiency, the brakes are quite good.

great wall hover h6 specifications
great wall hover h6 specifications

Already in the basic configuration, there are ABS sensors and an EBD system. The latter allows you to properly distribute the braking force in the event of an emergency, preventing the car from skidding and overturning.


So, we found out what the Chinese crossover "Great Wall Hover H6" is. As you can see, the car has its drawbacks that must be considered when buying. You should be aware that a car with such a price always implies pitfalls. When buying a car from a dealer, you don’t have to worry about it - all parts will be changed under warranty. However, if such a crossover is purchased in the secondary market, and its mileage has exceeded 100 thousand, it is worth preparing for unforeseen investments. Basically it will be a suspension. The engine and gearboxes on the Great Wall Hover H6 crossover are quite reliable. It is also worth paying attention to the body. If the car has been in an accident, corrosion will be inevitable. And on Chinese metal, it grows at a cosmic speed.